Le Peloton #70

This day a year ago I rode Le Peloton, the 3rd group loop like today and I rode faster in the beginning but got dropped and took a shortcut.

Today it wasn’t the same fast riders but still great riders:


Michael, Christian and me rode together. Camilla showed up a bit later but took another lap and met up at Le Mond afterwards, breakfast is the most important thing after all.

Me and Michael had fenders so we did the work, Michael the strong work and felt like I almost got dropped a couple of times. Specially just after I’ve been doing some work. Felt a bit nostalgic to be back on the roadloop after doing the cxloop for a since september ;)

Was a great ride with a great breakfast afterwards at bikecafé Le Mond :)

With todays ”warm” wet weather I went all Cafe du cycliste with rainbibs and legwarmers, a merino jersey with a windjacket:


Oakley gloves, buff and glasses and Specialized S-Works shoes and helmet. Awesome to use S-works XCshoes instead of the big wintershoes :)

My Diverge got its first wash for 2016 and celebrated almost 2000km with a new chain and cassette change.


(the saddle is straight, just a bad photographer)

Map and stats: Strava

White shoes, light shoes, superfast shoes

In some ways I am really conservative in cycling. I like modern high-end parts like discbrakes, 1×11 drivetrain, high profile carbon wheels and features like a Berner cage.

But when it comes to style it’s important to be correct for me. Some may laugh, some may think I’m strange but I like it clean. Superclean with some accents. Last year I had a pair of white/red Specialized S-Works shoes (that now are staying at my dad) which didn’t suit my bike perfectly but is really good and white as basecolour. They where 562g incl cleats for a pair. 231g for 1 shoe with original sole.

Now it’s 2016 and I got a dreambike becoming true. Specialized also released their cleanest shoes and maybe the cleanest shoes on the market as Giro got a big logo on their Empires. S-Works Sub6:


Clean, white and superlight (size 42). It’s a old fashion shoe with laces and no super special details as it looks but it got Specializeds best and stiffest sole, it got their new healcap and it comes with an Warp Sleeve when you want to go faster:


The most beautiful cycling shoe I’ve seen and felt.

And just the thoughts of a pair of high white socks in this riding to a café far away and eat icecream makes me want to train more than ever before to have good legs and a nice tan :)



Basemile Snowdown

If you the recipe on a great weekend you will get it here:

  • Gather 15-20 great cyclists
  • Rent a castle (or a house next to it) somewhere in the middle of nowhere
  • Arrange a car to take the cyclists bags to the castle
  • Buy food, cyclists like food
  • Go ride there on friday, a nice ride on saturday, back home on sunday

CK Barriär and Velonode did this with some help from Rapha and Oatly this weekend. It was white, was magic, really fun and sometimes like you thought ”what am I doing here”. When it comes to the end, riding bikes and spend time with friends and great people far away from stress and big citylife is awesome. Thanks Hagen and Emil for this!!!

Started in Södertälje 2 days ago:

Rode to Rockelstad castle in fading sun:

The place we stayed at:

An epic shortened ride yesterday, takes time to ride in snow and sun goes down a bit to early:

And then we went back home:

The tourguide and my best German friend, Hagen:


Except beans and my frozen cassette today this is the best way to spend a winter weekend on. Everything is never perfect but the it has been fun. If you missed it, check @ckbarriar on Instagram for the weekends best pictures.

Pictures by Rille and Max that includes me:

Öhlins RXF34 in store in Sweden

Some things are cooler than others. When a company less than 30km from you develops to be best in the world. When they release a fork for mtb, then you know it’s the thing. Even the prototypes have looked good and felt buttersmooth. Öhlins is the company that makes the best suspension in the world and they does it their way. Öhlins RXF34. Through Specialized worldwide:


We got 5 forks to Specialized Concept Store Stockholm today. 29″ with 160mm of travel. Etched graphics as they want to have it their way and not letting people change colours with stickers.

It was said to weight 2,08kg. And what does it weigh, without cutting the steerer:


Pretty accurate. The 15mm axle is 36g so pretty light too.

Many hands on and many pictures was taken:


Next week we will have a Öhlins event with people from Öhlins, sponsored riders and a deal on the forks that not getting bought before ;). Follow: Specialized Concept Store Stockholm on Facebook for more info.

Le Peloton #69

It was said to be -7°, Johan had -13° when he left home (almost neighbour). The coldest Peloton today and first it was just me and Johan for the photoshoot:


Then came 5 guys more. A little bit new route to not ride in the cross country skiingtracks and it was good. 4 at the front in the beginning with Magnus, Rasmus, Damian and me. Magnus dropped a little and at the start of the new part Rasmus had a little gap to me and Damian. I passed Damian and rode up to Rasmus, and kept that wheel until I dropped him when it got a bit rough. Caught him again and held the wheel good on Erstaviksvägen where it was pretty slippery I think but my Specialized tubulars was just awesome. Felt good to. At the turningpoint on the Erstaviks loop it was a bit rough again but it felt good, and for the first time I really felt how my CG-R seatpost worked with the damping. Think it need a bit more to work with than my featherweight.

Went up in front a couple of times on the way back and it was great riding my Diverge when Rasmus rode his Bianchi Methanol with studs in front ;)

Was a great morning even though it was really cold a couple of times, think I will get a pair of new gloves…

Magnus showed hos icy it was:


When you see ice like that it’s nice to be at Le Mond, where you even can get cappuccino without mention it, Liam is good :) And a picture of Rasmus:


Rasmus got some film from the ride too, but the battery died so I’m not in it :(

My great Diverge, it’s just awesome (with light wheels and without fenders):


Map and stats from today if you’re interested: Strava

Women’s Tour Down Under?

It’s been news about the men’s Tour down under, it’s been live streams and videos afterwards and no matter if you been in Australia or far here here in the northern Europe it’s possible to follow the racing.

But the women’s World Tour race that was before, where was the coverage of that? A guy I follow on Facebook that call himself Dan Gerous wrote this today:

”Cycling being what cycling is, we don’t get as much coverage of the women’s side of the sport. There was a Women’s Tour Down Under but no live coverage of it apart from the twitter accounts of teams in the race…

Not much has been said in the media about the new Cylance Pro Cyclingteam either, despite having some big names in it’s roster. Shelley Olds was a contender on most stages and finished 2nd overall for the team riding sweet Cannondale SuperSix Evos. The team also has Krista Doebel-Hickok, Alison Tetrick, Erica Zaveta, Valentina Scandolara, Rosella Ratto, Sheyla Gutierrez, Doris Schweizer and Kathryn Bertine.

Now let’s see if the UCI will enforce the mandatory Women’s WorldTour live coverage and other obligations so we can actually follow women’s cycling, often offering us very interesting, more attacking and aggressive racing compared to the too often over-controlled and predictable men’s races.”

Anyone seen any video coverage from the Women’s Tour Down Under, please write a comment with a link and help spread it.