Le Peloton #118


There is something special with these autumn Pelotons when the weather starts to be bad and rain is more expected all days. Days when all 15 riders are ready for the CX-loop, people on different levels but all with the same goal (breakfast).

When you meet Niklas, Christian and Michael who rode together with me last year. Was a small grupetto chasing Per or Jonas or whoever who was in front and it was hard fun. This year it’s a bit different but we are still riding. Michael is super fast, Niklas is fast sometimes like today and Christian seems to becoming faster too.

I got dropped in the first climb by some and afterwards it felt like Christian flew by me. But he rode a little wrong in a corner and then we rode ”together” with him sitting on my wheel a bit and I’m chasing him a bit. No real drafting as you go as hard as you can and it can differ depending on places on the course.

Until we came to the Longest Climb on the way back and we hear a bad sound on the top. Christians derailleur hanger broke… I continued alone and passed 6(!) riders before I came back to Sickla. It felt better and better all the way which was good as the beginning felt crap.

Christian with a funny t-shirt as he was the only one who didn’t make it:


Me in usual Café du Cycliste kit with a nice scarf:


and my bike, the bike that will make me faster than ever before. The bike that I aim to take on adventures including Emile’s shortcuts and make my second home:


Map and stats: Strava

1min35seconds slower today than last year at this time, then with 2,6kg lighter bike…


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