16″ powpow

16″ snow has it come in Stockholm today, total chaos and all busses cancelled. My plan was to ride my Sequoia to work and change wheels/tires for my new ones. A lot of snow made it a challenge but was fun without stress and swinged by Le Mond for a Le Peloton breakfast. Quiet a group of riders in the snow today.

At work with me Sequoia:


Patrik arrived later with his Enduro claiming it was better for this weather:


But 38mm vs 2,3″? In this weather only one bike is good, fatbike. We had an instashoot with a nice Fatboy Trail, perfect bike for this weather:

First time for me riding with googles, is pretty cool and really liked the colour of the Oakleys we used 😀 The Fatboy won easily over my Sequoia and Patrik’s Enduro.


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