Olympic road race

Hopefully no one missed that it’s Olympic times in Rio now. Men’s roadrace yesterday with many crashes and almost a Scandinavian victory with Jakob Fuglsang if Greg van Avermaet wouldn’t have been so good😉

Today it was time for the women and what I said the Netherlands could do happened. Annemiek van Vleuten attacked. But on the last climb giving her great chances to win as she seemed to be in her life’s best shape.


Mara Abbot got up to her and they rode the end of the climb together. I knew Abbot wasn’t such a good descender so my big hopes was as always for van Vleuten. She rode away from Abbot. It all seemed perfect until a corner where she lost her rear wheel. Just after she got too much grip on her front wheel while breaking so she flew over the bike landed on the side of the road:


Crashing like Nibali yesterday but in bigger lead and the crash seemed horrible as she layed there and didn’t move. Now it says she is ”ok” but the Time Trial seemed to be lost and wonder if she have even the smallest chance to heal up until the Worlds?

So Abbot in the lead and was very close to win. Behind her Anna van der Breggen, Elisa Longo Borghini and Emma Johansson chased. The rode so well they caught Abbot a couple of hundred meters before the finish. Borghini did most of the job in the end so she ended 3rd. van der Breggen started the spring and Johansson tried to pass but didn’t have the speed or time so ended 2nd like in Beijing. And just like Fuglsang.

Anna van der Breggen won a well deserved victory and nice to see a great rider who’s always in the top win (almost as nice as if Johansson would have won).


So while the Netherlands lost their maybe best rider of the day they where happy winning 2 Olympics in a row. Here celebrating with Marianne Vos who won in London:


Let’s now hope Emma Johansson wins the World Championships😀

Le Peloton #105

Today it was a guy winning the sprint in Enskededalen with Shimano 105, suitable for the headline🙂

A bit moved meetingpoint as they was recording a movie at Urban Deli. But more colors with Eva and Fredrik in the new Le Peloton kit🙂 opposite of my blacked out Evade skinsuit.

The new Swedish champ (M40-45) Rille took pictures before we left the group behind us:


Rille likes to be in front at Järnvägspizza and I sat on his wheel. Looked back and it was empty. Rode a bit together until the rest came like a rocket and passed us😉 Gave a bit of confidence being able to distance the bunch. And I don’t know if it’s my skinsuit that is as fast in reality like Specialized says or if it’s just placebo. I always ride faster when I use it and even as I wasn’t able to help with the work all the way today I was able to keep up, hang on and take some turns.

It was fun😀

Map and stats including a long breakfast and a trip to La Chemise with Emile: Strava

a long day, the transportation

Many years ago me and my dad rode from home in Rydal to my grandparents in Näsinge. 280km and we split it up in two days. On mtbs with rack and bags. It was far riding.

A couple of years ago I planned to ride the opposite way but to my dad’s new home in Mullsjö but got a flat on my tubulars so went by car😉 And maybe it was good as I didn’t looked up the route so good.

Yesterday I did the ride, 262km with a route planned in Strava which made it easy to find🙂 Didn’t start so good as my gear didn’t work properly, something with the wire as it worked better and better and after 20km it was all good🙂 Rode the old E6 down to Dingle and even the wind was against me it was nice seeing those old places which we used to pass driving to my grandparents. After Dingle I just pedalled on, understanding why randonneurs got Clip-on bars😉 checked my clock and found out I missed a road. Rode back and onto a small rode I never would have found myself.

Coming down to Uddevalla and passing the city it was time for the days longest climb, 2,5km uphill and onto a small road:


And it continued like that the last 20km to Trollhättan:


Met Henrik in Trollhättan who rode there from Jönköping and had a nice lunch along the water:


And then we rode on small roads in the middle of nowhere to Mullsjö. Good tempo and very little traffic.


After Solberga we got some gravel and we thought of that we never ridden together in Sweden after I moved from Huskvarna without having some gravel🙂 Sportgrus as it’s called is really fun on roadbike, makes you more alert🙂

The last 20km or so we got rain, not warm rain as on RAAS but cold and there was no talk about making the route longer and change something, both just thought about home😉

I found home and it was really nice to come in, having a shower and laying in the sofa after my second longest ride so far. Great to ride far without bringing a lot of stuff and bags🙂

Map and stats: Strava

Race Across Skåne 2016

My best cyclingday last year was RAAS, wrote about it here: RAAS15

So for this year my expectations was high, maybe too high and the weather didn’t seem to be as good as last year either. This year I knew more about the ride, I knew more people and it was really fun to come to Musette where the start was and meet everyone, including the new owner of my old Allez🙂


The Ride group started 1,5h before us so just the Racegroup left when I came and a lot of nice people to talk too. And a lot of cool bikes to have a look at, but just one S-Works…

Then the Race started with a masterstart by Emil and Patch leading us out to Dalby:


With the big group rolling behind waiting for the race to start:

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Nice roads, nice people and great tempo made it great. Until around 60km where we had our first crash. A Skodaguy sitting in front came with way to high speed into a 90° corner and lost his front wheel. His bike just slided into a stonewall with him behind with at least a broken fork as result and his race was over.😦 Not so long after we had a bunchcrash when Carl hit the braking wheel in front of him and we where 3 you came down. Carl got bruses and a couple of broken spokes, Ola got a dent on his Allez (my old) and I who was the last one down just got a couple of scratches on my leg and bartape.

