Roval SLX24 disc

The wheelset on my Sequoia was 2170g and tires 605g each with a pair of 140g tubes. Easy to understand it takes wattage to get that rolling. Great rubber and pattern in the tire and the wheels feels good but heavy. Great for super long rides, not for 30km flat out.

I found a lighter wheelset that isn’t too slim, 20mm internal width and with right adapters and tubeless veloplugs:


Those with sub 500g Trigger 38mm tires and tubeless setup will be awesome 😀 A little lighter 11-36 cassette will suit for it too. The best thing is almost the look:


Zipp Course 30 got beaten 😉 These are lighter, cheaper but 1mm slimmer inner width. And they got DT 350 star ratchet freehub


7 thoughts on “Roval SLX24 disc

  1. Hi. I really need an extra wheel set with a lower rim than my CLX40. Would you mind sharing more of your experiences with these SLX 24? Thank you so much. Would really appreciate it. There aren’t many reviews out there yet of these wheels.

    • Have just used them on my winterbike a few times so far and then they felt really good. Mounted on my roadbike now and waiting for spring and for new 2Br tires set up tubeless 🙂 If you have CLX40 as fast wheels I think the SLX24 would be perfect training wheels, great hubs and stiff and wide rims perfect for wider tires.


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