XCE: World Cup Hafjell, Norway

What an evening, haven’t seen the race yet but will do soon. Winner of todays womens race:



1. Jenny Rissveds – Scott-Swisspower

2. Eva Lechner – Colnago-Südtirol

3. Alexandra Engen – Ghost Factory Racing Team

Alexandra Engen won the world cup total too (and lost a tooth in the race today)

First women that isn’t Swedish or Swiss on the podium this year?

And when you didn’t think it would be better the swedish Matthias Wengelin (best qualify) hit with a second place.



1. Simon Gegenheimer – GER

2. Matthias Wengelin – SWE

3. Catriel Andres Soto – Wild Wolf Trek Pro Racing

Daniel Federspiel that came 4th today won the world cup total.

Awesome race that you can watch here: Red Bull TV

New week, new parts! :D

While my German:A fork was sent away to be fixed after leaking oil and it seems to take 2-3 weeks as the mechanic who going to fix it is a week at Eurobike. Not funniest scenario. First the wrong fork, then the right one starts leaking after 3-4 rides 😦

But I have a good friend who borrowed a fork for me. A Fox 32 Talas:



A bit heavier, not so nice color but nice blue parts. And it’s working, the best thing 🙂 100-140mm 26″:



And slam that stem, short fork so even have to get a new topcapbolt as the Tune one on now is to short to reach down into the starnut 😉 But just for borrowing. The thing that isn’t just for borrowing is my new stem for the Evo getting rid of some red. Thought a Deda Superleggero first but found this cheaper so had to buy it. Love the look of Extralite Roadstem OC:



100mm, -8° so 2° steeper than my 3T Arx Team and a lot lighter. 82g Extralite against 124g 3T 😉 Got my bike under 6kg and ready for the morning ride tomorrow it should be 5,97kg 😀



Changed the topcap to a Extralite in blue too, 2g lighter than the Tunecap and blue 🙂

If anyone needs a 3T Arx Team 100mm stem I got one for sale, just send an e-mail to jonas@cerro.dk and it can be yours.

Cannondale Flash 1 650b

What to do when you got a Cannondale Flash alu 1 and then it’s coming 2 pairs of 650b wheels from Tune? You order som tires and mount it together:

What do you think? Get it for around 17500NOK at Sykkelsenteret (including cassette and rotors). And if you think of getting a 29er, think again. Maybe it’s better with a tight 26″ frame and some 650b wheels. It’s more compact (fun), you don’t get such a high front but you still get a bit better rolling over roots compared to 26″.

Space rear with Rocket Ron: