Gravel in the morning, CX-video in the evening

Started this tuesday with some gravelriding. In the middle of nowhere watching the sun rise:

DSC_0044 DSC_0045

Some mornings it’s just good to come out, riding without pressure and crowded city


Map and stats from a great start: Strava

For those of you that wants more action you should take a look at this video. From GGEW City Cross in Lorsch in Germany last sunday:

Keep the weight down, lighter crankset

My plans for 2016 is a supermodern classic roadbike. No electronics but otherwise with the latest technology like Sram Force 1 groupset:

As you see on the picture the bike (not mine) doesn’t have a Sram Force 1 crankset. My first thought was a Force 1 crankset but it’s pretty heavy. 2nd thought was a Specialized S-Works crankset. 3rd thought is lighter and cheaper (not as stiff as S-Works).

Like the picture shows except I will go for BB30 of course. A Sram Red22 crankset with a Force 1 chainring.

A Sram Red crankset:

And taking of the chainrings:


Compared with an S-works:

Or why not a Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL that also is in the same league:

Impressed by Sram :D

The sound of discbrakes

The thing you expect from autumn in Sweden is 10°, rain and windy. It hasn’t been like that as this autumn has been supergood until yesterday. And today when I was free it was like expected.

But with my POC rainjacket and my Café du Cycliste rainbibs and legwarmers together with a couple of others it was fun to ride anyway. Met up with Anders and Ingvar at Hammarby Sjöstad and rode away on gravelroads and a little asphalt, epic weather and screaming discbrakes.

DSC_0037 DSC_0040

Me on my Crux, Anders on his GT Grade and Ingvar on a Ridley X-Bow with fenders. A little after these pictures we met a group of triathletes including a friend of mine. Rode different ways as we where headed more south and ended doing a lap around Flatenlake. That track around there was really good on cx. A lot of turns, ups and downs on a small gravelroad. Have to do it more often :) In the end we met Magnus who owns Bonne Mecanique and a friend of his. Many nice people out in the wet today.

Ended with thanking for the company and rode to Le Mond for a sunday coffee. And to meet up with the triathletes who came a bit later:


Great little sundayride where the only two things missing was my Asssaver and waterproof shoecovers ;)

Map and stats: Strava

Have to show this too. Am leading the November MTS Challenge in Sweden on Strava :D Don’t think I will keep it all month so have to happy as long as it lasts:

november mts

European Cyclocross Championships

Women U23 got their own race and men elite had their race for the first time. A new era is here.

Two people following the cyclocross grow as a sport and sharing it with us is Balint Hamvas and Elisa Haumesser.

Magic pictures from a magic day (for some). Watch the rest of the photos here:

Elisa Haumesser

Throwback thursday

That bike will never be forgotten. I bought it 2006 as a frameset, sold it and bought it again in 2009, sold it and bought it again in 2012. and sold it :(

That was my first mtb which I started my racing ”career”, it was my first Cannondale.

And it’s so well made in so many good ways. Really liked that Fatty fork. Really liked to be able to ride a 2×9 and 10 drivetrain with a Shimano Dura-Ace front derailleur. Really liked the light and clean wiring. Really liked to be able to use a road crankset on a mtb for it as a winterbike. Really liked to get it work with 28″ Mavic Reflex rims and Challenge Grifo 32mm tubulars.

Thanks to that bike I learnt a lot about biking but also as a mechanic because it had many different parts. Weight weenie style like on the picture with Tune King hub, New Ultimate handlear, Extralite barends, Aerozine QR, KCNC seatpost, Dura-Ace 7800 front derailleur, Tuned Sram Rival rear derailleur.

I miss that bike…

Venge Vias weights!

Is a Venge Vias frame heavier than a Tarmac?


Yes when we talk about the fork. It includes a brake and the expander is mounted on the non cut fork tube. But if we take those parts of it’s still pretty heavy. So what about frame?

DSC_0026 DSC_0027

1252g for the frame with bottle cage bolts, bottom bracket, rear brake and of course derailleur hanger. My S-Works Tarmac disc frame in same size (54) is 1141g except brake. And yes, the Venge rear brake is more than 111g.

It think the frameweight is really good compared to what my thoughts are. So much carbon, so many special features but lighter than a Tarmac.

The future is coming and the paint looks really cool :)

Le Peloton #57

Today it was such a day where I thought I would drop first and be alone thinking of just skipping it and go straight to Le Mond. Heavy legs and it all started with Magnus sailing away in the first climb. hmm.

We caught him and became a little peloton even sharing the pace a bit. Then we caught Calle who went of early with Per (who is faster than everyone). Felt a bit easy out to Erstavik but knew that I wouldn’t be that all the way. On the way back up the long climb where I got dropped a couple of weeks ago after being in front a little I thought I would drop. But I didn’t and on the top of the climb I even went up in front and lead the group down the sandy downhill. Best way to make the pace not to high is to sit in front ;)

There somewhere the group got smaller and it was me, Christian, Calle and Fredrik and a new guy left. Fredrik attacked and dropped us a bit later. Me in front down to Hellas and a bit after. Christian and Calle came in front after and shared the pace. Just the new guy not doing anything. Christian and Calle got a bit of a gap at the end but not many seconds.

A new personal record on the CX loop, for many of us today :D So well deserved breakfast at bikecafé Le Mond.

a picture from the start:


Map and stats: Strava

Was so happy of my Crux so it got a new better chain. And I’m thinking if it would be good sitting like on my roadbike on my CX. New CX saddle and a little more setback than this morning. S-Works x2 ;)