AX-Lightness Vial Evo Ultra

under 600g for the frame, 4,4kg for the complete bike. Impressive:


If you like heavier bikes it seems like UCI is permitting disc brakes for road racing for the season 2017. Great news both for us riders and good time for all bike brands to come up with good disc brake bikes and Campagnolo to develop the worlds best disc brake :)

More about it here:

Absa Cape Epic last stage, with emotions

An emotional day at Cape Epic yesterday when Annika Langvad had birthday and it was the last race of Christoph Sausers impressive career:

I’ve heard some rumors about what Sauser will do now and if they are correct he won’t disappear from the cycling scene :D Let’s hope they are correct and he will be in to lift the sport even more.

Keps Cup in Tullinge

When racing on road just ends in a tragedy like this:

Kwiatkowski and Stybar crashed in the end of Milan – San Remo today and Kristoff got passed in the sprint.

This morning it wasn’t like that. I took the train to Tullinge and entered the first race of this year. A ”small” training race with many fast riders, also my first start in Men 30-39. The course was pretty fast with some technical sections. Pretty flat course but perfect to start with. Had been snowing a little and was cold so the conditions was really good too. No mud and super track.

The race started with I’m getting passed by a friend shouting ”Come on!”, I just laughed as I already was riding fast (if you ask my legs). The race was a bit mental, going full speed 1 lap and then knowing you should ride 4 more can be hard even if it’s so short. Rode with a guy behind me first lap, on the second lap he passed me on the climb and I followed him, like this:


In black with a bit of red today in Specialized clothes ;) Haven’t got new club clothes yet. The guy in front of me had a problem on the third lap a bit before this and I passed him. A little bit after a friend caught me that I managed to keep behind :D

Was riding alone until the end of last lap where another guy caught me and I missed we where in the same class. Let him by loosing a spot :(

So fun to race again and so much training needed my and a friend that gave me lift home talked about. Better to train than to change chainring for a smaller ;)

Map and stats of the race: Movescount

(if you absolutely have to know my result I was around 13th, 3rd last)

For a great bike, use great tools

High end parts and low end tools doesn’t fit together. Not so fun ruin a part like a seatpost for 300€ just because you got cheap bad tools. Better to work with quality in both ways, it will both get easier to work, more fun and work better. That’s why when I had the chance order a set of Facom allen keys from BBtools:

Next tool on my want to have list is a cassettewrench from Abbey Tools. Beautiful and should be so nice to work with:

Absa Cape Epic stage 6 and newest kit

Sauser back in a Evade helmet (why changing between Prevail and Evade?) and Kulhavy seems to have no problems just push on ;) If you want to be as cool as Sauser and Kulhavy and help the people in South Africa, then you should buy a bike from them. Their special Cape Epic bikes will be auctioned out on after the race. Seemed like a good day today for Specialized Racing:

and I used my new Oakleys on my way to and from work today. New Oakley Radarlock that I won earlier, works pretty good riding asphalt without prescription ;)

Now time to prepare for tomorrow. First race coming up :D :D

Why shave weight of your bike?

If you wonder why to shave weight of your bike, there is a great article about it here: Peloton

A light and stiff bike with great fit will always be fast, like my Cannondale SuperSIX Evo I had at just 5,65kg:

Which light bike is the best you’ve ridden?