Then we had lunch and met Therese from Rapha in Vitemölla:


On the way back it was some heavy legs in the beginning but we got up to speed in the headwind with some attacks that didn’t worked out. The famous ravin which is a ”gravel” road downhill with really loose sand this year the group got split up a bit but gathered in Blentarp or a bit before that again where the last short stop was.

Then Even crashed with a dear, didn’t see it but seemed not to be to hard as he was riding like before afterwards. Up the long climb and then it feels like a never ending end. The road goes down, and up, left and right and you never really know if Malmö is getting closer. And the rain began, was a lot of rain hurting our sour bodies. Happily it was warm so freezing and no need for extra clothes. And suddenly people started to ride fast, the group got longer and Hagen was up front sprinted and took the win! Was so worth it as he seemed really strong the hole ride and no one seemed to be a match for him.

And we rolled into Malmö, to Media Evolution and the afterparty🙂 The ride was to an end


My bike was perfect, my body worked good until 162km where I had a dip and it was really fun😀 Patch did a great job this year too keeping the event awesome😀

Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #104

It all started yesterday after work when Stefan took a look at my fit on my bike. Ended with a new seatpost with 1cm less setback and some millimeter changes in height. Had been thinking of if I was sitting right and nice to have it checked out by a guy with great routine🙂

So today was a bit of a test, both in position and how my legs felt after my terrible ride yesterday. Was much better🙂 The not so good thing that maybe made my day a bit easier was that I forgot my phone so late upload to Strava and no pictures by me. Magnus took a couple at the start:

A lot of people even in vacation time. But what a mess, as unsmooth as it can be today and it was really hard for me that wasn’t on top. My last part along Flaten where I tried to pass the hole group as everyone was riding in 1 line instead of 2 like we should I burned my power and when I went in to the right lane I got dropped for real. Tried to keep the pace as high as I could the last part and managed to just loose 40seconds. People sometimes seems to afraid of being dropped when the hole point is to ride together as hard as possible. And as it says on the Peloton kit, Being dropped is not a defeat, it’s an honor.

After we anyway had a great time eating breakfast and filling Magnus Johanssons bakery:



Map and stats: Strava

Cannondale Slate 105 preview


The bike that came out of the box, Cannondales New Road bike Slate did I try yesterday. Thought of writing about it here but it will be on a bigger website and I will share a link as fast as it’s up.

Sthlm Explo

Tomorrow it will come a review of the bike I was riding today while waiting for a new bike capable to go everywhere.

Until that I write about todays ride. My favorite German, Hagen, as a guide and my friend Emile with his special shortcuts. Both are strong, both are great, both like new ”roads”. That’s why Stockholms Explorer Club was invited a while ago. Ride in the unknown.


Unknown like a technical singletrack along a lake outside Botkyrka that ended with one of the steepest climbs I’ve done in Stockholm, on grass. We laughed of the ”road” and continued to Flottsbro where we rode the downhilltrack down on our crossbikes and continued thru a tunnel:


After a while we came to Södertälje and could start the original route. Started with a photopause at the bridge:

We rode some nice asphalt roads and a lot of gravel. We crossed a field laughing instead of someones garden with a man that didn’t want us to pass. Hagen and Emile is strong so for me it mostly looked like this:


We got directions from a man in the middle of nowhere which said the first couple of hundred meters could be a bit tricky, he were right:


After our lunch in Åker Styckebruk and a rainfall which we missed while eating🙂 We rode bigger gravelroads but with really tired legs for me:


Some looser than others and I started to fall behind in the many climbs. Suffering by fatigue after a long week and five hours of hard riding. Rode together to Stjärnhov were we stopped for supplies and I thanked for me and rode the asphalt to Gnesta while Hagen and Emile continued on the original route and got over 225km, impressive with such slow and small roads.

My ride: Strava

Today I really wished for more time and better legs, the ride was awesome and it’s rides like this I want to do. Discover new parts of beautiful Sweden with friends, and gravelroads are usually funnier than asphaltroads.

Hopefully I will create another post with more pictures from Hagen and Emile who took a lot more pictures than I did.😉