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Le Peloton #123 and Malmöcrossen


My friday started with these guys, got dropped in the first climb when my pedal wasn’t with me. Changed plans and rode to work, changed pedals and then to Le Mond. A short Le Peloton but okey as I met up with Emil and rode a couple of hours in the sun after breakfast😉

Beautiful weather:


Home, a shower and a bike delivery later I met up with Damian and Magnus and drove to Malmö. I may tease that Skåne is a foreign country and that the people from Skåne isn’t Swedish. But it’s just a tease and the more I’m there, the more I like Malmö. An alternative city with creative people that like friends, but not meat. The atmosphere is just awesome and many good restaurants all over. Hanna showed it to me first and Patch showed me the rest🙂

And this weekend CK Barriär arranged Malmöcrossen in 2 days:


With maybe the highest hills of all Swedish cyclocross races.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend😀

Le Peloton #122

Have been busy the last days with moving to a new apartment. Was a bit stressed for it but it turned out really good. But it takes some energy and this morning I felt tired.


Tried to get some speed but the others were faster and I got dropped:


Took the shortcut over a field which is the shortest loop. Was great hardpacked snow today, needed studs as we all had but then it was fast and fun. Nice to skip the mud and not have to clean the bike afterwards.

Was dark but finally got to Le Mond for a breakfast and 34km in the book. A short loop is better than none was my thought for today🙂

Map and stats: Strava

4 weeks to Christmas

In Sweden we got Advent. 4 sundays before Christmas and today was the first. The weekend Christmas starts with decorations and the waiting. Advent means waiting.

And I’m also waiting for a new mtb. But it’s getting closer and last part I got now is a cassette. Sram XX 11-36:


50g lighter than XX1, 143g lighter than XX1 Eagle. Sure, this got a gear or two less but do you really need that?

Shaving weight is about just use what you need. And I don’t need a bigger cassette than 36, specially not when I’m aiming to build a bike at 8kg🙂

SCK Lidingö

New Saturday and Crippa found a new guide and a new place to explore. I got invited and it was just as I hoped.


As usually we gathered at a gas station early and the guide said a few things, serious. These trainings are serious but not too serious. Is about seeing new roads, make miles and have fun. Great people🙂


Then after a flat was fixed we rode and met more people, over 20 riders:


We rode all over Lidingö on roads I’ve done before but not enough to manage such a good route. Got new PR in both Grönstabacken and Aborrbacken which was on Lidingöloppet MTB too. Nice to push the Sequoia a bit and keep up with the mtbikers😉

After Lidingö we rode along the coast of the North Djurgården and down Haga, really nice roads which I never done before. Ended with a nice coffee at Kaffeverket:


Wasn’t so dry today as we hoped for but fun. And my Sawtooth tires are really good on everything except leaves🙂

Got a pause on my lonely way home at the bridge towards Liljeholmen:

Wool and silk is the thing🙂 A scarf in silk feels like a must, perfect when a buff is too warm and it’s too cold without anything. And my new Café du Cycliste gloves:


Map and stats: Strava

New kit day

One company got me from not rest in October. Warsaw Cycling.

They had a competition each week on Strava and while I may not be so fast and win any races I log a lot on Strava and thought I maybe can win something from them. A fun thing to get me continue riding throughout the month.

Last week the winners got a kit with jersey and bibs. One women and one man and I won!


Super fit, really thin and easy to match for me. Nicely I got a package from Café du Cycliste too with some small accessories like a Sardine cap🙂

French class on both😀

Le Peloton #121


Wednesday, 10° and Emil wrote about the SUMO jersey yesterday. Resulting in a lot of people including 6 from Sumo Cycling Club😉

I got dropped in the first climb from the fastest, got heavy legs and couldn’t keep up with Christian when he passed. But I knew I would get better so chased as fast as I could and got up to him. Rode together with Marcus more or less the rest of the ride. Marcus chased down Michael on the way back but he attacked in the longest climb and left us behind a bit. Me and Christian tried to keep up but we never got up to Michael again. Until it was over.

As text is hard to understand, here is a picture on how it can look like in the darkness on the wheel of Christian:


Was fun today. Was spread out as it usually is and everyone seemed happy afterwards anyway. Tired and happy eating breakfast together. Just great.

I looked like this today in Sumo Torch style:


One of the few rides without any clothes from Café du Cycliste on me, strange.

Map and stats of me passing 1000km on my Sequoia and 16000km 2016: Strava

Sunday Funday

The forecast said a bit colder and cloudy compared to Saturday, my mind thought about a restday.

Everything changed and it became a great little ride with some great people. Le Mond hangarounds😉 Changing roads that where good, icy, snowy, wet, dry, fast and slow made it sometimes challenging and sometimes easy. But always fun.

Was an Insta-ride so here’s a lot of pictures from the ride:

Click on a picture to see it bigger. Taken by all of us🙂

Map and stats: Strava