Le Peloton #96

It’s been a hard but short cycling week this week. Cafériding monday like you maybe already read about. And yesterday it was time for Älgö Deluxe with a KOM to me on the complete route 😉


Sumostyle for me and Emil and it was a great group of riders 🙂

36,2km/h average for an hour in the sun 🙂

So this morning it was strange when the speed was high and the heart rate low going to Urban Deli. I was thinking my legs feel like crap and thought of group 3. But it felt too good so changed my plan to ride with group 1 for as long as possible and take a shortcut if I got dropped.


Not as many as usual today as the weather forecast showed rain. A couple of really fast guys and many who didn’t take turns made the speed go up and down. It felt ok going to Fisksätra with my bike acting like I want it 🙂

Going down back I had to chase Emil first with ”wrong” riders around me, way too strong so I didn’t have anything to do there. Kept up good with the group but without possibility to do any work up to Nacka Forum, did a short turn down to Sickla before almost getting dropped at Hästhagen. Worst place on the route for me, always suffer a lot there. But I hanged on over Hellas and sat in the rubberband tail to Älta getting a PR. Passed some before Storkällan and managed to hang on okey over the climb there. Dropped but managed to get up again in the tailwind on the flat and the road passed Flaten felt pretty good. Rode smart and thought that if I should get dropped it would be on the last straight.

Got a good wheel on the last straight and sat in 2nd position passed the place where I crashed some weeks ago. Dropped a couple of more place in the sprint but it didn’t matter so much to me. Did what I could and really happy to be able to sit with the 1st group all the way. Or Grupetto maybe as Jonas and Adam dropped us and rode the last part alone, really strong riders.

Map and stats: Strava

No rain on the ride but while we ate breakfast it started. Was really cold and wet going to work afterwards:


Now I won’t ride anything more this week but hopefully some nice updates here. As I’m going to Albstadt with the Swedish Women Junior Road National Team to Albstadt, Germany for a stage race. Really looking forward to it and hope it will bring good results and develop Women cycling more 😀


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