Le Peloton #140


7 riders at the photo moment, then Oliwer joined too so same as Wednesday. But not as fast today so even I could go up front some times. It was hard but manageable until Hästhagen. Was in front when Oliwer did a massive attack, and then Michael and Christan attacked too instead of just passing. I tried to catch up but didn’t have a chance and my legs stood straight out…

Instead I got company by Karl and we rode the rest of the loop together a couple of minutes after the first 3. A hard morning, and really wet so happy Karl had long fenders too.

Had a nice breakfast at Le Mond and after me and Oliwer got up the heat a bit we left for work, wet and dirty today


And maybe not the best weather for a windjacket, should have gone for a rainjacket 😉

Map and stats: Strava

And then it was time to find out how to get faster. Tested to see if my frame got space for the worlds fastest tire. Specialized S-Works Turbo 2Br in 28mm:


Good with space on the wide SLX24 rims so will be awesome when the spring arrives 😀


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