MTB chill

After Saturdays ride I felt maybe I should stop with cycling for a couple of weeks and take some autumn rest. But meanwhile I’m in a Challenge on Strava with Warsaw Cycling that I wanted to finish. 4 weeks.

My heart rate is always low the last rides, my speed is always low and the power the same. Everything explained by a lot of riding for a long time. But stop riding when the autumn is beautiful, the trails are dry and gravelrides like a dream? It’s too hard so instead I dropped all about pressure, riding faster and trying to keep up with the ones still being in good shape. Keeping cycling fun with focus on smiles and enjoying the beautiful autumn that I love.

This morning was such a ride with Magnus. MTB in Sickla on awesome trails without pushing the limits but just having fun on a nice spin in the morning 🙂


I really can recommend riding mtb with a good friend and just having fun on great trails 😀 Let the pressure be in Doha 😉

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