Le Peloton #100!

A friend wrote I’ve been living in Stockholm for 592 days today. 100 of them I’ve ridden Le Peloton and that’s more than once upon a week.


Not so many today as it was raining a couple less than an hour before and it’s summertime. I had really tired legs since yesterday so rode with group 3 even thou I said in the interview with SUMO that I prefer Group 1😉 Where 15 riders with 4 girls and it all went good if you ask me. Average of 34,5km/h so okey.

Then it seemed like everyone disappeared as it was very few who came to Le Mond for breakfast. Doesn’t people understand the hole purpose with Le Peloton?


Me, Eva and Fredrik where the only Sumo’s and Kalle took this picture while we talked about partying. Eva has over 1000 QOM’s on Strava and is the fastest Sumo alive.

Map and stats of todays riding: Strava

Älgö to Färingsö

Asked Anders if we could go a bit slower to Älgö than usual this morning, didn’t got any answer nor did he show up. Instead came 5 riders that usually does Morningspins on Djurgården and my SUMOfriend The Joker. The morningspinriders are very nice guys but regret a little that I invited them, they are really fast. Almost got dropped in the first climb, but took a good bite in my bartape and as vice guide I had to show or shout out the route at least😉

Short turns with goal to survive made it good, ended with a PR and 2nd best overall on the route. Map and stats: Strava

Ended it all with a great breakfast at Vivels, sat there for 2h and met 4 other friends there too. Lovely place in Hammarby Sjöstad:)

älgö morningspin

Bad thing is that I think I drank a bit too much coffee and my stomach wasn’t good on all day, was thinking of cancelling my evening ride but thought I could make it short instead. So after working I went to Le Mond and met up 5 others riding towards Färingsö. Missed Carmen and Elvira who I looked forward to ride with and missed the easy pace. Did my best to ride easy and did okey with that pace😉

cafecykling Färingsö

Map and stats from that ride: Strava hmm, was a lot of PR there, strong guys taking turns today it seems😉 Was more focused on keeping the heart rate down instead of looking at speed😉

Le Peloton #99

This morning I remembered why I’m not a fan of riding Lanterne Rouge Tuesday evening, my legs wasn’t what I hoped for. Not as many riders as before gathered:


Heard they were more in group 3 than in the first group. Why is people so afraid of being dropped? Like I said to a friend at work today. Rather getting dropped in the first group while trying than having an easy ride in group 3. Le Peloton is about riding as hard as you can, pushing your limit.

I took some turns in the beginning but then it was really hard just to hang on. I tried a couple of times but didn’t make it all the way. Aimed to keep the wheel and advance if someone started to drop.

Managed to stay in the peloton but wanted more. Then we came to Söder and it was a chaos with roadwork😉 Took a different route to Le Mond but finally got there in the heat.

It was hard but the breakfast made up for it. And great people made the breakfast long until I rode with Linda to work. With very heavy legs, was quite a while since my legs felt so heavy.:)

Map and stats: Strava

Lanterne Rouge low profile


”new” wheels on my Tarmac today. My tubulars from the Diverge. Good for Cyclocross racing and hopefully good for climbing. Saved 440g with the wheelchange including tires and the front QR. Tune hubs seems to work great with Tune U20 QR:) 23mm Specialized teamtires and it was 6,42kg.

Had a plan of riding mtb after work today but when friends are leaving for vacation I choosed Lanterne Rouge instead and had the pleasure of riding with Patch again after way too long time. He was in good shape and many others too so became some attacking as usual. I had a small plan of not going flat out but it’s not fun :p


The stop after Lagnövägen. I thought I would get dropped but I didn’t:)

Tried to take it easy and while it felt like I sat too low and my spareshoes isn’t as good as my S-Works Sub6 I thought of trying to beat my time up Skurubacken. My best time is still with my Allez and today my Tarmac was lighter, stiffer and I’m better trained. But wasn’t able to beat my time anyway😦

Back in Sickla the summary was a great ride with great people in great weather and that Ena and I have the same superlight bartape😀


Map and stats: Strava

Älgö Deluxe Monday edition

Sometimes you do other things than riding a bike in the weekend. I’m happy to have friends to hang out with even without bikes:)

So without riding yesterday it was perfect when Anders announced an Älgö Deluxe ride a monday:)

Some new guys and some old today and it all started that we where 3 who got in front of a bus and had to wait for the others. Lost the Strava segment…

Then we rode hard, I hung on the hole loop and felt good.:) Had a great time in the sun with my SUMObrothers, friends and others. Me, Emil and Anders attacked in a climb on the way back, SUMOstyle ftw. The SUMOjersey makes you want to go hard, Café du Cycliste bibs made it comfortable, Gelatosocks made it fun and my S-Works is just a dream. Great combo that we all topped with fika:


Anders took some GoPro pictures too:)

Map and stats from the PR ride: Strava

The Swedish National Road Championships

Sweden may not be the biggest cycling country but we got one of the best cyclists in the world and today she showed how good she is. Emma Johansson dropped everyone and got over 4min to the 7 chasers in the group behind. Emma Johansson is on such level like Zlatan Ibrahimovic is. Absolute top both but only one has the media attention.

Anyway, it was a hard race today and already after first (of 10) laps the bunch was in small groups. After a couple of laps it looked like this:

The first group with Emma Johansson, Sara Penton, Emilia Fahlin, Sara Mustonen, Sara Olsson and a couple of more went hard and made the others suffer. Specially on the pavé section in the middle of Västerås:

Emma deserves a bigger picture, also a good one but I only got this:


Where 44 riders to start but only 11 finished as the other where too far behind. The last rider who finished after having 2 rear punctures but never stopped chasing was my Sumocycling teammate Eva Lindskog. Rode real Sumostyle and did a great first Swedish Championship:


  1. Emma Johansson
  2. Sara Mustonen
  3. Emilia Fahlin
  4. Alexandra Nessmar
  5. Sara Penton


Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc

Specialized Tarmac is getting more competition and the development goes forward, love the that the disc brake options is getting more and more:)


Discs are for racing, not just ”boring” endurancebikes. Formula 1 cars got super brakes, same is should be for for racebikes.

I like the look of TCR too, a nice frame I noticed when I worked for Team Joker.

This bike gets Flat Mount for discbrakes making it tight and nice. 12x100mm axle in front, 12x142mm axle rear but with short chainstays like before. We’ll see how it works with healclearance… Then standard small Pressfit bottom bracket and Giant’s Overdrive 2 stem/steerer tube.

It comes with Tubeless wheels and tires which is supposed to be fastest on road.