Stockholm style gravel


One thing I like about big cities is that people doesn’t care so much about the weather but more about style and how they look. Like I use to say: There are no bad shoes, just bad technic.

Pink wool socks and white Specialized S-Works XC shoes may not be the best for wet gravel roads but it feels and looks good. And I wanted to try how good my MB socks were 😉

Rode with Stockholm CK south of town today with Alexander showing us the way, a great group on mostly ridden roads. A couple of punctures and mechanicals gave chances for pictures:


A couple of new faces and first time riding with Leo. Crippa managed as usually gather a really nice group of people that seemed work good together 🙂 Not too organized either so was all fun, and sometimes harder.


And Camilla managed to take a picture of me in a strange pose 😉


I should get a new helmet am the thing I’m thinking of. The Evade sits perfect on me and feels super fast but at the moment I only got it. Would be nice with a light regular helmet too, thought of the new Specialized Prevail II but it’s not available in all white 😦

Anyway, map and stats of the ride today: Strava


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