Go Commando! Ride Tubeless!

  • On cyclocross people always used tubulars and there it isn’t any discussion about what’s best.
  • On mtb some used tubulars a little but the market is too small so very few tires to choose from. And even Nino Schurter won in Rio on regular tires. Buy no one is racing with tubes, everyone is going tubeless with some kind of sealant, everyone knows you have one thing less to puncture.
  • On road racers been on tubulars for the feel, to be able to ride with a flat and because it’s lighter. Until Tony Martin won the ITT in Copenhagen on regular clinchers. Continental GP4000 clincher has been the fastest tire according to tests. Until the new Specialized S-Works Turbo and Turbo Cotton that is the only ones who spins faster.

The new Specialized S-Works Turbo tubeless (or 2Br) has shown to be even faster. Don’t ask me how but without a tube you can go faster.

I always liked to optimize with less weight, more aero, less parts and everything built to fit me. 2016 I’ve been using S-Works Turbo tires in size 22, 24 and 26mm. A 24mm with a turbo (lightweight butyl) tube:


A regular setup for an S-Works or other top end bike. If you keep the same pressure with a 24mm and change to a 28mm it will roll as fast:


Wider tires are faster. (But usually we lower the pressure to get more comfort and it doesn’t roll fast) But it’s a lot heavier, on a place we don’t want to add weight. Without the tube:


As it’s 2017 and I love new parts Specialized finally released their S-Works Turbo 2Br:


28mm too and should have the same amount of paper and things around. 3g lighter.

And the ending, how much does tubeless sealant and a valve weights?


It’s a bit heavier than 24mm tire with tube but a lot lighter than the same width of tire with tube. 37g saved and you will be able to go faster 😀

As I didn’t buy the parts the packages is still on, sorry for that. But I think tubeless is the future on road too, for us amateurs who doesn’t want a spare tire with us. We all want to go faster with less effort.

Love to see the development go forward and want to be included in the process. A part of the Mechanical Advantage as Sram wrote before. Will set my Roval SLX up tubeless when the spring arrives and try it for real 😀

3 tankar på “Go Commando! Ride Tubeless!

  1. that’s bullshit sorry
    the regular s works turbo are not faster than GP4000S2 …
    go check rolling resistance test

    that’s not because you work in a S shop that you have to lie


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