Some days it’s better to ride than rest. Today was such a day. Spinning the legs a bit and get the good feeling after yesterday. Rolled down to Jönköping for a coffee and selling a saddle and it felt great on the way down (30km and 190m down) and even got nice company while drinking coffee :)

To Jönköping:

Not so sunny but the sun showed itself a bit later:

Rode to Team Sportia to get some tubular glue but they didn’t have any. Said not so many uses it anymore, boring store.

Back home the average speed went down but the climbs felt better than I thought and was shorter than I remember. Like this World Champion climb:

Took it pretty easy and felt good all the way back home. Except the drops of rain that came a bit before Mullsjö. Cruised in my Warsaw Floral Kit today, really nice with good quality by Bioracer:

Map and stats: Strava

a long beautiful day

My legs didn’t feel so good this morning, neither did the heart rate but I almost never gave up as it was a long beautiful ride on the schedule. Rode down to Torpa Stenhus with Henrik and back up passing Ulricehamn for a wonderful lunch and many small good gravel roads :) Gravelroads on a roadbike is hard but it’s so fun :) Here the sound of carbon wheels with latex tubes on the gravel and enjoying the beautiful ups and downs and corners :)

First stop was a Torpa Stenhus for Mur de stenhus:

And instamoments:

Sock style, Rapha vs Ten Speed Hero, of course in Specialized S-Works shoes:

Then riding on some small lovely roads:

Was a bit extra tired when we came to Ulricehamn so no picture of our food, was to good to have it wait ;) 100SEK for a Italian lunch buffé with soda, dessert and coffee, super.

Back home it was more uphill, and uphill and uphill. Even being pretty light I didn’t like climbs today, no power or speed in my legs. Henrik got angry on some holes in the road so had to stop and hit something:

I was just happy for a little pause:

But nice gravelroads :)

Tried to get 200km so made 3 extra turns here in Mullsjö but it was to short and I gave up. Home with 198km and tired body.

the only thing that could have been better today was my legs. Weather was perfect, company was great, food where great and the roads is worth riding every one of them. My bike worked just like it should too :)

Map and stats from today: Strava


Thought about a thing in the shower, there are many good words in the world of cycling in different languages. Words that can’t be translated straight and keep the good meaning.

Trilletur is Norwegian and meaning an easy ride. That’s what my plan was today after getting my bike that got sent here. 2 restdays and a planned long ride tomorrow.

But its hard to ride easy alone, specially when the road is going up and down all the time and it started to rain. Rode south towards Bottnaryd and planned of riding the same way back as me and Henrik rode last time I was here visiting my dad. A small rode with nice landscape on the sides, in the middle of nowhere:

Up a long climb, or it’s just 2% but keeps on for 4,7km. Never ending. And riding the rode to Apelskift I waited for another climb that I usually think is hard. It never came.

It even after passing Habo church and this road:

And with a wet bike:

Was an okey ride and not cold in the wet. Great to start riding again but I look forward a week of good weather now :) Need to get a better tan ;)

Map and stats from today: Strava

Le Peloton #36

and the last ride in Stockholm for a while. Tomorrow I start my first vacation week this summer :)

An easy week in training occasions this week but hard ones. Today it was time for new Peloton ride:

No ambassador there today so I said something before we started riding in 2 groups. Was around 8 riders in the first group after Fisksätra with 2 that mostly did the job. Not including me even if I tried a couple of times. Got dropped together with 3 others up to Hellas but a strong guy chased back with the rest of us hanging on his wheel. Felt really hard the small ups and downs to Älta and in the last up just before Älta I had to make an effort to hang on. Sprinted with already high heart rate and then I was cooked. Just fell through and the others rode away :(

Took the shortcut in Älta again and rode alone back to Le Mond:

And last breakfast before Le Mond closes for a short summer break:

Hard riding and good breakfast. Could have been worse ;) The new thing was that I wasn’t sure about the weather so had my rain jacket in my backpocket. Took it on for the ride from Le Mond to work, where I always freeze. Except today, warm and felt good :)

Map and stats until Le Mond: Strava

Now time for some packing as I’m going on vacation after work tomorrow :) A week at my dad with some cycling and hopefully a lot of sun (just a dream). :)


Yes, I think Cyclocross World Championships is bigger than Tour de France but a win is always a win. Etixx did it again and made Sagan and the others think about what they should do instead of doing it.

Zdenek Stybar won the 6th stage of Tour de France 2016 :D

While Tony Martin made a crash and broke his collarbone. After receiving a new yellow jersey he abandoned this years Tour :(


And by: Etixx-Quick Step

Le Peloton #35

Time flies but I didn’t fly on todays Peloton. Had been raining before but wasn’t any rain at the start today, think that and summer vacation made the amount of riders so small:

But Nils and Rille was there to keep the pace up and today we had a nice visit from Umeå by Camilla (to the left hiding behind Oscar in orange vest.

Started ok but as usual there is a big gap on the road to Saltsjö-Duvnäs where everyone has to chase hard to keep up. Got together where it starts to go up to Fisksätra and in the climb there I couldn’t keep up. Became a small chasing group that caught the rest at the sprint finish in Fisksätra and rode back down. Almost got up in front once but the guy in front of me pulled to hard so had to go in on his wheel. And up the climb in Saltsjö-Duvnäs there was a fast small group first and me in the end. When it flattened out I had to drop and many with me, started to chase but never reached them, just almost.

Was first in the grupetto through Sickla and after going around a lap I was up in the front again in the climb up to Hellasgården. Couldn’t hold it so fell just straight through the group and rode alone to Älta. Got company by Oscar and one other the rest. I felt that I had been riding hard the evening before ;) The rain on the way to bikecafé Le Mond didn’t make it better but found the great breakfast :)

Here I was supposed to add a picture of the dreamteam getting us pelotoners smile, Sandra and Kalle at Le Mond but my camera didn’t save the picture :(

Map and stats instead: Strava

Me vs Tony Martin

Both ride Specialized, both rode hard today. The small difference is that he put everyone else behind him on todays Tour de France stage, I was dropped so most riders in front :(

This morning I took cycling clothes on with the thought that I maybe will ride after work. My Allez got a proper wash some new grease and oil. Was supposed to fix it on friday but forgot about it and then it was too late.

Today I met a friend at work, Birjer who said I should join the club training after work. Weather was good and I knew I would suffer to ride with them as they ride fast. Good training and not some middleway training just riding along like Camilla thinks I’m doing.

Stepped out from work and met the others. Many riders with some spreading between fast and faster guys. CK Valhall is a pure racing club and I like it, like Jönköpings CK I was with earlier. You always know you will get good training.

Rode out to Länna with a pause and then it began. Before:

Then it went fast, very important to sit right, not doing anything stupid and be strong. I had a hard time but worked pretty okey for a while, was even up in the front once. Fell through the group in a climb once too but didn’t got dropped. Got dropped a bit after when we turned into another rode and up a climb. Was okey in the climb but after I was cooked and alone for a little while. Then we became a grupetto with two other guys riding together back to Stockholm:

A hard but good evening. Managed to keep up much longer than I thought and far from beeing dropped first :) Hopefully it will make me a bit stronger and a bit better in the future too :D

Map and stats: Strava

Ending the post with a very describing picture from todays Giro Rosa byt Cyclephotos: