Le Peloton #74

Same year as Specialized was established. But today it was the day of tubulars. Changed wheels and dismounted the fenders on my Diverge for today’s Le Peloton CX ride.


Met up with the others:


7 riders today and we were 5 riding together. Dropped 2 and 3 left. Rode almost all the time together except when the fast Jonas (not me) got a gap and a downhillsection and didn’t look back 😉

I may not be as strong as Jonas or Michael but light wheels with low pressure and good rubber makes a great difference in accelerations. The bike feels so much snappier and when dropping back a little to have some space for a turn or when it’s to rough it isn’t a problem to catch back up again 😀 The bike gets so much funnier. Was hard and frozen today, slippery in a couple of places but except that really really good. Thought it should be worse so was a happy guy rolling in at Le Mond for a breakfast 🙂

Fast style of today:


And with sun, so happy to feel it and see it. Even thou it’s still cold.

Map and stats: Strava


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