Velothon Stockholm

Riding in Stockholm on closed roads probably makes the cost of riding Velothon worth it. Rode 160km incl 5km master without meeting a single moving vehicle and with good signs and people along the course helping us. The event was awesome if you ask me.

But when you gather the fastest non-racers that is doing their last ”race” of the season and want to press their record even more than it can be dangerous. Never seen so many crashes as today and it seemed like everyone in the 1st group was stressed and wanted to pass. I almost went down twice…

But except that it was quiet awesome. Riding in a really big group in up to 50km/h felt easy sometimes. When it felt slow it was around 42km/h. The hard thing is to sit in right position, cover gaps and to advance, that takes a lot of energy. So after we turned in Nynäshamn and came up to Sorunda it felt like my legs were empty and I would drop any minute. The group had become smaller so it was a bit better but not so far too fall as before.

I’m to bad to drop so I bite in harder and pushed as good as I could trying to ride easy and rest when ever possible to have powers for the fast parts.

After Västerhaninge I dropped the 1st group, people flew by but in some strange way I managed to dig deeper and got a wheel again and we got back up to the group. A bit later a was behind one who dropped and had to try chase up to the first group, enough people passed so I could hang on and get up again. My last drop😉 In Västberga it was many tight corners and bad roads so the 1st group got split up a bit I think and we were a lot of chasers just behind and never got back up in the end.

Fastest time was 3h45min34sec over the 155km and I came in at 3h47min37sec so just about 2min later. Impressed with being able to hang on with 40,8km/h in average speed for so long. Never thought so before the start.😀

Map and stats including the ride to the start: Strava

MTB in Canada

I’m not a DHguy so won’t write about that. I’m a XCguy having found more travel but still want to sprint and go fast uphill.

While I was in Canada last week I rode an afternoon alone testing a Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt I always thought would be good. The 710 I tried had really bad components but the geometry and feel of the bike was as great as I hoped for😀


The 2nd and 3rd day I rode mostly with Susan and Annica and changed bike for Devinci’s AM model Django at RS level. Pike and Sram 1×11 made the bike work so much better but I never became friend with geometry, the head angle felt too steep but it wasn’t:


But the trails, they where magic. Not too steep uphill and not too scary downhill. Best biking I’ve ever had, there is something when you riding fast and laughing on a mtb that makes life a bit better than sitting on another type of bike. Finding the flow and just keep on pushing, to be on over 1000m with gorgeous views helped too. Moonraker and Mountain Shadow Trails in Golden, BC isn’t the biggest systems but for some days it was perfect. Instead of writing a superlong post about how I rode I show you the pictures, press to make them bigger:

Le Peloton #111, GP Hasse Mård and Lotto Belgium Tour


Autumn is here and people are sleeping… Not so many today, just 7 riders started in group 1 and 6 finished with one taking a shortcut. Nils and a guy from Valhall made the rest of us suffer this morning, wasn’t any record attempt but had to ride hard as we where so few, great training. And a while since I rode in the red zone for so long so many times🙂

Trying sockdoping again to gain some more speed:


Map and stats: Strava

And while I’ve been working there seems to have been an awesome final stage at Lotto Belgium Tour. Annemiek van Vleuten is back after her crash and after winning the first prologue she won todays stage too, with over 1min😀


She won the race overall too😀 Awesome!!!

After work I went up to Hellasgården where the first race of the Stockholm CX Cup was held, GP Hasse Mård. Cheered and got motivated to ride too:


Henrik Jansson and Ingrid Kjellström won. The Kangas brothers did the best barrierjumps🙂



Long time since last post, have been in Canada as you may have seen if you follow me (jonaslundb) on Insta. Now I’m back home and will try to catch up here.

The day before I left me, Emil and Mathias from Sumo did Roslagshösten which is more of an endurance ride/fondo than a race but some guys from Stockholm CK said they took it as a race.

I didn’t and after going around helping with the pacing the first 10km I went back and stayed there, felt a bit fast for me and had to save some energy if I should keep up the 135km. Emil was in the front a lot and took many attacks while Mathias rode a bit more smart and was in the middle, up in front some times.

After 60km it felt a bit easy and I got up and take my turns again. Felt like it was some attacks and I wrong turn made me ride a bit hard to catch the rest again with many trying to hang onto my wheel.😉

On a small beautiful road Emil and Mathias was in the front and I came passed talking about our supporter😉 We’re the club supported by Gravity😀 and it went fast downhill. My CLX64 wheels was really nice when going fast.

Emil had to drop once after having too much cramps and Stockholm CK attacked after attack and when more then half of the group is from the same club it’s getting hard. Was some strong guys trying and I was up bombing to try to catch the first ones a little too. Feels a bit fun riding 45 and having a group of  cyclists just trying to hang on the wheel😀

In the end I think some got away (last km) and as it wasn’t a race I just tried to hang on the group and didn’t want to stress and maybe crash in the last corners which was pretty hard. One guy almost crashed, just went straight in the corner skidding but he managed to stay on the bike🙂

Me and Mathias finished in the first group and it was the fastest long ride I’ve done. Felt really good and it was great fun😀


Map and stats: Strava

Red Hook Crit

First race this year was in Brooklyn and I found out about it through the Specializedaccounts I follow on Instagram


Then it was time for London I had got to know a photographer who went there. I found out I since quite a while followed the women winner Ash Duban on Instagram and a friend here in Stockholm were racing. Great superfast racing with people looking like they are at a Bike Fashion Show showing how you should dress and look like. Equinox did a video about Ash Duban and her biggest rival (and friend):

It’s so cool, so clean. and so fast. Today it’s time for Barcelona and the women is out racing. I wished I had been there watching this live, or at least had a livestream. Men starts at 21.00

Red Hook Crit

New Specialized S-Works crankset

Haven’t heard anything about it, no news through work but Specialized got a new crankset for 2017. Down 600SEK in price, no more need of special torx key as this uses a regular 8mm hex.


But 36g heavier the the last one and 41g heavier than the 1st generation S-Works. What is the point? Anyone know? Is it as stiff as the old one? Looking at the profile it looks a bit more aero but not sure.

Le Peloton #109 and Morningspins

Forgot to blog yesterday about the peloton. Or the time ran out and I thought of it while laying in bed😉


A lot of people keep showing up week after week. Will they continue over the winter too or when will people put their bikes on trainers and stop coming out?

The ride was hard, I was weak but tried to keep up and take some turns at least.

Then we had breakfast and Rille took this beautiful shot. Love this group of people sitting outside a café in a big city and can enjoy anyway. Big city life in a way with riding people who doesn’t live in a big city can understand:

lemond 2016-08-24

Map and stats: Strava

And to continue about Le Peloton. Watched in the catalog from Douchebag at work and found Marika riding in the Peloton kit😀


If Le Peloton is a team time trial it was time for intervals this morning with Morningspins. Flat out for 10,8km x3 with sharp corners and strong guys. It’s another mentality and I really like both. To go flat out, maybe get dropped and then people wait for you before the next lap. Such short laps makes it easier for the mind to go over the limit and push to the max.

And ending with a Swedish fika, a.k.a. coffee and cinnamon roll:


Map and stats with a lot of nice PR😀 Strava