Spring is coming, I promise

Friends are starting to take out their roadbikes, it’s a pure spring sign 😉 And I’m in mtbmode, so motivated and want to ride more, more and more.

It all started a morning last week when me and Oliwer rode a Camber and after my failing with roadpedals we took the road back to Vivels:


Today it was time for a new try. Candy 2Ti pedals and S-Works XC shoes to keep fails to a minimum. Also got company by John 🙂 Went better and was really fun, and hard for my roadbike arms :p


I’m not as fast as Oliwer or John but it is getting better and better and nailed a couple of tricky parts today that I usually don’t. Really fun and mostly good in the forest here now, some parts of ice but just to take it easy or go around there. Bikes are just getting dusty 😉

Le Peloton tomorrow and then back on mtb, want to get better and faster until the races begins 😀

Map and stats from today: Strava

Straight up just


Sometimes the company and variation is more important than beautiful roads. Karim had a plan yesterday so we gathered some nice people and rode to Uppsala today. Crossing north of Stockholm with a bit of traffic sometime:


At some points we had to stop wait for people and get hands warm again or just discussing wheels in the phone:


Also tried to be serious while riding:


And riding in the middle of nowhere:



5 different types of riders and not equally strong. But we all like fika and cycling:


My Sequoia did an awesome job once again and Café du Cycliste got heat regulated fine in the cold 🙂 The ride got me thinking of riding more without a gps route, more on feeling and reading signs along the road

Map and stats: Strava

When impossible things happen

Did and easy distance ride with Sumo Cycling Club and Johan today. Read it again.

An easy spin with Sumo is like a Zone 2 ride with HRT, full speed as long as it works and then continue 😉 But Sumo’s own QOM Cheetah knew how it worked and lowered the pace and had everyone to ride like they should. Rode to Älta, Vissvass and down to Årsta Havsbad. I almost got hit by a car just before Årsta Havsbad as it passed me with not even 10cm distance. I don’t understand why people driving cars want to drive over cyclists on a clear straight wide road? Happy that I am as I am and didn’t even get scared, but would have called the police if I had seen the car afterwards…

Eva took the sprint a bit too easy but we got over it, gentlemens.

Rode to Västerhaninge and Jordbro where my bike wanted a brake so it snapped a spoke 😦 Happily using discbrakes so just twisted the spoke around another and continued. Felt good on Lissmavägen and Fredrik got a bit tired after Länna so last part back to town we slowed down even more.

Easy riding with great people and a lot of talking, just like it is supposed to be in February. And on dry roads 🙂

Coffee at Le Mond and then to work giving my bike a new spoke. Easy change so now it’s like new again 😀


Almost 4000km on it now and it feels so nice. 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #134

A late post about yesterdays ride.


Last week it was Emil and Nils who set the tempo, yesterday it was Michael and Emil. Was able to hold their wheel to Ektorp once again… At the next redlight Fredrik came up to me and we rode together the last part with Älta Shortcut. Think I need to do some sprints to push the speedlimit a bit as I lack speed.

Funny thing was that at the finish in Enskededalen Emil, Michael and Christian got up to us and in Hammarbyhöjden we caught Jesper (?) too. First time all who started from Urban Deli rides to Le Mond together 😀 A proper Peloton with great shortcutting 😉

Now I hope to keep a wheel longer tomorrow and not be dropped.

Cafécycling to Eldtomta


Riding with great people on a Sunday without pressure is a pleasure. Not so fast today but some new roads, some old and a great fika. Passed a bridge like on Basemile. Rode on icy snowy gravelroads like Basemile:


Also found out that it sucks with roadpedals in snow, get frozen and doesn’t work until you clean them…

Also got some great gravelroads like after Lida and finally we found the café which says they got Stockholms bäst Shrimpsandwich (Räkmacka in Swedish sounds so much better)


Unfortunately not on picture but I almost managed to skid under a gate on the road back, really funny 🙂 My Sequoia likes to skid but my fenders doesn’t.

Did some proper riding too:

Not the most effective rides and days but it was a great Sunday and it was fun 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

Blue Lightning #6

The 2nd part I ordered for my bike was a fork. Thought of getting a new Rock Shox SID WC but when I saw real weights and price I went for a Fox 32 Step Cast instead, lighter and cheaper 🙂


Got some new matching stickers too, maybe the part in this build I’m most excited about. Really love how they shaved of weight and optimized.

So what about weight, Fox say 1,38kg and R2-bike confirmed. Out of the box it was 1399g, cut in right length with a starnut and axle it’s a bit lighter 😀


Le Peloton #133

Last week I rode to Le Peloton and ate breakfast at Le Mond but did Morningspins inbetween 😉

This week it was back to normal. Very few today, just 5 with Magnus who arrived just after my picture:


Emil and Nils took the lead and at Ektorp I was dropped 😦 Magnus dropped a little later and I caught him just before Sickla. Rode together the rest. Wasn’t going as fast as my mind hoped for but as fast as my legs managed and with just an average on the loop of 30,7km/h it was okay. We did our best and got some good training. And of course good breakfast at Le Mond as usual. As usual in almost a full Café du Cycliste outfit:


Map and stats: Strava