Le Peloton #145


More sun for us 🙂 After a fast Peloton on Wednesday and some hard efforts on Djurgården yesterday I had an easy morning today. Rolled the shortest loop with a big group of riders. It feels like my heartrate is lower than usual, maybe I got a bit of shape somehow. Was really easy for me today and just what I wanted 🙂 But also really cold which I didn’t want and had a bit too thin gloves.


At the start a bit after these picture we where 19 riders today too. Will next Wednesday be the first one this spring with over 20 riders? I’m aiming for riding my roadbike next week and we talked a bit today of changing to the longer standard loops and groups. 🙂

Map and stats from today: Strava

And ending with a tip, inCycle with a video about La Fabrica and Service Course in Girona:

Thereabouts 3

When I lived in Bergen, Norway I got to know a super guy called Johannes. We became really good friends. But when we did a test a day we were the opposite of each others personalities.

Here in Stockholm it probably would be the same with me and Hagen. We are not alike but we are friends 🙂


The videos Thereabouts with the Morton brothers is a bit like that for me. But there is something that attracts, maybe I’m impressed by how they could ride so easily without getting stressed about things not planned. The freedom I’m too shy for.

They are doing a new video, from Colombia and it’s funded through Kickstarter and us fans. I will support it, hope you will too so we all will be able to watch the adventure 😀

Follow this link for more info: Thereabouts 3

La Flèche Wallone

Yesterday was the Fleche Wallone day and Rabo-Liv wanted to do as last year, take the win with Anna van der Breggen. Didn’t find a good replay but here are some highlights:

  1. Anna van der Breggen – Rabo-Liv
  2. Evelyn Stevens – Boels-Dolmans
  3. Megan Guarnier – Boels-Dolmans

Full results: ProCyclingStats