Why shave weight of your bike?

If you wonder why to shave weight of your bike, there is a great article about it here: Peloton

A light and stiff bike with great fit will always be fast, like my Cannondale SuperSIX Evo I had at just 5,65kg:

Which light bike is the best you’ve ridden?

Le Peloton #15

Don’t want to brag about any records but spring is here. 34 riders gathered this morning to ride too fast for themselfs together:


2 groups, 1 fast big group that rode the complete ”course” and one gruppetto riding the same way we have been ridden the last times I’ve been riding.

Joined the first group as it’s better training to ride fast and to try. Was hard but manageable until we turned out to the Fisksätra loop, managed to hang on for 2km but then I was smoked. Turned around and it was a couple of guys behind me too not turning around. Rode back and continued the regular route thinking that I may get up to the gruppetto. Was alone back to Sickla, alone to Älta. Reached the gruppetto in Flaten as they took the little loop there where I’ve never ridden. Rode with them the rest and it went pretty easy in the beginning. But was hard in the end on the long straight to Enskededalen, was on second wheel and when the guy went to the side I had to sprint to ride a little faster. Continued up the hill in the middle and left over to Carolin who sat behind me. Sat on her wheel the last bit, while the rest of the group was dropped ;)

Then easy riding to café Le Mond for a great breakfast, a lot to do for the workers today and hard for me when my VISA didn’t work. Good with friends to borrow money sometimes :)

Great training with speed. I need both speed and power so todays and yesterdays training feels like quality :) Map and stats from today: Movescount

SCS Breakfast Club

The latest in Stockholm is now the Specialized Concept Store Breakfast clubride. Thuesdays/Thursday a mtbride before work. Timed for us working in stores so started at 8 today :)

Patrik made the ride and I joined last thursday. Today we where 4. Me and Patrik from SCS and Ragnar and Fredrich from Cykelcity. Ragnar and Fredrich is fast too so like last week I had a hard time. But a better time than last week, better flow and speed and felt just better :) Still much to improve but great way of doing it. A technical but pretty flowy ride with small ups and downs all the time. And all a sunny morning, was great except our crashing. Everyone crashed except Patrik ;)

Sunny groupie before we headed in different directions:

Map and stats (follow me on Strava to find the Stravasegment of this ride): Movescount