Basemile Snowdown

Racemile Showdown, Basemile Falldown. Hagen’s child got so many names. Different people may think about different names but the event is/was a success! My best German friend did it again. The food tasted better, less walking, not too many riders and dry weather.


Hagen can do strange things too (to the left):


Rode from Södertälje Friday morning to Rockelstad Slott, a few different epic rides on Saturday and back to Södertälje today. Last year it was a lot of snow and we had to walk 30-40min a day, this year the feature was ice:

Last year my bike collected snow and the cassette got so icy we had to pour hot tea on it. This year my bike felt at home, couldn’t have asked for a more perfect bike than my Sequoia 😀


42mm Schwalbe Marathon Winter on those wide rims gave my confidence. When I lowered the pressure to just over 2bar it even felt safe riding on ice. It’s made for Södermanland riding on all types of surfaces much more than CX Peloton for example


No matter the best thing with the weekend was all the great people. Exploring new terrains, sit tired and wait for pizza, riding in the middle of nowhere with quiet tired people, hanging out instagramming about it in a cozy sofa and eat good food together. We’re not made to be alone 🙂 We are made to have a great time with great people

Had crashes, punctures, broken chains and derailleur hangers but friends where there. And when people got behind and walked on the ice friends waited.

Thank you all for a wonderful weekend and if you live at another place and thought this seemed nice. Don’t dare to start your own thing, doesn’t need to be so hard as long as there are friends there. 😀

Ending with a good Fika:


Pictures from me, Emile and Rille


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