Tribute to Diverge


1,5 year ago I built this for a winter, spring and early summer adventures. 8,26kg well built. I got another crank when I should have the S-Works one on my roadbike with some oval chainrings from Absolute Black. I changed stem for a longer lower when the spring arrived but except that (and wheels/tires) it remained the same. The bike now lives just a couple of kilometers from here but it is as missed as my Cannondale F1000 I have had 3 times 😉


I still want such a light bike that can handle everything. My Sequoia got better tire clearance and handled a bad winter better, my Tarmac is better on Tarmac, my Crux was better racing CX. But the Diverge is the golden middleway. If you only could have one bike with dropbars the Diverge is the one (in carbon). Would love to do a credit card touring with one over a country on all surfaces 🙂 Started to think about it watching this video of Francis Cade riding gravel with Hot Chillee in Marocco:

S-works as it’s easy

You know people that buy a complete bike, adding pedals and bottle cages and then just ride it as it is?

I want to be like that but have my thought about different things and always ending up with changing a lot of parts. Like this week when I borrowed a Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper FSR 29 2017 and started to complain on the heavy Grid tires so even before I mounted pedals I changed to Control tires to get it a bit lighter 😉

Today I met up with Fredrich who has the same bikemodel but in size Large and he changed the bar, stem and tires so far 😉


We rode together with Alexander and Kangas this morning. Those can ride and I had a really hard time trying to keep up. So happy for the Öhlins dampers keeping me on track when I couldn’t and the bike got better the more I tried to push it 😀


Behind this thoughts is my roadbike. This year I was riding Sram Force1 that worked fine in Sweden with a regular Force22 rear derailleur. But had too much problem when I mounted my Force1 rear derailleur and never got it to work smooth. Wanted to have a 11-36 cassette when I went to France but it didn’t work and I had to go with 11-32. Same on Rapha 12Hills. Found it hopeless and planned to change back to 2×11 for 2017.

Dreaming of a Campagnolo Record group with hydraulic brakes but it seems to be far away and would be expensive. 2nd thought was Rotor Uno. Hydraulic brakes and gears which seemed really cool and would be released now in January. But would be really expensive that too…

3rd thought is to keep it simple, focus on the riding and to change chain in time. Rode 7000km on my Force1 group without doing anything with the brakes except adjust them when I changed wheels. Flawless and the brakes felt like a dream with super modulation. Now every road disc brakes got Direct Mount which my Tarmac doesn’t have. Found a couple of old Sram Red22 hydraulic shifters at work and stopped thinking.


I will change the red color on them but that’s it. Fit and forget. My tarmac is the bike I’ve ridden the most in my life and it got a special place in my heart. Thought about selling it and change to something new but can’t of any better bike in the longterm so unless I get a super offer I will keep it. Really fun bike that keeps the roadriding enjoyable.

Tarmac Pros and Cons


Some of you maybe saw when I tried to sell my bike. No interest and I’m happy about it. My S-Works Tarmac Disc is THE bike. It got the thing people talking about that Colnago has, ride quality. Sure, it’s an S-Works and the best allround roadbike Specialized ever produced but there are more advanced bike out there.

Thought about it this morning when switching wheels, chainring and cassette. Thought about the smile on my face when descending in France, about when I chased down the first group at Saltsjö-Duvnäs, about when pushing for KOM up Skurubacken, or just skidding on all gravelroads.

I ❤ it!


  • The extras are after switching from my Tune hubs to these Roval CLX40 the bike went faster and rolled so much better, ceramic speed makes a difference.
  • When standing up and riding with Viktor on his Madone and hearing the rims touch the brakes I was thankful for my discs and stiff wheels.


  • After switching from my Oval Garbaruk 46t chainring to a round Force 1 50t chainring I had problems pedaling. Oval rules! Even after 34min I felt it was something wrong.

