Le Peloton #106

Motivated by Warp Sleeves and almost awake I rolled away to Le Peloton this morning


A lot of people, back from vacations. We rolled away and it’s a roadwork just behind the building like a bottle neck in the start and usually it goes well and you are gathered after less than a kilometer. But not today, thought it would be easy as usual but we chased. Got passed by a group and wasn’t able to hang on. At Nacka Forum where the peloton segment starts and the speed rises I had 15-20m with heavy legs and they accelerated… (had 42km/h in average those 2km without getting up to the group)

Got red light and 4 others got up to me. Rode together to Fisksätra where we turned around instead of doing the loop and rode as a 2nd group. Really bad groupwork made me shout a bit and try to keep the pace up in the front. People just sat on wheel or attacked a bit, no teamwork.

Happily we got caught by the Peloton at Hellas and I could connect and ride fast again. Worked really good on the Ältaväg with many many going around which was nice to see.

Would say it worked well all the way today but maybe wasn’t going so fast? Caught a garbage truck at the final and no way we could get around it so was just to sit behind and talk about the neutralized finish 😉 Except Rille who got up on the cycling path and passed the truck 🙂

Got some good training after all but a bit disappointed of the start…

Map and stats: Strava


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