Stockholm style gravel


One thing I like about big cities is that people doesn’t care so much about the weather but more about style and how they look. Like I use to say: There are no bad shoes, just bad technic.

Pink wool socks and white Specialized S-Works XC shoes may not be the best for wet gravel roads but it feels and looks good. And I wanted to try how good my MB socks were😉

Rode with Stockholm CK south of town today with Alexander showing us the way, a great group on mostly ridden roads. A couple of punctures and mechanicals gave chances for pictures:


A couple of new faces and first time riding with Leo. Crippa managed as usually gather a really nice group of people that seemed work good together🙂 Not too organized either so was all fun, and sometimes harder.


And Camilla managed to take a picture of me in a strange pose😉


I should get a new helmet am the thing I’m thinking of. The Evade sits perfect on me and feels super fast but at the moment I only got it. Would be nice with a light regular helmet too, thought of the new Specialized Prevail II but it’s not available in all white😦

Anyway, map and stats of the ride today: Strava

Le Peloton #120

It’s about routine. If you ride every morning the same time the body get used to it and adapts. Our bodies do adapt more than we can understand and does all it can to be as good as possible, otherwise complain.

My body was tired this morning but I got up and out to Le Peloton. Thought of skipping it but thought again that I would be thinking of it the hole day. It’s better to start a training and get dropped than not to start.


4 Sumos with me and Emil missing out on the picture and 8 in total. Okey for a friday in wet November.

Emil sat the pace high and we tried to follow, two got dropped pretty early. And I felt like I would be too but hung on and we got a bit of rest  when Emil turned wrong in Saltsjö-Duvnäs😉

Almost dropped before Älta like Michael but got back up. almost got dropped again on Flatenvägen but got up once more. On the last straight Emil dropped me and Claes. I tried to chase a bit but when Claes passed me I was all cooked. Survived with the help of waffles:


2,5km/h faster than on Wednesday feels good with studded tires. Maybe I can get fast sometime.

At least it’s warm enough to wear the Le Peloton kit now😀


And to care about my great Sequoia with a very needed wash:


Map and stats from the morning: Strava

Le Peloton #119

After a lot of snow and then plus degrees the CX loop was a mess. Add a couple of minues degrees and it was time for the short road loop with studs this morning. With the usuals:


It’s a bit fun to see the people now compared to a summer morning. Don’t believe anyone of us thinks about not riding Le Peloton just because it’s dark, cold, icy and wet.

Michael started setting the tempo and I felt like I’m gonna drop at Nacka Forum. But I went up at short turn before Nils came showed us he’s the elite guy. Christian was on my wheel and the other ones rode in a 2nd group behind.

Michael and Nils split the work between them and before Sickla I thought I try to make it to Älta and then take the shortcut. Christian dropped on the Ältaroad as his front light died and he didn’t have so much grip on his rear tire (no studs).

In Älta we turned to Storkällan and I was still on their wheel. Out from Storkällan I took a turn when Michael tried to drop me and Nils. Almost dropped myself. Hung on to Skarpnäck where I took my last turn. Got dropped in the small climb and Michael took the ”sprint”.

Was a long time since I rode that hard with such high heart rate.and I still got plenty left to use. I’m happy to be able to keep up with the fast guys and it feels great to be back riding Le Peloton after my rest🙂 And I will get strong as I had 122 more studs than Michael and 244 mor than Nils on my bike. It’s not fast but it’s good for training and security :p

We all, except Johan, had an excellent breakfast at Le Mond afterwards and the familiar atmosphere with so few riders is sometimes easier for me than when it’s 60+ riders in the summer.

Map and stats: Strava

the black boredom

November is here for real and people seems to disappear inside. The darkness is here and weather is something between snow and rain.

I feel slow and a bit bored and starting to think about things I didn’t do in the sunlight. Why didn’t I ride more long rides, why didn’t I ride gravel outside Borås, why did I take the short loop last day on Dalsland runt, why didn’t I go to Bergen, why didn’t I have an ice-cream date?

It’s easy to look back and regret. But it’s worth look back at what I did, or what you did. I’ve been riding my bike with great people in Sweden, Norway, France and Italy. I may not found the love of my life but I tried (maybe in the wrong way). I have spent time with my best friends, and regular friends. I have made new friends of different types. I have seen new beautiful places that I never will forget. I have seen that love is bigger then terrorists. I have got together with some good friends and had a social life outside cycling. I tried to keep friendships alive. I’ve got out of my comfort zone sometimes and pushed the limits.


VIRB Picture


Learning is a part of life and I learnt that wasted energy and time on people without time isn’t worth it no matter how much you want to spend time with them.

Let’s discover new places with the best people.


And I will not buy a black helmet again…

2 years of Le Peloton

Thanks to this guy I started with Le Peloton 2 years ago:


  • 58 rides 1st year
  • 60 rides 2nd year

Could have been more rides this last year if I didn’t slept so long and rode Le Snooze instead😉

I’m not a guy that loves to do intervals on a trainer. I can’t push myself really hard riding alone and I found it boring to ride alone. I like to ride with good people. And I like a good breakfast. I don’t have any problems going up early. And I like routines.

So it has been awesome meeting a lot of riders in the mornings for a ride that helps me improve my bike skills in different ways:


Even when it’s cold and we aren’t so many but sometime happier riders that do the cx loop:


I like to optimize, I want to go faster and get faster gear. Like speedsuit, aero shoes, helmet and an awesome fast bike:


And the big city life with a great breakfast with great friends in the city centre at Le Mond:


I’ve done Le Peloton with 7 different bikes this year but mostly these two:


Le Peloton is like a race with redlights. Sometimes you make it but if you have a bad day you get dropped and everyone rides in the same class. Some people wants everyone to help, some people just want to make it around, I don’t want to get dropped before Hellas.

On Wednesday I start my 3rd Le Peloton year. I want to improve and I want to ride harder, better and maybe I will get dropped too early. I will never be the best and I will never be in the centre but I will be a hangaround with class.

16″ powpow

16″ snow has it come in Stockholm today, total chaos and all busses cancelled. My plan was to ride my Sequoia to work and change wheels/tires for my new ones. A lot of snow made it a challenge but was fun without stress and swinged by Le Mond for a Le Peloton breakfast. Quiet a group of riders in the snow today.

At work with me Sequoia:


Patrik arrived later with his Enduro claiming it was better for this weather:


But 38mm vs 2,3″? In this weather only one bike is good, fatbike. We had an instashoot with a nice Fatboy Trail, perfect bike for this weather:

First time for me riding with googles, is pretty cool and really liked the colour of the Oakleys we used😀 The Fatboy won easily over my Sequoia and Patrik’s Enduro.

Roval SLX24 disc

The wheelset on my Sequoia was 2170g and tires 605g each with a pair of 140g tubes. Easy to understand it takes wattage to get that rolling. Great rubber and pattern in the tire and the wheels feels good but heavy. Great for super long rides, not for 30km flat out.

I found a lighter wheelset that isn’t too slim, 20mm internal width and with right adapters and tubeless veloplugs:


Those with sub 500g Trigger 38mm tires and tubeless setup will be awesome😀 A little lighter 11-36 cassette will suit for it too. The best thing is almost the look:


Zipp Course 30 got beaten😉 These are lighter, cheaper but 1mm slimmer inner width. And they got DT 350 star ratchet freehub