Le Peloton #138

You know when it’s cold, the legs and body is slow and the time flies. When friends just floating away and you can’t do anything to keep up. The times where you think of why do I do this? What’s the purpose…

It met up with the fast usuals:


Emil came too. Way too fast for me today in -6° C and I dropped before Nacka Forum, turned around and rode alone around Älta.

But was it all for this breakfast at Le Mond:


No, not just but a part of it.

Going out 5.35 in the morning and ride my bike was a win, meeting great friends was a win, breakfast was a win. And knowing that those 32km will make a difference in the summer when you need to get your mind together and just keep on going.

I want to be a guy never giving up, want to have the mind on my side and I want to have the legs needed to enjoy beautiful and hard rides. Like the one 2 guys did from Menton to Col de Turini: From Sand to Snow

Map and stats from a step ahead: Strava


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