Le Peloton #89

PR (!) on the CX loop today. Felt good after yesterday and got some great company today:


Jonas and Per in front with me on wheel on the first climb. Then they dropped me… Rode a little alone until Niklas caught me and we rode the rest together. He rode stronger on the climbs and I’m faster on the flats and downhills. Thought of dropping him some times and did a little in a couple of climbs but came back up and thought I would hold will until next climb. Then went in front and kept the pace good. Awesome ride.

In the end I went in front and just pushed all I had, love that feeling when you know how far it is left and you can just push and push even thou it hurts and you’re not that strong normally 😉

59min27sec today. 2min26sec faster than my earlier record from november 😀

Stats: Strava

The roadpeople seemed to have ridden fast too, sadly with a crash in group 3. Ended it all with 2016s first breakfast out in the sun at Le Mond. Breakfast in the sun with friends is a luxury no matter if you’re on a café or home on the balcony. Let’s enjoy the sun as long as it’s here 😀



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