Blue Lightning #5

If I would have aimed this to be a superbuild I would have went for a Epic FSR or an Camber. My first plan was to build a cheap but good hardtail to ride with my friends. Then one part after another got changed 😉 but price is always a factor and good quality. Instead of Tune King/Kong or the new Acros Nineteen XC Boost I went with a matching pair of Sram XO:


Regular Sram 10-speed body and 110/148 wide Boost hubs


Front hub came with Torque Caps but I’m not sure they work with my Fox fork and saved 5g with regular endcaps


Will be laced with some silver DT spokes 🙂 More on that after the weekend when the rims arrive.

The wait

Today I rode a friends bike to work, over 3kg lighter and no studded tires. It feels so light and everything is so easy. So looking forward to spring and ride a 5kg lighter bike that is so agile I wouldn’t be able to hide a smile 🙂

Until that we wait, and try to do the best of the situation. Have a thought about train heavy, race light. (at least until the weather gets better and I can change my mind)


Sun and gravel in thin good looking clothes, like a dream.

Blue Lightning #4 the heart


Specialized said 1175g for the new Specialized Epic Hardtail Fact10 frame. Jaime thought 1228g and I thought 1250g as it feels like it’s always heavier than they say. Really happy to see the 1115g including wireguide, bottle cage bolts and derailleur hanger:


As it’s Boost on this frame I thought the axle should be a bit heavier than a regular 142 axle, but it’s lighter 😀


Everything seems to be getting according to plan and now everything is ordered soon the spring is here 😀 Will be Epic :p

Blue Lightning #3

This build took of with some speed today. Got a nice packaged with tires from Germany and the bike arrived 🙂

But first, the slowest part, brakes:



As I won’t be using Trigger shifter I went with the light thin clamps. And a pair of Sram XX World Cup brakes, has been a dream for a while. Really like the feel and the weight is just great. Not my lightest brakes but easier to work with compared to Formula R1 Racing.

Ordered rotors this evening and think I will change the titanium caliperbolts for blue alu ones 😉

Blue Lightning #2


The blog maybe seem a bit dead but the project is going forward. slowly but forward. When I came home from work I had a Sram X0 Short Cage Type 2 derailleur hanging on my doorhandle 🙂 Great with friends and good messengers.

To compare with newer derailleurs made for more gears Sram XX1 is 241g and Sram XX1 Eagle is 265g. And thinking of lighten my X0 a little more 😉

More to come soon…

Blue Lightning #1

a.k.a Specialized Epic HT Cerrol Edition.

On my earlier light mtbbuilds I’ve been using Sram X.0/XX1/XX1, Cannondale Hollowgram SL and KCNC cranksets.

On this new build I will try a ”new” crankset, an old Specialized S-works that seems really light, lightest mtb crankset I had:


With a 34t oval chainring from Garbaruk and probably all spacers I need.

It won’t be the lightest bottom bracket I had as BB30 is lighter but this PF30 bottom bracket is the lightest I’ve found:


Now on instead of just Ride Reports I will post some weightweenie stuff too 🙂