Ronde van Vlaanderen

The biggest spring classic yesterday and what a race. Watch the final kilometers here:


  1. Lizzie Armitstead – Boels-Dolmans
  2. Emma Johansson – Wiggle-High5
  3. Chantal Blaak – Boels-Dolmans
  4. Megan Guarnier – Boels-Dolmans
  5. Elisa Longo Borghini – Wiggle-High5
  6. Ellen Van Dijk – Boels-Dolmans
  7. Annemiek Van Vleuten – Orica-AIS

gravel and ferries with a cap

I hope you understand that the Ironmanthing was a joke. Won’t happen.

But what has happened is that I rode gravel with one of my best friends this saturday😀 and a group of others:


Awesome trails and great people. Was great until I lost 4 chainringbolts in Lindalen going up a climb. With help from my friend Björn I was on the track again and me, Henrik and Michael ended the ride properly. With a fika at Le Mond:


Today it was time for another ride. Haven’t suited before but today I managed to ride with the Basemilepeople. A bunch of good guys that rode together on Basemile Snowdown in January. Coffeestyle today with Cykelcafé Le Mond clothes and matchy Sako7 socks😉


Did a ride around Vaxholm and with strong riders it went pretty fast. Faster than my legs liked but fun😀 Even got a part of #sportgrus (gravel for roadbikes)

The saving after 100km was a nice lunch at Pizzeria Istanbul in Vallentuna before riding one of the nicest roads just north of Stockholm. Skålhamra.


Just Awesome, except my legs. Also got a new cycling cap this weekend, Café du Cycliste to match all of my white Specialized helmets:)


The ride today: Strava

Trying to look fast instead of being :p

Jonas goes Ironman!

Many of my friends are triathletes who train a lot. I only ride my bike.

Now it’s time for a change. As the big names in SCS Racing Team left for other teams or quit I got the question. If I wanted to aim at triathlon and do Kalmar Ironman with full support from the Team. Pretty amazing and it’s a chance I won’t miss even if I’m not good in either swimming or running yet. But there is time to change it.

The cycling is far but the best bike is ordered for me now. A Specialized Shiv Pro Race X1:


With the same swimtrainer as Lisa Nordén and nutrition from Etixx it will make life easier.

So now I stop with coffeerides and start the interval training seriously.

After some talking I also getting the chance to use the new triathlon collection by Café du Cycliste so training with style no matter if I swim, ride or running. Will be awesome😀

Sun, pancakes and good company

Best way to spend this Monday. Me and some old and new friends rode to Ösmo in mostly descent tempo:) Was some attacks, I tried to kill myself on Dalarövägen and after Ösmo we got some more company. And more attacks before we ended easy. Felt ok in my body but the weather was awesome. Finally:

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

And of course, fika:


Awesome:) Creds to Linda who took the fika-picture and to Camilla who took the ones with me on distance.

Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #80

People are special. Me and my best friend some years ago, Johannes, did a test and we where complete opposite. It doesn’t always matter. Respect and be able to see the good things is so much more important.

Met up with some people this morning:


I was still clean and ready to try my new rainjersey, Cafe du Cycliste Josette. Where 4 who was doing the big roadloop and held together most of the time. Rille did most of the job but I helped as much as I could and my Tarmac felt good. Felt Like I could go faster in turns today, it felt awesome as I believe that I’m not so good on cornering.

Afterwards with rolling with Rille:

And I wasn’t as clean as before😉 But still dry and the jersey was just awesome😀

Some pictures from Rille:

On Le Mond we met Michael who rode the CXloop and Jimmie who was there for the breakfast. A long breakfast on the free day today talking about the suffering of Jesus (a little)


Don’t forget why we celebrate Easter now. I don’t think I would have been alive if it wasn’t for Jesus

Map and stats from today: Strava

Back on the road

After having a cold and not been riding since Tuesday last week today was finally the day:)

Met up with Emil and Stefan at 6(!) at Urban Deli this morning and got a hard ride out to Älgö where we had a stop. So Emil could fix his puncture:



I’m trying Garmin’s radar lamp now, it can warn for cars coming from behind but not for punctures:


It felt a bit better after the stop but it was clear I hadn’t been riding properly for a while. It all ended back at Vivels where we had a nice breakfast, I couldn’t resist the cake of the week😉


Was really nice to be back and even while my Diverge wasn’t the fastest with me on it felt so good:

Map and stats: Strava

And as the weather got better over the day I decided to ride without shoecovers on my way home. Trying a pair of new long socks today, really nice with some color:


Nice to be back on the blog too, even while it’s not about the new Sram Eagle 1×12 groupset.