Le Peloton #70

This day a year ago I rode Le Peloton, the 3rd group loop like today and I rode faster in the beginning but got dropped and took a shortcut.

Today it wasn’t the same fast riders but still great riders:


Michael, Christian and me rode together. Camilla showed up a bit later but took another lap and met up at Le Mond afterwards, breakfast is the most important thing after all.

Me and Michael had fenders so we did the work, Michael the strong work and felt like I almost got dropped a couple of times. Specially just after I’ve been doing some work. Felt a bit nostalgic to be back on the roadloop after doing the cxloop for a since september 😉

Was a great ride with a great breakfast afterwards at bikecafé Le Mond 🙂

With todays ”warm” wet weather I went all Cafe du cycliste with rainbibs and legwarmers, a merino jersey with a windjacket:


Oakley gloves, buff and glasses and Specialized S-Works shoes and helmet. Awesome to use S-works XCshoes instead of the big wintershoes 🙂

My Diverge got its first wash for 2016 and celebrated almost 2000km with a new chain and cassette change.


(the saddle is straight, just a bad photographer)

Map and stats: Strava


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