Everything counts

When people talk about loosing weight on a bike many say that 5g isn’t much, better to look at the big weights. But how many wants to change their frame for a Crumpton or Spin? Or how many wants to spend 3000€ on a wheelset that isn’t aero?

I like to save on the small parts to save big. Every gram counts.

Like a crank spider for example for my S-Works crankset. A regular in alu weights 61g:


But changing for an older (the news got a lot more material) carbon spider saves a bit, like 16g:


16g that you don’t think about or notice but it’s still there and it just makes the bike lighter, not worse in any way. 🙂

So right arm before:


And after:


More about my weighsaving on Project16 tomorrow 😀


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