Oval is the new round

Soon is it spring and then it’s boring with cx tires and 36/46 chainrings. 36/50 is better for spring and as I got the best gravelbike I thought of getting the best chainrings. And after thinking of Q-Rings when I got my Diverge I knew what I wanted.

absoluteBLACK oval chainrings 😀 Good looking and hopefully good performing. Their 1x mtb rings are nice. Not the lightest:


Just have to check how my chain is doing before mounting. Maybe I have to wait a bit until the chain is worn out so I don’t wear these out. Looking forward to this. Extra motivation for spring and go faster 😀


477g crankset for my Camber

Even if I’m getting a All mountain 29er with 110/120mm travel and dropper post I’m still a weightweenie. Always want to push the weight down as much I can afford. But I like cheap high-end lightweight parts. Find the little oldschool way to drop weight. Like bolts, tune parts and things that ends up with people doesn’t understand how my bike can be so light.

So for my Camber I used my old Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL crankset with a 34T Absolute Black spiderless chainring:

With some spacers, ended up with 1g as this was a bit to wide:

And you can see that I got some spacers laying around for BB30 cranksets 😉

Also mounted a simple and clean Tune Schraubwürger seatclamp:

So at the moment my bike look like this:

Waiting for the fork and deciding how to do with wheels.

More weightsaving on different level tomorrow so stay tuned.

Garbaruk Melon

A bikepart that’s named melon is always cool. A name that you remember. So what is it?

It is a wide/narrow oval chainring fitting most standards like Cannondale’s Hollowgram by Eliflap:

Or Sram:

Or just a regular 4-bolt crank:

Or maybe the only one fitting FSA’s strange 3-bolt:

In a lot of types and sizes, all from Ukraine. More info here: Garbaruk

new year, new package from the best

The start of a new era coming with a packaged from the best webshop, R2-bike

Effetto Mariposa Carbomove to try and fix my cyclocross

Tuneparts for a couple of friends,

Formula brake hosing for my new mtb,

Absolute Black spiderless XX1 style chainring for my loved Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL crankset.

And the most important, Haribo Goldbären to get healthy from my cold:

The size of chainring for my biggest and hopefully best bike is same as last year. 34T:

Sram goes Spiderless


Sram is saving weight, making a couple of standards to one and making their 1X drivetrains look cleaner and keeping it Sram. Spiderless chainrings been around for some time now but not until now Sram starts with it. All the way from 26t to 40t, bigger than other produce.


2 types, one for GXP and one for BB30. Offset differences. But for XX1, X01 and X1. Will fit X.0 and X.9 crankset too but not sure the chainline is as good as with the 1X cranksets. More info here on Bikerumor

Highlight and bottom bracket


On top of a hill with a very tricky descend on Tjøme. Riding mtb with an ocean view is so nice 😀 from last ride.

And today I did a bit on my bike, mounted a GXP Pressfit bottom bracket:


And shortened the Reverb hose so I save 13g there. 559g Reverb Stealth feels really nice 😀 GXP Pressfit is 10g heavier than a PF30 bottom bracket if you wanted to know.

Put the crank on too but mostly for have all spacers in place as I will dismount it to mount my chainring and I will also show some weights of it then. Sram XX1 Q168 as I have 32, 36 and 38t chainrings at home so easy for changing. But waiting for a 34t Spiderless from Absolute Black. Spiderless chainrings look to good and love it simple and clean 😀

HCC Components

First work then barbecuing with some friends a cabin. Awesome evening and first time I saw this Northern light 🙂

But still got some news, polish news from my polish friend at work. HCC Components is a pretty new company in Poland making whatever you want with cnc and such things. Like Zeta Components. They got some XX1 chainrings with and without spider:

Also got some bashrings, half bashes, chainguides and more to come. More here: HCC Components