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a christian cyclist who loves light and good bicycles.

Dalsland runt

What a weekend we had. A weekend in the green forests of Sweden going hard on gravel and sprinting for countrysigns. 3 days of riding in Dalsland managed by Wenersborgs Racers Club in a way up for the riders to make it good.

We started on Friday in Vänersborg:

Over 100 cyclists rolled out together for an easy 104km spin up to Stora Strand where we should stay for the weekend. 3 cars handled the luggage.

It went fast, but was happy enough to sit pretty high so worked for about 65km where a group got dropped on a gravel section. We chased hard and in the chase I met a friend from Norway, Peter who is one of the strongest cyclists I know. We got back up and I managed to hang on the first group all the way to the place we stayed at:


Map and stats: Strava

Day 2 was 234km for the long one which we had to take to come to Norway😉


Riders got ready but wasn’t so fast of leaving so we rode away easy me and my roommates Henrik, Tony and Anders.

After a while turning of the main road we stopped for a pi and a 2nd group of like 5 riders caught us including Emile and Magnus. Rode together and started the days first climb:


Tony and Henrik kept the speed high, with Anders in a breakaway:


But on a gravelclimb me and Emile ”attacked”:




It rolled on pretty well until km 69 where Tony first punctured:


500m before the feed zone:


and then Christian punctured 500m after the feed zone.

That’s all the punctures we got while another group got over 10(!). The pace held high (at least for me) and after around 90-100km the group got split into two. I was in the first and even there the pace got slower except sprinting for the Norway sign and such things😉 Really nice good people to ride with and great training to ride hard for a long time.


Until 135km where I died, or hit the hammer a bit and got slow for real. Got dropped for a little but Emile waited for me and dragged me to the lunch at 144km:) the 2nd group got there two and we where a big group again. A nice lunch and then rolling for the ferry.

The pace worked first but in the end it got too high for me and some others who got dropped but all together with some others who skipped the lunch at the ferry:


A big climb after the ferry where I tried to hang on but got dropped for real. We gathered a 2nd group who rode all the 70km left together. Pace on the limit but everyone did what they could and nice chatting. Stopped at Coop in Dals Långed for a refuel and then left for ”home”.

The end included the hardest climb of the day and the first time for me on 36-28 (easiest) gear to come up, was hard but nice. A cool descend afterwards where I thought it was pretty awesome to go 57km/h on gravel😉

Back at the house we ended on the grass eating a bit, drinking a bit and talking about the magic day:


Map and stats: Strava

Day 3

Woke up to rain, a lot of it. The long distance 176km was out of the match and plans was 132 or 104km. The morning subject. After breakfast, packing, finding rainclothes and cleaning it didn’t rain as much. Decided to go for the shortest way in the last minute with heavy legs.

Me, Henrik, Christian and Jonas rode the day together. Passing some guys starting earlier and who took shortcuts. No one was so good (except Henrik maybe) but the pace was good and it all felt like a blur. The kilometers got on and we came closer and closer to Vänersborg. A puncture after 94km was the first and only stop:


Map and stats: Strava

It was maybe a bit too much people to have for such an event but KUDOS to Johan and WRC for arranging this. A weekend we will talk about for at least a year. And my Specialized Diverge with new Specialized Roubaix Pro 30/32mm tires worked flawless all weekend:


I you should have one bike, this is the bike to get. It may not be cheapest but it so awesome it’s worth ever penny😀

2 days in 1 post

Planned and tried to blog yesterday but WordPress wasn’t with me. So today after Le Peloton #94 it’s time again.

Started the Tuesday with a Älgö Deluxe ride. Sunny and the legs felt good, we went for KOM’s and put in an average of 36km/h for a little more than an hour before we ended having breakfast in the sun:

VIRB Picture

And a video by Magnus of the afterbike/breakfast:

After a day of work I joined Laterne Rouge ride for a regular ride to Gustavsberg. My plan was to take it easy and just spin at the rear end of the group. Took it easy but was hard and pushed hard some times too getting some PR and we ended with the fastest average speed so far what I’m aware of


Home for a shower and food before a good nights sleep. Up this morning to ride Le Peloton. Not the best legs as you could imaging, but with the best company as it was the premier of our new SUMO Cycling Club jersey:


No bigger group-picture today but it was many. Like 25 in the 3rd group and we where around 60 in the 1st. It’s pretty cool riding over 40km/h in the right lane and riders passing and passing for a long time in the left lane. Also gives some extra motivation riding in the SUMO jersey for the first time with such strong people. Went fine but had to cover a couple of big gaps before Sickla and on the straights to Älta where I came wrong and had a hard time keeping the wheel I felt dead after going into the front and backing of. Dropped in Storkällan and then left alone. Passed a guy who sat on my wheel just but got some help by three others in the end. A really hard ride but so fun😀


A picture of me trying to advance with a cheering Nils behind. Was a really fast Peloton today and new KOM’s where sat on the complete ride. Fastest women and fastest man here:


Eva ”The QOM Cheetah” and Jonas with his awesome Venge ViAS.

Map and stats of that: Strava

And me after rolling to work. Tried a pair of new Oakley EV Zero these two days. just like a Prevail helmet. You put them on and just forget them, so light and easy fit. With my SUMO jersey saying ”The Lightweight Lizard”😉



Tour of California stage 1

Yesterday the latest event in the Women WorldTour started in USA. And what is better than winning your first WorldTour race as National Champion in your home country. Think Megan Guarnier was pretty happy with the victory:


Video from the stage here. Soon time for TTT on todays stage.


I really like to start the day with a bikeride. Going out with less traffic, fresher air and get my lungs inside out with great views. Rode in to the big city life and Djurgårdsbridge and met 11 others like this:


Shaking hands, introducing themselfs and talking about the latest stash. The difference with this ride is the Void/Rapha/Café du Cycliste style of riders. Riders who have cooler socks than on a fashion show. Sure, they look like cyclists but not racers.

But they are😀

Nice and fast race around Djurgården. First lap I got dropped just after the middle after being a very short turn in the front. 2nd and 3rd lap went better but was never with the group until the ”finishline”.

Awesome training, like long hard natural intervals.

Map and stats: Strava

There is a Swedish saying to ”ride hard, fika harder”. Fika is Swedish for a coffee and cake (or some other small food). The word and thing every Swedish cyclist brag about and should work for to spread all over the world😉


Then back to different jobs and places with some motorpacing with a Vespa:


Maybe I will be fast someday too riding with those people. Maybe I will be cool too. At least I aim to always enjoy cycling in a comfortable stylish way



Le Peloton #92


They where many

They said I should go easy

They where fast

They are more or less my friends

They aim for the fika (breakfast at least)

Soon 100 rides and I still can’t understand why. Wake up too early, stress too much and ride too far too ride so hard you can’t hang on. And then trying to eat after that. I’m not even good of riding fast and pushing my limits.

Rode with the 3rd group with pushing my limits, enormous group today and it was very easy even though it went pretty fast. Was fun!

And then we had breakfast and a really good time with really good people. And a lot of good food:


Map and stats: Strava

XC pro style

Free from work today, was to expensive to fly to Bergen and celebrate 17th May, no fun cheap flights anywhere else, no fun place to go by train. Was thinking of riding a nice roadride and checked the map, didn’t find anything exciting enough alone.

So was happy when Marika talked about mtb. Decided to go north to Järvafältet to some new tracks:) So rode to work (yes I was free) and borrowed a Specialized Epic Comp Carbon WC and went north. Took a singletrack in Hagaparken, rode wrong at Järva Krog but got to Bögs Gård where I was supposed to meet Marika way too early. Enjoyed the sun and relaxed for a while.

Then she came and we rode out on singletracks I missed. Real XC riding and not All Mountain like Hellas or just gravel. Great trails, great weather, great guide and a tempo that felt easy which was good after my crash.


It may be fun with 130+ travel, dropped posts and wide tires but faster trails with a proper light (could be) XCbike with an effective rear damper is the best. Haven’t thought about it so much before but that’s me😉

Not so long ride together but descent and got up with some distance as I rode there and back too. First proper summer ride with a Brain damper too, so nice to not have to care or have to change setting:)

Stats and map: Strava

Back in Stockholm I stopped and took a picture of the great bike and great city: