XCO World Cup 2015 is started

Nove Mesto na Morave in Czech Republic is the venue for the first XCO World Cup this year. Today Women U23 raced and it couldn’t start better. Jenny Rissveds won:

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1. Jenny Rissveds – Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team

2. Margot Moschetti – Betch.nl Superior Bart Brentjens MTB Racing Team

3. Kate Courtney – Specialized Racing

More about it and results available here: UCI.

Men U23 at 9.00 tomorrow

Women Elite at 11.00

Men Elite at 14.15

The ride motivated by Coffee

Maybe the most Swedish word is fika, isn’t available in any other language and every cyclist should know it. Fika means to have a coffee and a cake or something like that, just because it’s good. Different from lunch which is more healthy and for a reason.

We where 5 riders in the facebookgroup Fikacykling Le Mond which met on Le Mond this morning and aimed for Ösmo and the gardencafé there. Started pretty good but it started to rain so we took cover while it was passing:

Then continued on some new roads for me, so not the shortest way. Felt pretty good and did pretty much of the work in front. Great feeling. Last open part was very windy, but with a lot of riders out :)

Then fika, sat outside but the sun disappeared so we went inside instead:


Then they said it was time to go back to Stockholm again. Hard time in the beginning but found some power again on the small nice roads :) Christopher and Emil wasn’t in top shape so slowed down a bit sometimes and got time to take a picture:

Nice to have a breatpocket to have the phone in :)

After riding for around 3h I started with some signsprints. Nice to even think about sprints after riding for so long :) But didn’t got any company so had to do it myself. Rode a nice road to Länna in the end where Emil seemed a bit tired ;)

Back in Stockholm I joined the others going into town instead of going directly home. Left them on Söder and aimed for La Chemise to pick up some nice new clothes. Got passed by a Ferrari 360 on my way but passed it again ;) Picked my clothes and headed back home. Got stuck with all the people as Gumball 3000 starts this weekend, a lot of cool cars:

And a lot of people.

Got back home and after having After Bike on the balcony and a nice shower I tried my new clothes. Le Peloton style :D

Felt really nice and looking forward to ride with them :)

Map and stats from today: Movescount (150km on Strava)

Le Peloton #25

Made rename the blog from wwblog to traingblog ;) training everyday without even like to train ;) But what I like to do is to ride a light bike fast with friends :)

People says my Specialized Allez is light so I use it ;) Le Peloton this morning and as it is friday it wasn’t as many as on a wednesday. But many for a friday :)

What I like more is style, I think cycling is an art and I want to be a part of it. Not just one in the bunch. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not but I will always aim to be better. A friend who didn’t succeed today looked like this:

If you don’t have the same model of tire front and rear, you should at least have the same colour. But those shoes, those are so cool and so right now in this fluo (and cammo) era.

Then we rode, fast and a bit too fast at some points for me. Felt that I would drop the 1st group a lot of times but I kept finding wheels hanging on at the tail. Impressed by a rider like Daniel Rytz who can drop down and then pass the peloton on the outside and attack, hard training with results there.

Before Flaten I had to drop but the group had to stop waiting for some cars just after so got back up. Then coming to Skarpnäck I didn’t manage to hang proper, When having over 170 in heartrate and then standing up and sprint to cover a gap then you know you’re screwed. Coming to the last long straight I was the first to drop, didn’t have anything in my legs left and I couldn’t even ride in proper pace so slowed down a lot to just get forward and finish the ride. Felt a lot harder than on wednesday.

So nice to end with a great breakfast at bikecafé Le Mond in the sun afterwards:

Map and stats: Movescount

A fun thing is that the cycling seems to make other results than expected on me. At work today I found out that I become more flexible than before :)

the 2h start

Today the sun shined so I started the day riding around Älta to work to meet up with Jessica and Jaime for a ride. Rode out to Gustavsberg and took the little longer way back. Awesome morning with sun, sun and dry roads :)

Looking forward to long warm rides this summer, also looking forward to wear out a chain for the first time on a roadbike ;)

Ended with a picture after Jaime got some breakfast:

Not so sharp but sunny and you can see the Specialized Prevail helmet in 3 different colours ;) matching our three different rim heights and bike types ;)

Map and stats of the morning: Movescount

Le Peloton #24

Once you’ve done it you know it can be done again. The first time is always the hardest?

A great group of cyclists gathered at Urban Deli this morning:

Then we rolled away in three groups. I joined 1st as usual with the target to hang on as far as possible. Found a great wheel and tried to hold it, sometimes further back and sometimes a bit further in front in the big group. Max heartrate at 186 in the climb before coming up to Fisksätra. Learning by doing helped me hang on and then it went easy around Fisksätra before accelerating on the way back. Felt like I would drop any moment but hanged on and went good up the climb in Ektorp too. Even feeling easy for a moment before we hit the big road and it started to go fast again. Almost dropped again but found a wheel.

Went good through Sickla but then as usual it happens up passing Hästhagen up to Hellasgården. A small gap in the beginning that I covered once, then the second time I didn’t have anything in my legs to do. Just to watch the peloton slip away and it felt like I didn’t have any power left and my legs standing straight out without going forward.

Got company from another guy through Älta who took the shortcut. I took the long way (Strava-segment you know) and a bit before Flaten I got company by 2 other guys. Us three rode together and did our part of the work all the way back to Enskededalen. All of us so tired finishing so the first bit to Le Mond was quiet before we caught the breath and started to talk a bit ;) Hard life but great weather in the end.

Coming to bikecafé Le Mond for breakfast was great, good food and could sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather :D

Map and stats: Movescount Even got a PR on the way to the meetingplace trying to drop a commuter ;)

Todays outfit from Café du Cycliste:

Colorfull bike, clean clothing ;) (except the red Specialized vest I had on the ride;)

me versus the French endurodudes

Last saturday I showed a small video on Instagram of Patrik M climbing a technical part and showing me how to do. Now I have to show you that I also managed it :) (just the first part we’are talking about so not where I put my foot down:

And then the French guys with Remy Absalon and his team riding:

So a videotuesday :)