Le Peloton #127, last for 2016

The year ended fast. Today was the last Peloton and I went there with really heavy legs from my maybe hardest week so far. For the first time with the Le Mond owner Kalle:


And the usuals, + a guy we didn’t recognize who came too late for the picture:


Slow legs as said so Nils, Michael and the unknown guy passed me fast. I thought I just ride the shortest loop if Claes pass me too, but he didn’t so I had to do the long one 😉 Almost caught the unknown a few times as his rear light came closer but never got up. After I heard it was Michael who wasn’t as fast as usual today who was in front of me. Made me feel a little stronger 😀

A nice breakfast on Vivels where I tried to order ”the usual”, almost succeeded. Me and Michael did like on Wednesday and took a lap around Älta after to collect some extra km to #Festive500 😉

Map and stats: Strava

Compared to the winterdressed Kalle I found the 6° C warm and rode in thinner clothes, nice with some heat 🙂


2 of each with Specialized S-Works shoes and helmet, Le Peloton bibs and jersey, Café du Cycliste legwarmers and underjersey, POC shoecovers and vest, Garmin watch and heart rate band ;). And as it’s Rapha Festive 500 Rapha socks, armwarmers and scarf.

Fast clothes but wet ground made it all dirty, my Sequoia got a hard life:



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