1st CX race of 2016

and the first one with my Diverge. There is a little Christmas cup here in Stockholm which I missed yesterday but rode today. In Sköndal today so on the standard course but with snow. 11 riders getting ready for the start:


1 Specialized Diverge, 2 mtb, 2 Cannondale and 6 Specialized Crux 😉

As you see there wasn’t so much snow but it was a couple of centimeters loose snow on the top so we had to have some skills to ride good, not that I had but it was fun and good training.

Erik Greijus won men adult and Marika Wagner won the women’s category. I came 7th out of 8 in men adult after 46min of racing.


(pictures of me by Paul Greijus)

Great to be able to ride with white socks and shoes in the winter too 🙂 Style is the thing when I’m not fast 😉

Worked to cross with a Diverge too, with tubulars everything works. The bike felt really nice without heavy wheels, studded tires and fenders.

But now it’s time to change the wheels for tomorrows ride and mount long fenders, lights and a bottle cage again…

Ending with a video from the first lap by Magnus who came 6th:


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