Le Peloton #83

Summertime, spring and blue skies. Cyclists have found their way out from trainers and Monarks.


Jonas, Nils, Rille, always happy Patrik and Christer where there. Sara Penton is home, Johanna leading the 3rd group and me and Magnus who does everything we can to hang on to the 1st group. 40-50 cyclists in total today and the speed went up.

When being around 40 cyclists doing 40km/h next to the sea an early sunny wednesday morning, then you know why you went out of bed in the middle of the night. When you feel the power pushing the peloton up to Nacka Forum and seeing the misery from Skarpnäck.

So hard but still so friendly. Everyone are welcome and everyone should follow traffic rules with redlights and such things.

Everyone should also have a breakfast afterwards, as it’s the best place to brag about how hard it was and how good it felt, how you passed the fast ones.

As my Tarmac has some problem with the drivetrain (much resistance) I glued a pair of Specialized tubuars on my carbon CXwheels and took the Diverge this morning. It may be a gravelbike but it’s so good and so fast. 7,9kg (incl multitool) ultimate bike.


Also can recommend riding with a scarf. Not as warm as a buff but it looks stylish and makes life feels better. Today sporting Specializeds best oversocks and the best oversocks and bikebrand ever made what I know:


Map and stats: Strava


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