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Red Hook Crit

First race this year was in Brooklyn and I found out about it through the Specializedaccounts I follow on Instagram


Then it was time for London I had got to know a photographer who went there. I found out I since quite a while followed the women winner Ash Duban on Instagram and a friend here in Stockholm were racing. Great superfast racing with people looking like they are at a Bike Fashion Show showing how you should dress and look like. Equinox did a video about Ash Duban and her biggest rival (and friend):

It’s so cool, so clean. and so fast. Today it’s time for Barcelona and the women is out racing. I wished I had been there watching this live, or at least had a livestream. Men starts at 21.00

Red Hook Crit

New Specialized S-Works crankset

Haven’t heard anything about it, no news through work but Specialized got a new crankset for 2017. Down 600SEK in price, no more need of special torx key as this uses a regular 8mm hex.


But 36g heavier the the last one and 41g heavier than the 1st generation S-Works. What is the point? Anyone know? Is it as stiff as the old one? Looking at the profile it looks a bit more aero but not sure.

Le Peloton #109 and Morningspins

Forgot to blog yesterday about the peloton. Or the time ran out and I thought of it while laying in bed😉


A lot of people keep showing up week after week. Will they continue over the winter too or when will people put their bikes on trainers and stop coming out?

The ride was hard, I was weak but tried to keep up and take some turns at least.

Then we had breakfast and Rille took this beautiful shot. Love this group of people sitting outside a café in a big city and can enjoy anyway. Big city life in a way with riding people who doesn’t live in a big city can understand:

lemond 2016-08-24

Map and stats: Strava

And to continue about Le Peloton. Watched in the catalog from Douchebag at work and found Marika riding in the Peloton kit😀


If Le Peloton is a team time trial it was time for intervals this morning with Morningspins. Flat out for 10,8km x3 with sharp corners and strong guys. It’s another mentality and I really like both. To go flat out, maybe get dropped and then people wait for you before the next lap. Such short laps makes it easier for the mind to go over the limit and push to the max.

And ending with a Swedish fika, a.k.a. coffee and cinnamon roll:


Map and stats with a lot of nice PR😀 Strava



Changed wheels yesterday and did Morningspins this morning. 18 riders and I was the only one with disc brakes. in the middle of Rapha 12Hills we were in a group of 5, 3 with disc brakes.

I started with discs on road last year with a Specialized Crux. Changed it for a Specialized Diverge over the winter and wanted it on road. Riding my Tarmac with Sram discs is the best I’ve ever done. No matter if I’m going slow in a bunch, fast descending in France, if it’s dry or raining. There isn’t a single time I wanted rimbrakes but there has been so many times I’m happy with discs. Much smoother than a carbon rim, stronger and love Sram’s modulation. wrote an article about the 10 hottest bikes for 2017. Just 2 bikes with rimbrakes. Discs are the future.


Rapha 12 Hills

The weekends trio, Damian, Magnus and me went down to Mullsjö on friday. Slept at the best place (my dad’s house) and got ready for the Saturdays Rapha 12 Hills. All on Specialized Tarmac of course and me and Magnus matching in Glassigt kit😀


Rapha 12 Hills is a ”race” around Jönköping by La Lepre Stanca and Rapha with 12 climbs riding in teams of  2 and stamps on top of every climb. You can do them in which order you like but we did it in the recommended order and original route with one shortcut and one detour that almost went as fast as the recommended.

Many rider that rode out from Spira in the masterstart including Hagen who took some of the pictures riding just after me:

It all started with a long gravelclimb where I had to step of my bike a little because it was so much people all over the road. Except that it felt good and me and Magnus pushed on well down to Huskvarna and got some company by a few others. Rode a bit wrong in Huskvarna but didn’t loose much until we got back and headed to the second climb. A gravelclimb that was really steep and I thought about getting the power forward and keep the grip of my 26mm Specialized S-Works Turbo tires. Rode alone in front of our group so was easy to see the right lines. On the way down from their I had an average of 70,6km/h for a 1km, fast bike😀

Then it was time for Norra Klevaliden. A climb with an average of 16% the way we did it. I’ve done it many times before but was long time ago and not with a single 46T chainring in front. Felt massive and 46-28 was hard, went all over the road to make it easier in the end but did make it without stepping of. stamped and waited for the rest of the group:


Me and Magnus continued towards Kaxholmen and found Philip and a couple of other guys from Malmö. Rode up to Gestra together which is a really nice but straight climb with a magnifique view:


The 5 of us rode together down to Huskvarna and met a lot of riders on the way down, pretty cool. We rode pretty easy but with good pace, 40km/h in average down to Huskvarna and a little over 30km/h through Jönköping along the beach🙂 Felt awesome to ride with ok pace and with nice people. Rode up Prinseryd that was easier than I remember and then to Ebbarp. That climb was hard, straight and hard. And met Ricky from Rapha on top:


Great pacing towards the next climb:

The last one before the lunch/coffee break was long but knew about it and not so steep. Felt good and I could keep a steady pace with one guy on my wheel that missed the view😉

No pictures from the coffee break but we took it easy and when rolling out with got a lot of company and was around 20 guys traversing to Bottnaryd and Mulseryd. Fredrik from Sumo took a great turn at 40km/h and we dropped more that half of the group, including his teammate so he dropped to his teammate😉 Also dropped the Musetteguys there.

6(?) riders left and the pace was good and everyone took their turns, some more than others. Fredrik and some others came back to us and at Mulseryd we was a good group coming up to Emil and Peter who took a short lunchbreak.

A long climb or uphill to Mulseryd which I hate in a way, feel too weak to ride hard uphill for 8km. Back down it went better and Magnus pushed on well. He may not be as strong as me uphill but stronger on flats and downhill, great partner.

And we hit the gravel again and a gravelclimb I missed, tried to take it easy and didn’t go with Emil on his ”attack”. Stamped and waited for the rest before we sat of to Taberg and the climb I had been afraid of since Klevaliden.

Great work in our group and the speed was good.

Then it came, the climb. Is said to be 7% for 1,2km but when it gets steep the last half of it I was ready to step of my bike many times and walk up. It was super hard when the gradient went over 20% but I did it, all exhausted. 691Watt average according to Strava, 170 in average heart beat so going on power.

The downhill was nice and Tabergsdalen is very easy. Up Georgslid I had done before. Knew it was steep but not so long. But it was way steeper in the beginning than I remember, like a wall. Came up, almost cramped on the way but was okey. Waited for Magnus and then we rolled easy to Jönköping. Took a wrong turn as I used my head instead of watching my GPS😉 Lost so much time so the others got just ahead of us and we were back together.

The last climb felt easy and was happy to make them all. Back down to Jönköping city and full speed over the bridge to Spira. We did it and I was in the best team (if you ask me). We didn’t win but we had a great day in the saddle.

Todays favorite gear and highest average for an kilometer.

DSC_1146 And my awesome Tarmac. Some may say the Tarmac is just boring allround, some would say 40mm high wheels is nothing. I would say the Tarmac is the funniest bike I’ve ever ridden and the Roval CLX40 makes the ride feel like cheating. Rolling so well with great comfort.


Love this type of rides. Asphalt and gravel on a racebike. With lovely people with racing taking not too serious. And hopefully more pictures from this to share soon🙂

Map and stats how I destroyed my legs: Strava

Jenny Rissveds won the Olympic XCO race

Sweden’s 2nd Gold Medal at the Rio Olympics came from another women, a young one there to learn to be ready for next Olympics. But Jenny Rissveds dropped the favorites and could safely ride to the finish line alone, really nice and well planned race🙂


Celebrated with cake this evening and she gave her team mate Nino Schurter something to beat tomorrow😉

Being so young and getting such a big victory may give Jenny high expectations for next year. My expectations for next year is that more watch the awesome races and I can recommend to everyone to travel to a World Cup and give Jenny such support so no matter if she wins or coming 20th she will had an awesome race with such crowd🙂

Le Peloton #108

A new Wednesday, a new Peloton and today it seemed like a bit less people but now looking at the picture I might mistaken, over 45:


Viktor did a great job talking as a stand in as no ambassadors where at the place in time. Thought a bit I failed today too when me and Viktor had a little gap at Järnvägspizza😉 Would say I almost dropped the group 3 times today but all the times there were riders enough for me to rest so had a wheel to follow. Didn’t go around all the time but as often as I felt I was able too. After Flaten I thought, just one more turn. Then I thought just one more turn. And then I took another one. Pushed as hard as I could and on the last straight I went up one time. Tried to hang on and then got dropped, an average of 177 in heart rate the last 1,9km😉

A lot of suffering but also got a PR on Älta-Tempot with an average of 44km/h for 4,7km and 2nd best time this year of 1116 riders😀

Was happy to have breakfast after that, felt like a really good training and ride and don’t know if I could have done it any better today. Fun today too with 5 Sumos and was great in Älta being 3 Sumos out of 5 riders in front😉

Map and stats: Strava