Next time thinking of switching this bike out I will just get a new pair of wheels, or change to Campagnolo. The only bike I can imagine would be better is the McLaren Tarmac 🙂

Le Peloton #82

a new Wednesday, a new Peloton ride. As my Tarmac was at work I started the day on my Diverge commuting to work and changed bike (and helmet). Seatposition is very much the same, 50 ring in front on both and 11-28 cassette, discs on both. Shimano on the Diverge and Sram on the Tarmac. 38cm handlebar measured at the hoods on my tarmac and 40cm on the Diverge, same in the drops. Specialized S-Works Toupe saddle on both but different modelyear.

Very easy to compare and so I did on the 589m from work to Urban Deli. I want an Oval 50t ring on my Tarmac! Easy to feel the difference and with AbsoluteBLACK oval rings on my Diverge I felt stronger.

But with these I needed a faster bike:


Some faster than others and I’m somewhere in the middle. Not fast enough to go with the best but good enough to try, get dropped and be able to ride in the 2nd group. And being in front at both times. Today I sat to far back on the way up to Fisksätra and then I lost a lot up from Saltsjö-Duvnäs but caught the others at a redlight.

Wasn’t able to go with Jonas and Michael up from Hästhagen and ended up in the 2nd group which was okey today. 36,7km/h average and best time for me for 2016. It goes forward and it’s awesome trainng 🙂

Great recovery at Le Mond afterwards:


But as people says, cycling has its backsides, it was raining a bit at the end today and my bike looked like shit:


Not nice to what can be the best bike in the world, at least if you ask me. Love disc brakes.

Ended up with a group picture of my fast bikes too, so alike but still so different:


Map and stats of the Peloton ride: Strava


gravel and ferries with a cap

I hope you understand that the Ironmanthing was a joke. Won’t happen.

But what has happened is that I rode gravel with one of my best friends this saturday 😀 and a group of others:


Awesome trails and great people. Was great until I lost 4 chainringbolts in Lindalen going up a climb. With help from my friend Björn I was on the track again and me, Henrik and Michael ended the ride properly. With a fika at Le Mond:


Today it was time for another ride. Haven’t suited before but today I managed to ride with the Basemilepeople. A bunch of good guys that rode together on Basemile Snowdown in January. Coffeestyle today with Cykelcafé Le Mond clothes and matchy Sako7 socks 😉


Did a ride around Vaxholm and with strong riders it went pretty fast. Faster than my legs liked but fun 😀 Even got a part of #sportgrus (gravel for roadbikes)

The saving after 100km was a nice lunch at Pizzeria Istanbul in Vallentuna before riding one of the nicest roads just north of Stockholm. Skålhamra.


Just Awesome, except my legs. Also got a new cycling cap this weekend, Café du Cycliste to match all of my white Specialized helmets 🙂


The ride today: Strava

Trying to look fast instead of being :p

Le Peloton #79

After beeing on musical yesterday with some gorgeous it was time for cycling again. Not so much sleep, no smoothie made it a hard morningride but with good and fast company:


Map and stats: Strava

Today we got a new marmelade at Le Mond too, living the dream so to speak:


Easy spinning today with my newest shoes, Specialized S-Works Sub6, lowered my shoe/pedal weight by 305g since wednesday 😀


And was so early at work so had some afterbike with David and watched yesterdays awesome race at Tirreno Adriatico


After a long day at work it was time to go home. But before I changed to a new chain, new bartape and bigger, better and more oval chainrings from AbsoluteBLACK:


Felt a bit strange with oval rings the first hundred meters but then I didn’t think about them so much. Will be fun to try them for real soon

Oval is the new round

Soon is it spring and then it’s boring with cx tires and 36/46 chainrings. 36/50 is better for spring and as I got the best gravelbike I thought of getting the best chainrings. And after thinking of Q-Rings when I got my Diverge I knew what I wanted.

absoluteBLACK oval chainrings 😀 Good looking and hopefully good performing. Their 1x mtb rings are nice. Not the lightest:


Just have to check how my chain is doing before mounting. Maybe I have to wait a bit until the chain is worn out so I don’t wear these out. Looking forward to this. Extra motivation for spring and go faster 😀