Le Peloton #97

It is so much in your mind about cycling. A friend of mine said I easy would manage under 8h on Vätternrundan 300km this weekend with my shape. I’m not sure and going under 10h.

Johan and Magnus came to Peloton in their new kit today, guess if they where ready to show off?


Not as many as a sunny Wednesday, people maybe resting for Vätternrundan this weekend?


The ride itself was a bit of an organized chaos. My legs felt like shit up to Nacka Forum and I thought when I should drop. We got some redlights and 3(!) tractors to pass that slowed us down a bit. I tried to do my best with the thoughts of not having to close to many gaps, to always have someone behind me, not sprint past Nils and to keep the wheel of Michael.

It was hard, really hard, we almost crashed with one not leaving enough space in a corner but we all stayed on wheels and I was in the first group all the way to the end. Some people may say I’m in good shape and can’t deny it but there are people who are in shape I never will be in. But as I’m a human I found the easy solutions to keep the losses to a minimum. I say I’m not an Aerofan but when I love to optimize I also love to reduce drag to go as fast as possible and just to keep up.


Specialized S-Works Evade helmet saves 56 seconds over Prevail

Specialized S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit saves 96 seconds over regular bibs and race fit jersey

Specialized S-Works Sub6 with Warp Sleeve is the most aero shoes Specialized developed and maybe the best aeroshoes that are UCIlegal.

Roval CLX64 is more aero than a Zipp 404 Firecrest

Specialized S-Works Turbo is the 2nd fastest tire in the world.

Marginal Gains Sky says, the Aero Advantage says Specialized. Placebo others maybe say. Pushing limits, being able to ride fast without intervals I say 😉 Like dope but legal and without hurting my body 😀

Map and stats: Strava

1 tanke på “Le Peloton #97

  1. Snygga kläder, klart de ska visa upp de,förutom texten på benet👎. Skulle passa till dina gelato sockar och din tarmac


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