Le Peloton #112

The thing I’ve learnt this year is recovery. Last year it was restdays 😉


I used a lot of energy on Velothon and I think it still was in my body today. Really low heart rate with problems getting it up on the road to Urban Deli. Got a fast start and took some turns to Fisksätra in the great 1st group. Many like me it felt like today. Was hanging on on the road to Sickla and when I went up and took a turn after a Fredrikshofguys non letting off I was dead up to Hellas. Dropped some places on the way down and then they got some meters, I almost caught them but didn’t make it. Alone.

Took the shortcut in Älta after being shouted at and almost hit by a guy working for Vattenfall that was driving too fast passing the school, tragic…

At Flaten I got up to Daniel who dropped a bit after me. We rode together a bit until Magnus and Oscar came too. We 4 rode the last part together and I took the ”sprint”, the others dropped is more right word.

We all had a great breakfast at Le Mond, summer is still in Stockholm, by Magnus:


Map and stats: Strava

A teaser for tomorrow, I finally got my Specialized Crux frame 😀




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