Le Peloton #141

A late post from yesterdays ride instead of sleeping for tomorrows ride. Not riding so much this week because I was in Denmark and just got home today and will meet Skoda Cycling Team on Saturday and do a test on Sunday. But maybe it’s good for me 😉


The winter came back and yesterday morning it was a lot of snow, so much I had to walk over Skurubron. And didn’t have time to pass work with my backpack. Missing on the picture is Thomas so 6 strong riders impressed me with that kind of weather.

Me and Fredrik thought the Saltsjö-Duvnäs part was too bad and it ended with all riding just to Älta. Half of us rode around Storkällan.

I didn’t have any luck in the snow, first with roadpedals and snow. Touched my fender a bit in the beginning so lost a part, went okey riding without. But when my foot got into it again in Älta towards Storkällan it got all loose. Stopped, dismounted the fender and put it a close by garbage bin. Tired of them getting loose, missing my Plug’n’play from last year, they are the best and most stable fenders I tried.

Me and Fredrik skipped Storkällan and tried to ride the rest proper. Flatenvägen was all snowy so wasn’t so fast but we did it. Finally we made it to Le Mond. Not the funniest ride I’ve done, really want spring now 😉

8e mars frukost

Colorful outside Le Mond.

And my bike with a fender less in the snow:


Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #125

My riding the last week has been as my blogging. Slow and haven’t come anywhere or done anything. Feels like a black hole and nothing to write about. Until yesterday when Emil got me changing. Riding with Emil on a morning means your legs will hurt.

He’s strong and my Sequoia was 12,24kg all inclusive, more than 2kg more than his gravelbike. But its my own choice and the plan to be strong hopefully will get me some results.

We rode to Älgö in fast winter tempo, a tempo that I haven’t been feeling for a while. Pushing hard and keep on pushing to not loose that wheel.

Today I did Le Peloton.


We thought it still would be to icy to ride the cx loop so did the short roadloop. Ended up riding with three others from Sumo Cycling and Christian. Christian and Michael did most of the work with Claes and me in the front a couple of short times. But both thinking we will get dropped.

We didn’t got dropped, just got our legs wasted 😉 An Awesome start that ended with a long breakfast. So worth to get up too early.

And new for today was my handlebar. My Zipp bar had warranty issues so have changed to a Specialized S-Works Aerofly instead:


A bit less space for my light is the big changed and it’s a bit longer so using a shorter stem. Really like the look and feel of an aerobar. And while the Sequoia isn’t light it feels good, felt tight and stiff this morning. And love the space for the tires, just waiting for the Specialized Dry-Tech fenders for it now and it will be magic 😀 A bike that makes me like to ride more 🙂

Map and stats from a hard morning: Strava

And at work I got the so far best Christmas present, a Café de Cycliste mug that I have missed since I saw them at Café du Cycliste this summer: