the build moves on, Project16


Specialized’s carbon Rib Cage was 18g last year, the new S-Works Rib Cage was said to be 20g. It wasn’t so still 18g 😀

I was calculating 496g for a Sram Red22 crankset with a 50T X-Sync chainring and chainring bolts. Saved some money and took my S-Works crankset from my Diverge instead, supposed to be around 15g heavier but I misscalculated:


Really cool with a single 50t chainring. Will change the chainringbolts before I’m finished.

And the said thing with building with a single chainring is that you need a long chain to work with a big cassette. Only shortened it one link instead of the usual 3. Sram Red22 chain:


So the build moves on:


1 tanke på “the build moves on, Project16

  1. Kan ju vara vågen som visar lite för lätt?
    park tool vågen diffar ju på 2 gram (Accurate to within 2g / 1000g,)
    Feedback sports däremot har (Measuring range from 0 to 3 kg in increments of 1 grams.)

    Även på Park Tool DS-1 Digital Scale så är det 20 grams intervall medans Feddbacks sports (Measuring range from 0 to 25 kg in increments of 10 grams)


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