Le Peloton #130


Todays feeling. Good but empty and without power. I blame my studded tires, non aero but super good fenders and Emil’s bike choice. 3kg lighter with 35mm fast rolling tires instead of my 42mm Schwalbe Marathon Winter.


4 on the picture missing Oscar, Jesper and Emil who came just after. Rode the short roadloop and me and Oscar got dropped pretty early. Oscar tried to catch the others but didn’t and had to stop at a redlight when I got up to him. Rode together with him mostly hanging on my wheel after that and took the shortcut in Älta. The shortcut was enough for Emil to catch me just after and we rode ”together” the last part. I may not have the speed I wanted but I got up, out and met some great people. Good training for the spring. And ending with the best breakfast at Cykelcafé Le Mond 😀


Do I need to say the weather is pretty warm now and it was enough with merino undershirt and my lovely Café du Cycliste Yolande jersey with a vest which was just a tiny bit too warm 😉

Map and stats: Strava


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