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a christian cyclist who loves light and good bicycles.

An easy sunday ride

Rode with CK Valhall for the first time on roadbikes on a sunday ride today. A lot of strong guys and me:

Rode out to Ingarö to do two race laps there. Was supposed to not go too fast out to Ingarö but it was going too fast for me sometimes. Got dropped for real first time right before Gustavsberg, and then again up the ”climb” after Gustavsberg. Of with legwarmers and gloves in Brunn and started with the others with a plan to go 1 lap and then have a ”fika” with Robin. Got dropped almost really early and did the lap alone.

Today riding a S-Works Roubaix with Sram Red and disc brakes:

With wheels that never stop rolling, ceramic bearings is another world. really stabile bike with awesome brakes. But attacking to reach the others and going fast wasn’t the best, great bike for long nice rides. Like the one I hoped for today.

Back from Brunn me and Robin met Viktor who joined us, had a fika and then rode back to Stockholm. Like this:

Back at Specialized Concept Store where we started I changed bike to my Daily and rode home. Really fun to ride a regular bike but with cycling clothes and real pedals. Got one PR on the way back home ;)

Map and stats from the Roubaix ride: Movescount

My style today, new clubclothes from POC:

Really fun to try the Roubaix and it’s all clear that my next roadbike will have discbrakes.

Sörmlandsleden, 3 parts of it

Being free from work a friday a sunny day have a ”date” planned with an awesome women riding mtb then you know it’s going to be a good day.

Met up Jessica at work (yes, I had a day off) and after a bit of talking with my boss everything changed, he came with a suggestion to ride Sörmlandsleden to Haninge instead of riding in Hellas and crossing the city to Lidingö for the end.

Riding a very small part of Sörmlandsleden before and it is good. There are some fast sections:

Sometimes thinking of where we are in the middle of a tree:

Sometimes enjoying some sick slickrock riding:

But a lot of the ride was about tackling roots, roots, stones, roots and more roots. Every root is at Sörmlandsleden trying to stop every bit of flow we could found. Every! But with a Camber and an Era we tackled it. My Camber felt absolutely perfect and could climb better than any mountain goat that would find its way to Stockholm.

The small minus with my Camber is the rider on top, he’s not so good sometimes ;) Charged to much twice and first time I was dropping half a meter but it went ok. Second time my front wheel slipped of the dry singletrack and I crashed so I got a couple of small wounds and a mark on the top tube. But that’s mtb.

Came to Tyresta by, filled up with water and thought about time. Jessica had a training camp to reach so we skipped the last planned section and used our 10t rear sprockets more and got back to Stockholm on gravel and asphalt roads.

Home again after many hours, 3h26min riding time on my Suunto, 3h34min according to Strava. Tired and satisfied with my day of work. :) Motivation is good as long as I have someone to ride with now (easy in Stockholm) so enjoying life the good way.

Map and stats today: Movescount If you follow me on Strava you can see I got a KOM (of 2015) today too :D

When the flow left me

Got this in the mail yesterday:

a Tune Schwarzes Stück to get my Camber in racemode instead of my Specialized Command Post.

Today the plan was to get a pair of Specialized S-Works Fast Trak 2,2″ tires for it too but out of stock at the moment. Thought of Renegade 2,3″ but ended with a set of Fast Trak 2″:

Mounted my AX-Lightness Leaf Plus saddle on the seatpost and changed my left MixxMaster brakelever clamp to a carbon one from b-t-p.

Ended with a Camber at 9,8kg :D

9,8kg and still ways to make it lighter without loosing performance. Weight is without bottle but including the multi tool.

After I ended work I aimed to try it, feel if there was any difference. Pumped the tires to 1,7bar and went out to ride the SCS Breakfast Club route. Was flying in the beginning and the bike felt a lot faster. Dropping 389g on just the tires explain a lot and so dry outside now I got all the grip I need. And with 116/110mm suspension I don’t need the extra height of a big tire.

It was awesome, sure my shape and the weather was better than last time too. Then in the south end of the route it happened again. Same thing as last time! I rode the wrong way, changed way and wrong again, and didn’t find the right one. My flow was gone and my thoughts of a Strava KOM was blown away. It sucked and I just rode on the gravel road back to civilisation and back to my neighbourhood. But remembered meeting a customer at my local food store a while ago who talked about some trails in Majroskogen which is a forest just behind my house.

Tried it a bit and ende with some slickrock riding:

Many small tracks and some better than others. But finding the flow going over rocks and roots was great :) My bike is like I want too and I have sometimes thought about that I maybe should have got an Epic instead but my Camber got it all. It’s fast but fun and playful. A bike to enjoy and to get better together with. Even missing a Liteville 301 this Specialized Camber is the bike of my dreams now. :D

Map and stats, now with heart rate too: Movescount

Le Peloton #21

Today was a strange day. Felt pretty okey riding to Urban Deli and meeting the others, around 60(!) riders today, at 6.00:

3 groups as last week and I tried to hang on the 1st one for as long as possible. Had a hard time keeping wheels today after getting a bit afraid after sitting on a wheel of a rider that didn’t ride so well in the beginning. Along the railroad to Saltsjö-Duvnäs called Järnvägspizza on Strava I had a record of 49,1km/h before, today it was 53,7.

Got dropped after a kilometer or two after we turned to Fisksätra and it felt pretty bad. Felt that I didn’t pushed my max but couldn’t push more. Rode in the middle of nowhere up to Fisksätra before catching some guys and the 2nd group came collecting us.

Didn’t feel like it was going so fast in the 2nd group today and many times people didn’t go around and it was just one line.

Ended with my max to the Enskededal sign. Wasn’t satisfied but felt I couldn’t do more. Riding like this back to café Le Mond:

Then the cool thing. at Le Mond we had to put the bikes outside as it was full inside and the que started on the street:

It’s pretty awesome. the breakfast got empty but people where happy and the workers at Le Mond did as good as they could. A social nice end of what should be a fast ride.

Checking Strava and it ended with a lot of PR and speeds that seemed high. It went pretty fast today. Average of over 36km/h even with the roadwork outside Skarpnäck and going a different way. Satisfied seeing it goes faster and faster :D Love it

Maps and stats: Movescount