Vaxholm ride the bad way

Woke sunday morning after being out a bit late and was tired and felt a bit slow. Had felt slow all week so wasn’t strange. Ate breakfast and rolled down to Le Mond to meet up with some friends. Came early so helped Sandra taking out tables and chairs before the others came. And I drank a coke instead of a coffee.

Had planned of going easy and felt ok in the beginning. Great autumn weather but a bit chilly I thought. Didn’t have any power at all when it was free speed for a while and the fast ones just dropped me. Tried my legs in the first climb at Bogesund but half way up I dropped myself…

Saved by a ferry with the faster people that enjoyed the ride:

Some guys wanted to take the Strava KOM between the ferries but I didn’t even gave the slightest effort to hang on. Waiting for the second ferry:

But managed to smile with Emil and Ena ;)


Managed to hang on the team time trial after the second ferry to Siggesta Gård for a fika. Then it went a bit slower down to Gustavsberg with bad cycling paths and so on. From Gustavsberg we rode Lagnövägen and I thought it would go to fast for me but managed to sit on wheel and got an average of 37,5km/h those 5,8km.

Instead of going over Kummelnäs like the others I rode straight home, took every shortcut I could. A good summary of the ride:


sunny and me a bit behind, at least mentally.

Map and stats: Strava

After coming home, taking a shower and laying cold on the sofa I thought if I was sick. 38,9° C and the termometer showed that I got fever :( Being home from work two days and not being so off for a very long time. But impressed be able to ride so fast feeling so bad ;) That’s why I haven’t blogged so much either. Will try to get better feeling and blogging, about things like S-Works World Champions and so on ;)

Don’t miss the women Time Trial World Championships today!

the beauty of riding bikes on roads you’ve never been before

Rapha introduced it for me on the internet, Henrik and Patrik introduced me for it in real life. The beauty of riding on new roads in the middle of nowhere. Asphalt and gravel, friends and enjoying the ride no matter if it’s raining or been sunny.

last year(?) GT came with their Grade:

as the first gravel bike from a big brand. Before everyone talked about cyclocross for riding on gravel but last year the change came big time. Cyclocross became a sport like it should be and Gravel bikes came for everyone wanted to discover new roads no matter of condition, or just people who wants to commute and ride in the winter.

Then Specialized started a campaign named Seek and Diverge. Diverge, the bike that came and sold as fast as people could get their hands on one:

The Diverge is a really do-it-all bike and if you’re not racing I think you could use it all year around for everything that isn’t mtb.

Both the Grade and Diverge is pretty regular bikes, nothing really special but just simple good. Then Cannondale came, laughing at the others like Hooligan is compared to a GT Sub or a Specialized Sirrus. The Slate:

No fendermounts or such things but a damping Lefty fork and 650b+(?) tires making it tighter and to get a snappier feel doing gravel switchbacks.

All three bikes for the purpose of finding new paths, going further and pushing the boundries or what you can do on a ”road”bike.

Next year I want to explore more. How about you, will you join? Any places I shouldn’t miss?

Sköndal CX and the 1st World Cup of 2015/16

My day started bad today, slept to long so missed the women Cyclocross World Cup race in Vegas, just woke up to see the last 4 laps of the mens race. If you too missed it you can watch the replays here:

Started the working day with rebuilding my tubular front wheel with the right spokes, planning to finish it tomorrow and hopefully the rear too. Was raining today but when I quit work the sun was shining and I went straight to Sköndal some irl cxaction. A bit too much action as when I came there they said 15 seconds to start. Took of my backpack and clicked in and the race was on. Slippery after the rain but felt pretty ok and those training sessions is so good quality.

1st heat went ok, 2nd I thought of skipping the last, 3rd I got a good start but dropped to the same position as earlier and was the last rider doing the 2 laps. Checking my watch now my lap times was around 30 seconds slower than usual. Thinking of resting instead of Le Peloton tomorrow…

But was a nice group after all heats:


By Birjer before the last heat:


It’s fun with a standing training like this and where everyone can join no matter how good you are. 2 girls joined for the first time today and seemed to have fun too :) Every cyclocrosser is welcome no matter which club the ride with :D

Map and stats: Strava

On the way home me, Birjer and Joel stopped and washed our bikes Pro style:


Le Peloton #50 and Velothon pictures

50 rides with Le Peloton is more than once a week calculating the 46 weeks I’ve been living in Stockholm. There have been good ones and not so good ones. Today wasn’t so good as my legs and body felt pretty slow and tired but met up with the fast people:


Got dropped together with 5 others in the climb up to Fisksätra and I turned around riding group 2, the rest continued. Emile was a bit late and turned around just after me. Emile had a good pace today and dragged me around for the rest as he rode a bit faster than I was able to do. Kept away from the 1st group but they caught us at the redlight in Enskededalen. And we all headed for Le Mond for breakfast:


Had been raining earlier in the morning/night so was a wet morning. Was a bit cold riding from Le Mond to work and the bike with my new training wheels (Shimano RS80 with S-Works Turbo 26mm clinchers) got dirty:


Map and stats: Strava

Ending with some pictures from the better sunday ride a.k.a. Velothon. Here in the end of Kessiakoff’s climb:

And a couple of pictures from by Hans Schönning:

Now time to recharge. Tomorrow early morning is the first Cyclocross World Cup. Sent live from Cross Vegas at 5.15 and 6.15 for women and men’s elite race :D Go Sanne van Paassen!!!

Perskindol Swiss Epic

Had a plan of writing this this morning but time flew by and I had to leave to learn more about new stuff from Specialized.

Yesterday this years Swiss Epic started. A stagerace in the Swiss alps that got hyped with many big names last year. This year seems like it is down to normal with the regular stage racers including the dreamteam of Annika Langvad and Ariane Kleinhans who won the prologue yesterday:

And a new win today that doesn’t show here:

Awesome trails that makes me wanna ride it some year :)

NEXT Solution for us who loves Specialized Crux

If you got a Specialized Crux 2016 in carbon fibre like me and want a pair of tubular wheels or more for racing. If your dealer can’t get their hands on a pair of Roval CLX40 in time there is a solution by NEXT Cycling.

They are selling a kit with special endcaps and a modified Ultegra cassette to fit on a regular DT 350 hub. Then you will get space between the cassette and derailleur hanger like you don’t have with a regular hub and cassette:

And of course they got wheelsets too, in 30mm or 38mm:

More info here: NEXT Cycling

Maybe it will come more solutions in a close future, we are thinking of a few that maybe will be awesome :D