Le Peloton #100!

A friend wrote I’ve been living in Stockholm for 592 days today. 100 of them I’ve ridden Le Peloton and that’s more than once upon a week.


Not so many today as it was raining a couple less than an hour before and it’s summertime. I had really tired legs since yesterday so rode with group 3 even thou I said in the interview with SUMO that I prefer Group 1 😉 Where 15 riders with 4 girls and it all went good if you ask me. Average of 34,5km/h so okey.

Then it seemed like everyone disappeared as it was very few who came to Le Mond for breakfast. Doesn’t people understand the hole purpose with Le Peloton?


Me, Eva and Fredrik where the only Sumo’s and Kalle took this picture while we talked about partying. Eva has over 1000 QOM’s on Strava and is the fastest Sumo alive.

Map and stats of todays riding: Strava


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