Le Peloton #105

Today it was a guy winning the sprint in Enskededalen with Shimano 105, suitable for the headline 🙂

A bit moved meetingpoint as they was recording a movie at Urban Deli. But more colors with Eva and Fredrik in the new Le Peloton kit 🙂 opposite of my blacked out Evade skinsuit.

The new Swedish champ (M40-45) Rille took pictures before we left the group behind us:


Rille likes to be in front at Järnvägspizza and I sat on his wheel. Looked back and it was empty. Rode a bit together until the rest came like a rocket and passed us 😉 Gave a bit of confidence being able to distance the bunch. And I don’t know if it’s my skinsuit that is as fast in reality like Specialized says or if it’s just placebo. I always ride faster when I use it and even as I wasn’t able to help with the work all the way today I was able to keep up, hang on and take some turns.

It was fun 😀

Map and stats including a long breakfast and a trip to La Chemise with Emile: Strava


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