Le Peloton #152

You know riding in almost rain in the middle of nowhere and it got to this magic misery you only see on Rapha videos?


Today it started like this. The warm up got fast as we had tailwind and it felt like I had more control than last time trying to ride with the fast guys. Survived up to Fisksätra but when we turned right my left leg died and I got dropped big time. Christian got up to me and while not getting back to the main group we rode alone in a quiet tempo back to Duvnäs. Took the shortcut over Kranglans väg.

At Hästhagen we thought if we where ahead or behind the main group. Rode as good as we could and got company by one more guy. Took the shortcut in Älta too as I thought we where behind (wasn’t I saw on Strava’s Flyby). Our company left for home and we passed a new guy who couldn’t keep up. Caught Johanna in the end and rode together to Le Mond.

Got a bit up but will hopefully get some order on my leg after a massage I’ve booked for Tuesday, looking forward 🙂 Want to use the hashtag #lookprogofast sometime 😉 Just went the pro looking today with a scarf like Alessandro De Marchi had on Fleche Wallone 🙂


Map and stats with too low heart rate: Strava (now I fixed my heart rate belt again, new battery)

2 tankar på “Le Peloton #152

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and always enjoyed it. Question. What bear is the best?

    No, I’m just kidding. Haha. But a real question though, how do you think the Berk saddle compares to the Tune komm-vor saddle when it comes to comfort? I know it’s very individual, but I would still appreciate your opinion. Thanks.

    • After changing to Specialized saddles with a hole in the middle, and ridden AX-Lightness Leaf a couple of seasons ago I wouldn’t go back to Tune. The Berk combo I have doesn’t have any real comfort as the other option of combo with rails on the saddle or a plain saddle has. But the shape I really like, also like that I can get it slimmer as my sitbones are pretty tight.


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