Le Peloton #80

People are special. Me and my best friend some years ago, Johannes, did a test and we where complete opposite. It doesn’t always matter. Respect and be able to see the good things is so much more important.

Met up with some people this morning:


I was still clean and ready to try my new rainjersey, Cafe du Cycliste Josette. Where 4 who was doing the big roadloop and held together most of the time. Rille did most of the job but I helped as much as I could and my Tarmac felt good. Felt Like I could go faster in turns today, it felt awesome as I believe that I’m not so good on cornering.

Afterwards with rolling with Rille:

And I wasn’t as clean as before 😉 But still dry and the jersey was just awesome 😀

Some pictures from Rille:

On Le Mond we met Michael who rode the CXloop and Jimmie who was there for the breakfast. A long breakfast on the free day today talking about the suffering of Jesus (a little)


Don’t forget why we celebrate Easter now. I don’t think I would have been alive if it wasn’t for Jesus

Map and stats from today: Strava


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