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Me vs Tony Martin

Both ride Specialized, both rode hard today. The small difference is that he put everyone else behind him on todays Tour de France stage, I was dropped so most riders in front :(

This morning I took cycling clothes on with the thought that I maybe will ride after work. My Allez got a proper wash some new grease and oil. Was supposed to fix it on friday but forgot about it and then it was too late.

Today I met a friend at work, Birjer who said I should join the club training after work. Weather was good and I knew I would suffer to ride with them as they ride fast. Good training and not some middleway training just riding along like Camilla thinks I’m doing.

Stepped out from work and met the others. Many riders with some spreading between fast and faster guys. CK Valhall is a pure racing club and I like it, like Jönköpings CK I was with earlier. You always know you will get good training.

Rode out to Länna with a pause and then it began. Before:

Then it went fast, very important to sit right, not doing anything stupid and be strong. I had a hard time but worked pretty okey for a while, was even up in the front once. Fell through the group in a climb once too but didn’t got dropped. Got dropped a bit after when we turned into another rode and up a climb. Was okey in the climb but after I was cooked and alone for a little while. Then we became a grupetto with two other guys riding together back to Stockholm:

A hard but good evening. Managed to keep up much longer than I thought and far from beeing dropped first :) Hopefully it will make me a bit stronger and a bit better in the future too :D

Map and stats: Strava

Ending the post with a very describing picture from todays Giro Rosa byt Cyclephotos:

A lot of Specialized news for 2016

Now starts Specializeds big Sales meeting in Austria for all European dealers. But before we get the news from them you can look here ;) Some big news that hasn’t been shown before is the new Öhlins air rear damper, win-win on S-Works Enduro. The Elite gets Rock Shox Monarch, so no more Cane Creek. And then we have the Allez Sprint, Aeroalu. And a lot of new colours of course, have a look:

Specialized Allez 2016 Specialized Crux Diverge 2016 Specialized Epic 2016 Specialized Roubaix 2016 Specialized S-Works Enduro 2016 Specialized Shiv 2016 Specialized Tarmac 2016


click on the pictures to get them a little bigger.

There is also coming a new helmet between Prevail and Propero called Airnet. And back is light XC grips. It will be a good new year :D

The solution when it should rain: POC AVIP Rain Jacket

When having good gear there isn’t any bad weather. Would have dropped many rides this year if I didn’t have had my Café du Cycliste Jeanne rain bibs.

Was freezing in Ronde van Vlaanderen because of the cold rain. Have been all wet at a couple of Le Peloton rides.

Now it’s over. Got a rainjacket worth it’s name in a colour that will make my dad smile. The winner after a hard comparsion. POC AVIP Rain Jacket:

It’s is so good against rain that it just helped having it with me to and from work today :D Simple but awesome design and not boring black like most bike jackets are.

New Specialized Camber

It isn’t just a new Stumpjumper FSR coming for 2016 but a Camber too. With same front triangle so SWAT door and the multitool under the dampermount on the carbon models.

The big news from this years Camber are:

437mm chainstays for 29″, 420mm on 27,5″

27,5″ wheel option

No EVO, 120mm for all 29ers, 130mm for 27,5″


Yes, you read right, the new Camber is getting more travel and a new Brain, like the old regular Stumpjumper FSR.

An updated Brain called Trail Brain. The first 25%, sag, is always active so the Brain activates first when pressing hard than that.

More of that and more pictures here: Bikerumor

Recovery from yesterday

Last day with sun this week and it was announced an easy ride to take a bath outside Gustavsberg or on Ingarö. Thought that is nice to be outside, want to be better on beachlife. Sit on wheels and get around just so no hard riding :)

Started at bikecafé Le Mond with the weeks best espresso and a fresh orange juice:

Then we where 6 riders who left for a bath. Before Gustavsberg Peter (who turned around in Gustavsberg) decided we should ride to Ingarö. And so we did. Rocks is better than sand.

Didn’t sit so much on wheel today but thought I rode pretty easy. Felt good while not pushing to hard :)

And at the end of Ingarö we where:

With small clothes on us ;)

Had a fika too of course. But the ”sea” was a bit cold. On the way back we talked about that the announced average speed should have been 27-28km/h but it was over 30 ;) Rode the almost closest way back and felt like a really good day. :) Others thought I was pro today too as I swapped a bottle for a towel on my bike, great place :) This picture by Ena:


Took a little longer way on my way home so I got 100km ;) Exactly the same average speed as yesterday, a bit funny. 30,05km/h on Movescount.

Map and stats: Strava

Now after seeing the end of Tour de France and looked at Megan Guarnier win todays stage of Giro Rosa I will look at the replays from the XCO World Cup in Lenzerheide. Great with that possibility so I don’t have to be home when the sun is out :D

#58 a day in the saddle under the sun

There is a Challenge on Strava to ride half of Tour de France while they race it. I’m ranked 58 after today :) Enjoying it as long as it lasts as I won’t manage to complete it or keep the place.

It all started at 8. Met up with 5 nice guys close to the Globe here in Stockholm. The plan was a 200km ride on nice roads southwest of Stockholm. Like the last week to Mariefred but better and with riding home instead of a ferry.

Was doing climbs:

With Peter M in front:

Waited for a small ferry at Skanssundet:

Me today after almost 2h:

Had fun:

A new small road in the middle of nowhere, much better than last weeks ride :)

Emil enjoying the beautiful 8,5km gravelroad:

me again on gravel:

hard to not push when the gravelroads are that good. There is a difference with riding hard on gravel compared to asphalt. The others in line after:

The blue guys:

This was after this years first bath:

Out swimming a little before this picture, old school swimclothes. Great with Cafe du Cycliste Antoinette sometimes:


All riders was in the lake to the bibs to cool down a bit in the summer heat:


Then we had lunch and rode some more. Was a bit crispy in the end so happy with the stop at Sturehofs castle:


Back home I don’t look that brown but my body is doing all it can to mention it’s there and that it has been working for a long time with many muscles today ;)

Map and stats: Strava