Giant Cup 1 2014: Horten

Best training after I moved to Tønsberg today. Rode 18km to the race, a testlap and some warm up, rode the race, or 3 laps, and ending with riding back home.

The course was brutal, it was either steep climb or technical descend. Some flat in the middle on top and in the end but never any rest. Or time to drink. 170 in average heart rate and with a speed of 9km/h the testlap. At the start it came some drops of water but soon changed.

So starting with men elite that included the Norwegian national XC team. Was 4 riders in the first long climb, two rode ahead and I think I dropped one. Not sure if he passed me later or not. Was just to ride as hard as possible and let people by when the other categories came. Didn’t expect so technical XC course but they got skills here. Hard, technical and sometimes very funny too. No gravel racing 😀

On the last descend there was two lines, one A and one B. On the testlap I took the B-line but was steep with loose gravel and some roots so crashed in the end. In the race I took the A-line with was just a steep drop and no problems 🙂 Strange with an easier A-line than B-line.

After that descend on the third lap out of four in the last forrest section I came all wrong on a rock and punctured. First real puncture since summer 2011!

Walked to the finish and hoped it was fine as the winner already lapped me twice.

Ola Kjøren won Men Elite

Lene Byberg won Women Elite

Rune also got me a new tube so I could ride home because this is not fun to ride on:


My bike that worked flawless except tire issue without grip and the puncture:


And as I said the weather changed so started snowing a bit, warm snow made the course very slippery. Here is a big part of it, climbing sections but can’t see it all. And can’t see the great rocky descends I liked:


Stats from the race: Movescount

If you want to race on this course with fast riders I can recommend the Norwegian XC Cup 16-17 augusti. An UCI race so UCIpoints too. Super course if you’re fast and not like me 😉