Long time since last post, have been in Canada as you may have seen if you follow me (jonaslundb) on Insta. Now I’m back home and will try to catch up here.

The day before I left me, Emil and Mathias from Sumo did Roslagshösten which is more of an endurance ride/fondo than a race but some guys from Stockholm CK said they took it as a race.

I didn’t and after going around helping with the pacing the first 10km I went back and stayed there, felt a bit fast for me and had to save some energy if I should keep up the 135km. Emil was in the front a lot and took many attacks while Mathias rode a bit more smart and was in the middle, up in front some times.

After 60km it felt a bit easy and I got up and take my turns again. Felt like it was some attacks and I wrong turn made me ride a bit hard to catch the rest again with many trying to hang onto my wheel. 😉

On a small beautiful road Emil and Mathias was in the front and I came passed talking about our supporter 😉 We’re the club supported by Gravity 😀 and it went fast downhill. My CLX64 wheels was really nice when going fast.

Emil had to drop once after having too much cramps and Stockholm CK attacked after attack and when more then half of the group is from the same club it’s getting hard. Was some strong guys trying and I was up bombing to try to catch the first ones a little too. Feels a bit fun riding 45 and having a group of  cyclists just trying to hang on the wheel 😀

In the end I think some got away (last km) and as it wasn’t a race I just tried to hang on the group and didn’t want to stress and maybe crash in the last corners which was pretty hard. One guy almost crashed, just went straight in the corner skidding but he managed to stay on the bike 🙂

Me and Mathias finished in the first group and it was the fastest long ride I’ve done. Felt really good and it was great fun 😀


Map and stats: Strava


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