Le Peloton #124

Twice I thought about getting back in my bed and sleep a bit longer this morning. But I’ve sad it before and still thinks that it’s easier to go up early if you set it as a standard, will get tired of sleeping longer. So got changed and rode my bike on the icy cyclingpaths to Urban Deli. Usually sends Kalle on Le Mond an sms at 5.55 with how many we are so he knows for breakfast, today it was only me…

Three minutes later and Sofia came and we doubled, a new message to Kalle and took a group picture:


We planned to ride the shortest CX loop. Rode over the bridge from Sickla and then it was almost unrideable for me on with 240 low studs on each tire. Thick ice all over the road and turned around before we even got 100m.

Changed plans and we rode the shortest roadloop with just going to Älta together instead. Was some ice on the cycling path and slippery on Flatenvägen but much easier to handle.

After an hour of riding we reached Le Mond once again and got good place for parking our Specialized bikes:


And happily it came over 10 Finns so Kalle got some more money than just our 2 breakfasts too 🙂 But hopefully more cyclists next week

Map and stats of my easy ride: Strava


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