Le Peloton #128

Was snowing yesterday evening so when I came to Urban Deli it looked like this today:


And empty. While I was texting Kalle about how many we where Claes came too 🙂 So far never been alone on Le Peloton 😀 We took a groupie of us two Sumo cyclists:


Too much snow in the forrest to ride the CX peloton and a lot of snow everywhere, as Le Peloton is about breakfast we rode around Älta while waiting for Le Mond to open 😉 Was good roads until Älta but worse back to Stockholm city. With awesome skills, Sumo power and smiles we managed to get to Le Mond even before the breakfast was ready. 🙂

And got our well deserved waffles:


Not my hardest ride but best waffles so far this week. If you want to see the ”impressive” ride, watch it here: Strava

As an end of the day and as I got an adventure bike I tried new adventure tires. Specialized Grount Control in 1,9″ or 47mm. Have to try them on some more challenging roads than just cycling paths tomorrow or on friday:



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