Le Peloton #98


Vätternrundan is over and maybe some stopped riding their bikes. But not in Le Peloton. Awesome group today with a lot of fast guys, really fast. I felt tired after a Sumo after work yesterday and not even 5h of sleep. But Aero Is Everything they say and my Evade Skinsuit helped me 🙂

Adam, Rille and Magnus got some great pictures. When we started riding it felt pretty good, I knew many of the fast ones and knew where to be in the right moments. Was in the front a bit, as much as I managed. At Storkällan after the climb there it was a small group that got a gap, I felt good and thought of while not being able to drop I others I can drop myself attacking up to the group. I came halfway just before the others caught me, but we got up the first ones at the next roundabout.

It was hard today but a lot of riders so places to rest and far to fall after being in front. The funniest was almost at Skarpnäck where I sat behind Joakim in the fast lane and thought why isn’t he just passing the first one. He did and then I tried to do the same, felt impossible 😉 but was saved by a redlight. Pushing limits is fun and getting closer to be as stylish on my bike as Daniel. Great with rolemodels when you want to get better and keep on trying and doing your best.

Did I mention that my Tarmac felt awesome and I got a PR on the route? Just have a look here: Strava

Ended the day with an after work ride to Älgö with Camilla and Peter. Was tired but love riding in the sun with great people 😀


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