massive attack ride

My plans for this morning was to ride a great ride with Patrik, Oliwer and Alexander. Slow sometimes, fast sometimes becoming a great and funny training season.

I got PR in the first climb, and me and Patrik got dropped. We got up to the others after 4km(!). Rode together a bit and then we got dropped again. and we didn’t see the others the rest of the ride. And Patrik was way behind me. A group ride ending in 3 pieces with a lot of suffering for a pretty bad time.

It didn’t help that the ground was soaking making my wheels not go forward. Many watts today but not so high speed.

but rode in style:


Ended with a breakfast at Vivels and complaining to the two who wasn’t riding today. But all together it was good training, both for my mind and legs. Being dropped and still being able to push hard is an art.

Map and stats: Strava


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