Carbon-Ti X-Hub SP

Carbon-Ti made hubs for a while but it’s first now they are really light.

91g for a front hub:

And 185g for the rear with 142×12 and XD-Drive:

Got hubs for RS-1 and Boost both front and rear too. And for road with QR. 😀

New Acros hubs

Some parts I remember more than other. Been checking the market for good hubs like Hope Pro 2 but a bit lighter. On R2-bike sorting A-Z it has always shown Acros hubs (before Absolute Black) nut they seemed boring. Last thursday on Eurobike I had to check Acros hydraulic gears when I saw they had a stand. Didn’t look anything more in their stand.

Back on friday I got some photos to and talked with a nice guy. Remembered that I’ve seen hubs on R2 and asked about it. He showed me a hub that really impressed. Lower weight than Tune King/Kong (15g/5g) and at a little better price. A star ratchet that could be better than DT’s 240 hubs with straight pull spokes like Sram.

Acros Nineteen XC is the name:

A 19mm carbon axle, threaded endcaps that are easy to change and I think they look really good. Also got a ED and FR version a bit heavier with less straight pull spokes.

Not on their website yet as they will be released in the beginning of 2015 after some more testing.

A good view of Acros at Eurobike you will find here: MTB News

No Flash

Idag var det sagt ifrån Cannondale att min Flash skulle komma till Öster Cykel men nyss hade den inte kommit. Får hoppas den kommer imorrn istället. Som tröst har jag kollat lite på Leftynav:

Ifrån Finns många fina och ändå finns det en del andra med. Det jag fastnat för är Tune’s Cannonball, 97g för 147,5€ hos r2-bike. Tillsammans med ett Tune Kong baknav, FRM XMD 309T fälgar och 56 Sapim CX-Ray skulle man få ett riktigt fint hjulpar. Runt 1200g för under 7800kr om man bygger själv. Dyrare än FRM’s kompletta hjul som finns för 719€ ifrån HIBIKE men också snyggare med gröna Tunenav.

Senare idag kommer en bild på min våg, har nämligen fått en avi om inte Posten gjort något konstigt så paketet inte finns på Preem. Ska även hinna med lite kvalitetsträning.