Velothon Stockholm

Riding in Stockholm on closed roads probably makes the cost of riding Velothon worth it. Rode 160km incl 5km master without meeting a single moving vehicle and with good signs and people along the course helping us. The event was awesome if you ask me.

But when you gather the fastest non-racers that is doing their last ”race” of the season and want to press their record even more than it can be dangerous. Never seen so many crashes as today and it seemed like everyone in the 1st group was stressed and wanted to pass. I almost went down twice…

But except that it was quiet awesome. Riding in a really big group in up to 50km/h felt easy sometimes. When it felt slow it was around 42km/h. The hard thing is to sit in right position, cover gaps and to advance, that takes a lot of energy. So after we turned in Nynäshamn and came up to Sorunda it felt like my legs were empty and I would drop any minute. The group had become smaller so it was a bit better but not so far too fall as before.

I’m to bad to drop so I bite in harder and pushed as good as I could trying to ride easy and rest when ever possible to have powers for the fast parts.

After Västerhaninge I dropped the 1st group, people flew by but in some strange way I managed to dig deeper and got a wheel again and we got back up to the group. A bit later a was behind one who dropped and had to try chase up to the first group, enough people passed so I could hang on and get up again. My last drop 😉 In Västberga it was many tight corners and bad roads so the 1st group got split up a bit I think and we were a lot of chasers just behind and never got back up in the end.

Fastest time was 3h45min34sec over the 155km and I came in at 3h47min37sec so just about 2min later. Impressed with being able to hang on with 40,8km/h in average speed for so long. Never thought so before the start. 😀

Map and stats including the ride to the start: Strava


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