Alp de Skarpabacken

At my dad this weekend celebrating Swedish Midsummer and cycling with my strong friend Henrik. Today we met up at Piren in Jönköping, me, Henrik and Christer who joined us for the first part. Me and Henrik went on the small roads up to Gränna and the soon famous Skarpabacken, a 2,3km climb with 6,6% average ending with a bit of gravel. Hard time for me but managed to come up :)

Henrik was fast and strong as usual on his SuperX. Great guy to ride with who always finds new nice roads :)

On the way back we got a nice view down to Kaxholmen and found a cow that didn’t want to hang out with me

Then back to Jönköping again. 3h20min on the cyclingaccount later. Great ride and happy to have missed the rain :)

The bike for the weekend. A Cannondale Caad10 with Sram Red and Zipp 202 from Öster Cykel:

Le Peloton #30 and the elite

I really like Le Peloton. To be able to go as hard as you can on training and to meet great people and being social.

Many fast riders today:

The thing is you can be dropped just thinking of it so important to not think about it. Today up Ektorp and then up Hellas it felt pretty good and I didn’t even think about dropping. Up the hill at Lindalen after Älta stayed at around same place and hanged on even after the top. Then it was a guy 4-5 guys in front of me who dropped. A couple of guys chased and it worked out. Through the 2 roundabouts and then it was just full sprint. Usually it’s easy to give up there, but I gave more and managed to get back to a wheel.

On the Flatenroad it felt good too and sat in a good position into Skarpnäck. Had a problem with a bus that stopped the peloton a bit so it was hard afterwards. Out on the long last straight I was far back but found Emile’s wheel and he is fast. Hanged on the wheel without even thinking about anything except keeping it. Tried to sprint before the sign but couldn’t give more.

Super hard morning but my mind starts to not think about giving up. :) All for a great breakfast at Le Mond:

Today with company of the fast PRO Sara Penton:

And yes, my glasses is cool. Love Oakley Jawbreaker on road, so big view :)

7th best time on Le Peloton unofficial 2015 route today total with an average of over 40km/h :D Super happy seeing PR on Strava and high speeds.

A picture from Le Peloton on Facebook:

So happy my bike got new brake wires, hoods and bar tape :)

And after a day at work it was time to ride again. We at Specialized Concept Store Stockholm where invited to ride with CK Valhall’s elite team together with the others who sponsor the team. A soft evening ride out to Älgö with some sprints and with a bit of rain in the end :( Knowing I got a bit left until I’m fast for real ;)

A blurry picture from that until I found the good ones:

THE new Cannondale Slate

What if you took a roadbike, mounted a fork called Oliver, used 650b wheels that is the latest but 42mm tires to make it normal roadbike size. Then go out ride it everywhere. Sprint on asphalt, jump and enjoy single tracks as long as the world. What if?

Cannondale took their knowledge and mixed it together with a fun thought and came up with the Slate:

In our world when everything is about us and we want our thing, not others. We come up with odd ideas. Some just don’t care but for others they just want to coolest bike for EVERYTHING. Just ask Tim Johnson:

The Slate is an Synapse with comfortable rear end (with S.A.V.E seatpost?) but a bit longer to fit the 42mm Pacenti 650b tires. Of course with discs and of course with integrated wires. Of course also Cannondales old standard BB30 to use with their 15(?) year old Cannondale Hollowgram crankset.

In the front they tweaked a Lefty to become road compatible. 30mm of travel with PBR. Called Oliver without the twist (it’s really stiff).

Don’t know if you can call it a roadbike, nor a gravel bike and at least not a mtb.

The thing I know is that Cannondale likes to keep their standards but think outside the box.

More pictures here: The Radavist

Fast and slow, enjoying the sun after work

When I ride alone it usually ends up in some kind of middleway not giving so much. Riding with Le Peloton is full speed. Riding with the cafépeople from Le Mond can be everything.

Today we where 8 riders in the beginning but after a while 6 as 2 broke away and thought it was to much attacking and waiting. It was attacks on the climbs, waiting for the last ones afterwards and so on. Mixed tempo and super fun :) Karim was fast in the beginning, Jimmie came with his speed after a while, Isa hanged on Karim’s attacks, Emil is the middle guy with both power and climbing skills, Ena kept us all together. :)

Ena and Isa passing:

Jimmie, Karim and Emil:

2nd last stop:

Ena and me in Café du cycliste Violette jerseys. With Jimmie discrete next to us ;)

A fun evening with great people :) Happy to have found so good cycling friends :D

Map and stats: Movescount

Follow me on Strava to see my KOM today and figure out which climb I beat Emil riding with 52-23: me on Strava

World lightest production discbraked roadbike

Focus Izalco Max disc. Equiped with Sram Red 22 and Zipp 202. 6,8kg with Zipp alu bar and stem. Said to be 100g lighter than Specialized S-Works Tarmac disc.

790g frame

320g fork

Focus uses the new flat mount for discbrakes making it easier to have space at the rear and a cleaner front:

They also uses their RAT QR with 15mm front axle and a 12×142 rear. To have space with everything then made the chainstays 10mm longer to 415mm. Specialized solved the space issue with the patented SCS wheel that moves the cassette inboard keeping the regular 405mm short chainstays and using regular QR back and front.

More info and pictures on the Focux Izalco Max Disc you will find here: