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Eurobike #3, by R2bike

Bike ahead rims:

Acros Nineteen finally comes, I talked with Acros about them last year at Eurobike. Can be compared to DT 240 in function and Tune King/Kong in weight:

A Wireless dropped post from Magura called Vyron:

Superlight full suspension by Merida and german:A

New wheels from Bike Ahead, Biturbo RS:

860g AX-Lightness Vial Evo XC frame:

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Eurobike #2, Liteville and Sram weights

It’s a bit strange. I’m not a fan of German bikes and I don’t like just anodized frames. But there is something with Liteville that makes my heart beat a little extra. Can be compared with Cannondale and their Lefty.

Liteville doesn’t care so much about what’s cool but they know how to produce the bikes people should buy. Like Specialized with weight, they just want to make it the best.

An old Liteville 301 MK6, 6 year old made me like All Mountain more than XC and it showed me that a full suspension bike can perform so much better if it’s just built right.

Now 2015 they introduce the 101 MK1:

It may not look as flashy as a modern carbon bike but I don’t think you will ever find a 120mm aluminium frame that will perform better and give you more joy.

Spec in German:

and Scaled sizing like they had for a while:

Duolink to get the length you like:

It won’t be cheap (so please don’t compare to cheap German brands) but it will give you fun for a very long time. And of course it’s made in Germany.

Also from Germany, or developed in Germany are the new Sram Red eTap. Here is some weights of the new wireless group:

with more info: Bikerumor

Sram is also releasing a new cheaper X-Sync chainring. Made of steel for lower price and more durable:

Le Peloton #45 and the legkill

Started the day with meeting the Pro Sara Penton for a ride to Le Peloton, there we met a former World Champion and a lot of others:

Rode around, maybe not as fast as it could be but was hard for me so great training. Here in Fisksätra at the easy part:

Then we had an awesome breakfast at Le Mond:

Longest breakfast in a while and it ended with a projectplan for me. More on that later. I’ve got a dream.

Like last wednesday I met up with some other people after work to totally empty me legs. cafériding it’s said but it can go pretty fast ;)

People ride with aero helmets, Lightweight wheelsets and class is important but everyone are welcome. Great group of great people which always make it fun. To fun to not join I think even if me legs usually needs some rest instead of sprinting up climbs and doing team time trial.


And of course we ride with girls. Good ones:

Hard to have a better after work ride. And today I felt better than last week, maybe because of the ice cream I ate before ;)

Map and stats: Le PelotonLanterne Rouge

Tomorrow will be a resting day so maybe I will blog a long post from Eurobike instead of cycling :) Many new things coming up for us.

first of Eurobike 2015, Cervelo

Discussed disc brakes on roadbikes today at work with a guy who didn’t want a hybrid without them.

Already the news are coming. spotted a Cervelo R3 disc at Eurobike that is opening tomorrow.

A light and fast roadbike made for racing. Using 12mm axles and flat mount disc brakes like the new standard:

But for maybe the first time I think the DT RWS ”QR” that is on my Crux seems a bit smoother than the ones on the Cervelo:

Is it anything you look forward to on Eurobike? I’m curious on Tune’s new wheels and roadbikes with discs made for racing I’m hoping to see a lot of. Cervelo is also coming with a new comfort series called C.

I got S-Works

Specialized really god them self a high-end name with S-Works. Cannondale got their Black bikes but you never mention just the name Black when you talk about their top of the line helmet for example.

Scott got their RC or is Premium better?

No matter if you talk about bikes, helmets, shoes or chainring bolts if you want it from Specialized you know that S-Works are the best. Like with handlebars.

the 27th February I got a S-Works handlebar for my Allez, 40cm wide and shallow bend:

198g is pretty light but not the lightest you can get. Today I mounted a new S-Works handlebar on my cx. I would say that Specialized S-Works shallow bar or Deda Superleggera got the best shape on the market with their flat top that is rotated perfect for holding.

Back to my Crux. The same model as I got in February and same measurements, but far from the same weight:

21g lighter! 21g! It’s in the same weight category as the lightest Fi’zi:k handlebar. Like Christmas for a weightweenie like me.

Ending the post with a bit more S-Works. We got the new mtbshoes today. Looks the same as the old ones but a bit changes in the opening that suits me so much better. Couldn’t have the old ones but the new ones fit me perfect:

sorry for my low socks, good to work in, not for riding.

A day with friends on a bike

This morning I went to Le Mond at 10 to watch the womens World Cup in Vårgårda together with a couple of others instead of going out riding. Great racing but not the best commentators in Swedish, how can you miss Boels-Dolmans and think Amanda Spratt is Emma Johansson? No Swedish win but Jolien d’Hoore from Wiggle-Honda won.

After the race we rode out to Ingarö and back to Le Mond:


A great ride in the sun that we ended with a fika and a lot of talking in the sun outside café Le Mond ;)

map and stats: Strava

And now I’ve seen half of the days important XC World Cup. Awesome with Annika Langvad as a winner :D