The big plans for 2016

After having a 2015 where I rode more than 2012, 2013 and 2014 together it feels like 2016 can just go two ways. I can just be a breakdown and a year to forget. But my plan is that it will be even better than all years before.

The best thing I know is to ride with friends and those there are plenty of here in Stockholm, many options which makes things easy and easy to get motivated. 😀 But it isn’t just about everyday riding because I got some plans for this year, more plans than last year.

22-24 jan – Basemile Snowdown

27-29 may – Dalsland runt

18 jun – Vätternrundan Sub9 with She Rides

13-20 jul – Nice, France

1st saturday in aug(?) – Race Across Skåne

That’s the planned dates for now. I will try to get a bit faster this year so hopefully train more with my club, CK Valhall too. And I want to ride longer in the weekends, hopefully some light touring to get further out from Stockholm.

The most important thing: I want a year to remember and be satisfied with, with awesome people, beautiful roads and views:


2016 a year in class with what I think will be the best bike I’ve ever had 🙂

Do you have any plans for 2016 that includes me?

4 tankar på “The big plans for 2016

  1. Och så ska det ju cyklas en helg i Jönköping; välj ett datum då det passar, valbar period mellan april och september; rutterna ligger klara… 2 x 25 milish, mixat underlag utlovas, samt nejder och vyer så vackra att en vill lägga sig ner och självdö.

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