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a christian cyclist who loves light and good bicycles.

massive attack ride

My plans for this morning was to ride a great ride with Patrik, Oliwer and Alexander. Slow sometimes, fast sometimes becoming a great and funny training season.

I got PR in the first climb, and me and Patrik got dropped. We got up to the others after 4km(!). Rode together a bit and then we got dropped again. and we didn’t see the others the rest of the ride. And Patrik was way behind me. A group ride ending in 3 pieces with a lot of suffering for a pretty bad time.

It didn’t help that the ground was soaking making my wheels not go forward. Many watts today but not so high speed.

but rode in style:


Ended with a breakfast at Vivels and complaining to the two who wasn’t riding today. But all together it was good training, both for my mind and legs. Being dropped and still being able to push hard is an art.

Map and stats: Strava

sale on Café du Cycliste

I’m not a fan of Black Friday but I’m a fan of Café du Cycliste great cycling clothes. So if you want to look as good as me, or better you now get a chance to do it cheaper. Sale all weekend and you get:

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Le Peloton #60


You know when you are a family. When you can tease, say ironic things but in the end care a lot about the others? When the most important thing is to eat breakfast together?

Le Peloton CX has become such a family. We can ride so fast the others can’t keep up, we can joke, we can be mean and feel that the others got to do some work too. But the small group is just awesome. The attacks by Calle, the pro Sara, the colourful Christian, the strong Magnus and me. Today in company by our own Patrik.

Breakfast with ”dad” Kalle:


Le Peloton is too early, too hard but it’s so worth it as the weeks hardest training and most deserved breakfast. And it’s a perfect place to grow as a cyclist with such great members.

Even in wet which made me use my rain jacket and what can be the worlds best bibs, Café du Cycliste Jeanne:


My water repellent fleece lined bibs fits like a glove but better and keeping me dry and warm in worst conditions.

The new light I tried was great but took a bit of time to get to know the buttons and functions. Great way to lighten up the darkness.

Map and stats: Strava

Led Lenser

A new brand in the store with a test light mounted ready on my bike for tomorrows Le Peloton. No more dark riding:


Led Lenser XEO19R with 2000 lumens. 4h of battery power on full mode is pretty impressive to. Will be a clear difference compared to the 550 lumen Silva Pavé I’m usually using.

Let’s see if this quality light is better than the cheap Chinese lights.

let’s dream

The winter is a great time to dream. Dream about warm days riding bikes in cool places. Riding like there was no end and no road is too far or too bad. Explore the beautiful world we live in together. Without dreams it will be hard to train, hard to be motivated and boring. We need to dream, bigger, further, better, new.

Riding in rain, getting cold, when it’s snowing, riding as hard as you can and go beyond. Everything is worth it if you have a dream. A goal to reach. Maybe it’s unreachable but maybe you will get closer to it. And if you try there is a chance to get there.

If you don’t try, you will never reach the dream.

Give it a try!

A bike built on a dream to reach further is Cannondale Slate, they went all the way:


My Diverge is more for me but this bike is pushing the limits.

Let’s set the known behind a go discover the unknown in 2016, together and enjoy the beautiful world God created for us to ride in:

ladda ned

Cold and great sunday

The winter temperatures are here. today was time to use my Assos winterjacket, only to be used when it’s really cold. Just cold so just had a thin short armed base layer underneath. Tried my fleece lined bibs and leg warmers too if they could handle they cold. Was awesome :) Only thing that wasn’t awesome was my gloves but I survived.

Rode with Emile to Liljeholmstorget and met up with some more people. Rode over Essingen to Brommaplan and met up with the rest. A lot of people gathered for a ride that was started by a question at work and spread through Facebook, mouth, sms and Messenger.


Even if I like my Diverge I tried horseriding today. Was super fun and Camilla captured the adventure:

Have to enjoy extra breaks when Jimmie had a puncture. Wasn’t as funny when Isabella had a broken chain and we had to wait again but as sunny:


A fun day that maybe wasn’t the best way to train but good for motivation and love to see new places with great people :)

Map and stats: Strava