MTB chill

After Saturdays ride I felt maybe I should stop with cycling for a couple of weeks and take some autumn rest. But meanwhile I’m in a Challenge on Strava with Warsaw Cycling that I wanted to finish. 4 weeks.

My heart rate is always low the last rides, my speed is always low and the power the same. Everything explained by a lot of riding for a long time. But stop riding when the autumn is beautiful, the trails are dry and gravelrides like a dream? It’s too hard so instead I dropped all about pressure, riding faster and trying to keep up with the ones still being in good shape. Keeping cycling fun with focus on smiles and enjoying the beautiful autumn that I love.

This morning was such a ride with Magnus. MTB in Sickla on awesome trails without pushing the limits but just having fun on a nice spin in the morning🙂


I really can recommend riding mtb with a good friend and just having fun on great trails😀 Let the pressure be in Doha😉

saved 40g rotating weight


plastic bag was 1-2g and it’s two rimtapes in the bag for Roval CLX64. CLX64 are 2Bliss with plugs instead of those tapes. Plugs are 25 pieces in plastic with a rubber lip to close the holes, feels like they should be heavier than a thin tape. But they are superlight:


Like 0,5g each🙂 Nice weightsaving on my Tarmac:


7,2kg but could easy go under 6,9kg without spending a single cent😉

XC racing

Road racing is like Shimano Di2. I love to work with it but don’t want to race/have it myself. One of my best friends thought I should get a racelicens for next year and start compete as I was in better shape than ever before. He’s a wise man so got me thinking.

Then a lot of my friends got mountainbikes, friends that just ridden on road before. Got me thinking about getting a easy hardtail to ride with them as I think I got enough skills for that.

Chatting with another friend about bikes just getting more and more travel, getting bigger and heavier.

Adding 1+1+1 and remembering times like this:


I do understand that 29er are better than 26″. I understand that damping needs to be good performing and parts be stiff enough to not loose power. My Merida was 7,6kg raceready and I raced a lot with it. Kattegattstouren in the beginning of June went like a dream, PR on Grenserittet and so on.

XC Racing is the thing for 2017 I think, or Gravelgrinding. I don’t think the hardtail is dead and I will prove it. I think narrow bars, 47mm tires and low socks are dead😉 Want to push the sport forward like Christoph Sauser.

200km Birthdayparty

It is something special when you hear 9 guys singing for you in Alunda:


Had bad legs today but I had good friends doing the work and keeping the pace high both in head- and tailwind. Sumo Cycling Club did a 200km Brevet north of Uppsala with the result that we dropped everyone except one who crashed and had go back by ambulance. Rode on small beautiful roads through small villages that should have been captured but was enough with just trying to keep the wheels. But we got a nice grouppic at the start:


Emil and Anders said I didn’t have the legs because I didn’t have my Sumo jersey, maybe they where right but my Café du Cycliste Pierette jersey was really nice in the wind today and great pockets🙂 Tried to keep the class up with a POC silk scarf too, a lovely piece.

Did I mention we got back first? Or that my body feels destroyed? But the bike felt awesome, like home🙂

Ended it all with having burgers in Märsta on the road home:


I may not be so much Sumo but the guys are really nice and you always know it will be hard ride riding with them😀 Thanks for my birthdayride.

Map and stats: Strava

S-works as it’s easy

You know people that buy a complete bike, adding pedals and bottle cages and then just ride it as it is?

I want to be like that but have my thought about different things and always ending up with changing a lot of parts. Like this week when I borrowed a Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper FSR 29 2017 and started to complain on the heavy Grid tires so even before I mounted pedals I changed to Control tires to get it a bit lighter😉

Today I met up with Fredrich who has the same bikemodel but in size Large and he changed the bar, stem and tires so far😉


We rode together with Alexander and Kangas this morning. Those can ride and I had a really hard time trying to keep up. So happy for the Öhlins dampers keeping me on track when I couldn’t and the bike got better the more I tried to push it😀


Behind this thoughts is my roadbike. This year I was riding Sram Force1 that worked fine in Sweden with a regular Force22 rear derailleur. But had too much problem when I mounted my Force1 rear derailleur and never got it to work smooth. Wanted to have a 11-36 cassette when I went to France but it didn’t work and I had to go with 11-32. Same on Rapha 12Hills. Found it hopeless and planned to change back to 2×11 for 2017.

Dreaming of a Campagnolo Record group with hydraulic brakes but it seems to be far away and would be expensive. 2nd thought was Rotor Uno. Hydraulic brakes and gears which seemed really cool and would be released now in January. But would be really expensive that too…

3rd thought is to keep it simple, focus on the riding and to change chain in time. Rode 7000km on my Force1 group without doing anything with the brakes except adjust them when I changed wheels. Flawless and the brakes felt like a dream with super modulation. Now every road disc brakes got Direct Mount which my Tarmac doesn’t have. Found a couple of old Sram Red22 hydraulic shifters at work and stopped thinking.


I will change the red color on them but that’s it. Fit and forget. My tarmac is the bike I’ve ridden the most in my life and it got a special place in my heart. Thought about selling it and change to something new but can’t of any better bike in the longterm so unless I get a super offer I will keep it. Really fun bike that keeps the roadriding enjoyable.


It’s been a long year and sometimes it doesn’t feel as good and you need some change, or a break up from the regular rides. Or just ride without a purpose, without being pressed to keep a certain speed, just riding because you’re made to move and think it’s boring to just sitting alone in a sofa.

Then it’s awesome to get the chance to ride the best. I got to borrow Specialized’s best trailbike with the new Sram XX1 Eagle, Öhlins new RX36 fork and their STX22 airdamper rear. An S-works Stumpjumper FSR


It’s not a bike for gravel, not a bike for sprinting uphill. It’s a fun bike made for singletracks and it love to give you a great smile🙂

I rode for 1,5h this morning without more purpose than to go out and enjoy the nature and awesome trails we got here outside Stockholm.

Recommend you to sometimes ride without purpose, without pressure and keep it fun🙂

Tomorrow it’s time again but adding friends to get the riding even better😀

Le Peloton #116


My first year I did 58 Pelotons. Now I’ve done 58 more but it’s still 1 month left until 2 years😉

Today it felt like old days. Got a great start but passed by fast guys in the first climb and dropped with Fredrik in the middle. We rode together until he dropped a bit before the Adventure course. Then it was TT alone and while I felt better than yesterday I wanted to get 10 beats more out of me. Felt like riding on half power and not until the end when it was 3min left I caught the next guy, Rille who had problems with his gears. Both put the throttle down to keep the other on behind, I almost succeeded but Rille passed me in the end when I was just rolling.

The funny thing is even when it doesn’t feel fast I’m not so far behind. Not as big gaps as you imagine while riding and it’s dark around you.

Ended at Le Mond as always and met Sara who was home before she leave for Worlds on saturday. Really funny to hear how she’s going and see the development. She’s just getting better and better and I really hope she will find a great team for next year😀

Map and stats from the ride: Strava