Throwback Thursday

Found a couple of old pictures from 2007 and 2008. 2007 in Landskrona racing for Åstorps CK:

DSC_7281 Jonas på språng DSC_7287 - Jonas igen

And from Borås CA’s mtb race in 2008:

jonas varvar

And in the first climb of Mörksuggejakten 2008:


Just for fun I will add a picture from Ymerracet 2009 too. Look at the bike ;)

bor�s 044

It’s a bit funny too. At the race in Borås in 2008 I bought the Drylane Bib’s seen at Mörksuggejakten 2008 from Allebike from which I have a bottle from on the first two pictures in 2007 ;). As it was wet and muddy at Ymerracet 2009 (was on a saturday) and I didn’t had any mudtires I ordered a pair on Facebook late friday evening from Allebike too. Great store that really are into racing :D

Faster Le Peloton

Spring is getting closer and closer and the speed gets higher and higher. Today I had the same problem as last sunday, my gears are to easy and I had problems keeping up. Not the fastest guys today so could hang on wheels longer time than earlier and when I got dropped I continued to ride until we came back to Enskede so never any easy riding. Great training but shorter trainingtime than usual ;)

From this morning outside Urban Deli:

Map and stats: Movescount 28,7km/h average on the Le Pelotonpart.

the best Time!

comes from France. There are things that are hard to explain, art is one of those things and when you produce art that is working perfect for something then you really succeeded. In my dreams it’s always place for a Time VXRS World Star Ulteam bike:

The later more aero RXR is always cool and when meeting an owner of one I’m always impressed:

Even last year on Eurobike there was a roadbike that got my attention that everybody doesn’t understand. Time Skylon, the latest superbike by Time:

They are so cool, and so much technology behind so not just someone that makes cool bikes. And the craftmanship behind, impressive is a too small word, this is phenomenal. Just watch how they do it:

Sunny sundayride

New sunday and new ride with CK Valhall today. Was 8 riders in the beginning but after going straight in a roundabout in Älta we where 3 who lost the others. They didn’t wait so we chased for a while on roads no one of us usually go with that target so lost sight and ended up riding alone.

We three, me, Tim and Peter rode on some small icy cylepaths for a bit towards Tyresta Nationalpark but after looking a map we changed way and rode back to Tyresö and to Sickla again. Springfeeling when we came back on the asphalt:

Back home Tim showed us how to ride. Got som PR on Strava today just trying to hold Tim’s wheel ;) My heaviest gear, 38-12 got used for a while and thought of heavier gears.

After getting back to Sickla I rode back home and felt pretty happy with this trainingweek. 9h32min is very good to be me :) Specially this time of the year. Great to have people to ride with a lot here in Stockholm, hope it will stay good for a long time.

Map and Stats from today: Movescount

My best bike, ever!

Some bikes you like but after you sold them you never think about them again, no memories, no love. It doesn’t have to with price but more how you liked it before, special relationship.

If you know me you probably know which bike I will write about already. It got a blogpost with it’s history before: Historypost

Last time I owned it it was my best winterbike I’ve had:

A winterbike with parts from Tune, Extralite, New Ultimate and Shimano Dura-Ace.

17th november 2013 was the last time I rode it. Then borrowed from the new owner and rebuilt a bit with Fox fork and 27,5″ wheels:

The frameset is from 2003 but I still like it. Some things never get old :)