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a christian cyclist who loves light and good bicycles.

Shoeweights: Fi’zi:k vs Specialized

Fi’zi:k is pretty new to shoes and Specialized has been in the game for a while. Yesterday when Fi’zi:k was a t the shop I was working at I had to compare with a Specialized shoe. Top model both and both in size 42,5:

32g difference with one shoe, 64 with two. And then Specialized S-Works has more parts with 2 BOA instead of just one a bit cheaper BOA that the Fi’zi:k shoe has. Both looking really good if you ask me. Fi’zi: Manages to have great style and no matter how good their products are they always look top notch :)

Le Peloton #14, and the big thing

First things first. Wednesday and Peloton, was 14 riders on my 14th Peloton and I got dropped first. Sitting a bit low and 38×12 is too easy when the spring is here and people take of their studded tires and getting roadbikes and fast cxbikes. Passed one and had another one sucking my wheel more than half of the way. Great with a guy on your wheel, want to push more. Super breakfast at Le Mond as usual :)

The start:

And a last picture on my Cannondale SuperX before I started to strip, clean and sell the parts. Anything you want to buy from it?

Then it was like Christmas at work. Schenker came and delivered a package from Racing Shox Sweden. With big Marzocchi letters on :D

32mm innerlegs with Espresso coating and 116mm travel. 15mm axle that seems good like Rock Shox. At the moment for remote but will be changed, Less is more and all of that. :D

Seems really good and great to buy from a company in the same country where you also can get help if needed with parts, service and advices. Great service too. Looking forward to mount it and use it :)

But as I’m a weightweenie with a budget weight is always important, here it is with full length steerer tube and 15mm axle:

1644g. The axle is 66g.

My hope is that the quality feels better than DT, works at least as good as a Magura TS8, more plush with Espresso coating than Fox’s Kashima, and better to service than a Rock Shox. Will it handle the pressure?

I can tell you it’s a love at first sight, so much sexier than a Rock Shox SID.

The new Daily ride

Now the spring is here and the my subwaycard can start to collect dust. I got a new bike for daily rides to work and to other things. Saving time compared to take the subway to work and don’t have to hold any times. :) My new townbike, a Specialized Daily Sport:

Here seen with a Klättermusen bag with my stuff in going home from work today. 12,4kg without bag and lights. Great with a rack on the front and feels much cooler than a luggage carrier at the back. 1×10 so single chainring as usual, clean and easy :)

Did a small photoshoot on the way home from work with Patrik. Hard with an iPhone in the dark but here we go:

IMG_1122 IMG_1128 IMG_1132 IMG_1143 IMG_1144

This years highest topspeed!

It’s important to be happy and think positive. Today I sat on the wheel of two strong riders and thought, I will keep the wheel, I will hang on, I have too. Mental strength that ended with my legs standing straight out like on Tom Boonen yesterday.

Except he was at the finishline and I had 1h40min left. But a bit before I managed to get a new topspeed for the year. Nothing to brag about as it only was 52,6km/h but it’s at least something to be happy about :)

Rode out to Ingarö this weekend to, but instead of wet rain and water everywhere it was almost dry and really fast. Pretty much wind too. Was okey to sit on wheel in the headwind but when we turned and it became tailwind it was too hard for me so rode the last part alone.

Fastest time to work today too with 14.46, like 3-4min faster than previous record. But also got the slowest time on the way home. The wind says a lot.

No picture today as I had enough with keeping the wheel in front of me so just some map and stats: Movescount

Funny to like cycling when every muscle wants you to stop and take the bus or like last weekend when it was so wet I was freezing after just 15min of the 4h45min ride. There is something magic about the misery cycling can get you too ;)