Preparations for Lida Loop

I got a bit odd feeling for racing Lida Loop on sunday. Not in racemood like for Billingeracet. But today I started the day and got some massage from Access Rehab, first time massage and it was hard. Hard but felt and feeling a difference even if I haven’t had any problems before 🙂 Thinking of having a massage once in a while now when riding so much compared to earlier.

Second thing was after work. Went to La Chemise and picked up some new club clothes ordered a while ago. Including the coolest clothing I’ve ever tried. A skinsuit working like a jersey so you can open it normal in the front. A 2 pockets on the rear to be able to carry things with me. Bioracer had it for a while, Etixx-Quick Step uses it on some one day races and it’s just an awesome piece of work. Really tight too so will be aero on sunday:

Do I see you on sunday?