Le Peloton #135

New week, new Peloton ride, old people 😉


I managed to hang on to Ektorp for the first time and after that it was Michael, Nils, Christian and me left. Sat a new goal to hang on to Hellas and I did that too. In Storkällan Michael (who did a lot of work) and me got dropped. Got together and back in Älta I managed to bridge up again but not Michael. Manage to hold Nils and Christians wheel all the way to Enskede and just had to drop on the last uphill before the sprint 🙂

Easier gears and higher cadence was the key factor I think, now just to train the body to continue even when the heart rate peaks.

A great fun breakfast and all this was a happy memory:


Then the sun came and the day got beautiful


Map and stats: Strava


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