Sthlm Explo GravelSunday


Except having a bath I did everything you should do a summer day today. I found a dreambike. Met up with some great fast friends. Rode on all different of types of roads (incl singletrack). Had fika in the sun. Rode more. Felt fast a couple of times. Met up with more friends and had ice-creamcoffee at Le Mond.

The fast ridingfriends:


Dangerous areas:


Grassy green roads:

Proper off road roads:

Views in the middle of nowhere:


My favorite guide for these events:


The fast guys always ready for an attack:




I also tried to go fast on asphalt:


A year ago I sold my Diverge. With the only downside that it couldn’t handle big tires. Now the new one is released and Specialized Nordic let us borrow one to test. If I only would have one bike, this would be the one. Maybe not just the Comp Carbon I borrowed but a Diverge. Low as a roadbike, great space for tires, possible with fenders, comfortable with CG-R seatpost and Futureshock. Made to be fast on every sort of terrain. As good as a S-Works Venge Vias Disc was on today’s Tour de France stage, the Diverge is for me 🙂


Map and stats: Part1, Part2

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