The bike that changed my life, Liteville 301 history

Thought of writing a list about 2014 but this is so much more interesting and a bit history.

4th november 2012:

Only used hardtails and Cannondale Scalpel and just XC except a test of a boring Lapierre Zesty. But the 4th november 2014 I borrowed my good friend John’s Liteville 301:

130mm travel rear, 100-140mm in front. 27,5″ and 5 years old. It was super fun and a great bike.

19th april 2013:

Bought John’s frameset for a nice price.

30th july 2013:

Like a true weightweenie I built it light, 10,04kg trailbike:

Didn’t work all perfect so changed some parts after a while and tuned the bike more right.

29th september 2013:

Joined CK Henie for their club championship race and ended 4th, best fs and best 27,5″. Making same times as with a Cannondale Flash Ultimate 29″. My Liteville was fast:

5th november 2013:

Ended at 10,9kg with 150mm fork, Rock Shox Reverb seatpost and a bit other parts:

19th january 2014:

Was some guys from CK Henie that built the best singletrack I’ve ever ridden downhill. Joined them for a training and KOM hunting. Great time:

Then I moved to Tønsberg, sold my Liteville and Scalpel and got a Trek Remedy 9 27,5″:

31st august 2014:

The Remedy had a bit modern frame and geometry but was never as fast as the Liteville, not as snappy.

The Remedy is sold, I’m working at a Specialized Concept Store but can never stop thinking of Liteville 301. Like their Marathon model they presented at Eurobike and is available to buy for 4850€ now.

It’s not in carbon, it’s not the lightest, not cheap, not same wheelsize (29″ front, 27,5″ rear), not a cool brand worth extra, not oversize pressfit bottom bracket. It’s just good. That’s the most important thing that many people misses and just get’s the coolest, best brand, best parts without knowing how it rides. Like saying 29er wheels are too big until you tried a Specialized Enduro 29er.

I wrote a long post about this bike, it always have a place in my heart and it will always be in my mind getting a new bike. Thinking outside the box and really getting the bike that feels right.

Huge parts sale

Everything in SEK but can send all over EU

100kr each:

Experimental Prototype 50t 130mm BCD
FSA 36t 110mm BCD
FSA 38t 110mm BCD
FSA 52t 110mm BCD
light bash för 42t 110mm BCD
Stronglight 42t 130mm BCD

200kr each:
Cannondale 29/44 incl spider for Hollowgram (94mm BCD)
FRM 27/42 (spider for Cannondale Hollowgram)(no picture)

300kr each:
Carbon-Ti X-Monoring 34t for Cannondale Hollowgram
Sram XX1 32t

Better price if you buy many, 50kr in postage


Sram X.7 2×10 triggers 200kr
Sram flatbar brakelevers 100kr
Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 95mm stem, 25,4mm barclamo 250kr
Bontrager lock-ons (new) 100kr
Aerozine 27,2×250 (or maybe 270) seatpost 200kr
Aerozine 31,6×400 seatpost 300kr
plastic seatpost shim 34,9-31,6mm 50kr
Experimental Prototype carbon seatpost 34,9×400 400kr
Maxxis 27,5″ mtb tube, 50kr for 2

Send me an e-mail if you want to buy:

Trek Remedy 27,5″ on Nøtterøy

Rained all yesterday, rained all day today. The weather that keeps me in my sofa normally but when you have a bike standing here that should be very fun and three good guys out riding motivation is there 🙂

Rode out to Vardås and the bike felt a bit faster than my Liteville, mostly because of I’ve now ridden that road before and wheren’t new. Perfect timing as I caught Joachim on the last uphill. Walked up the steps and last part and met Erik on the way. Waited a bit and Peder came so 4 riders, 2 with Trek Remedy 🙂

Rode a sketchy downhill, felt a bit strange with the new bike and no dropper post, and slippery. On the way up again Erik was to strong or something so his freehub broke and became a fixie. End of ride for him 😦 Went up to the top again and after some discussions between the locals We headed down another way, nice singletrack. Singletracks here and there up and down all evening afterwards and some really flowy and nice tracks. Slippery but fun and as usual I really like 27,5″ wheels. Like I said to Peder it’s maybe not the fastest but funniest. Became like my friend John who always like to push and for that a 27,5″ is fun.

Really flowy bike but I think I had a bit to little air in my fork today or it is because the bike feels a little to short so I’m close to the front wheel. Revelation worked really well and rear suspension felt more active than on the Fuel EX 29er I’ve tried before. So not the bike that stopped me.

A picture on the locals on the last top:


Flowy downhill from there where you could go fast and jump over rocks/roots, if you knew the track. 😀

Then back home again in headwind and it came some waterdrops from the sky in the end. A slippery but fun afternoon with a really fun 13,6kg bike looking like this:


The Deore brakes worked flawless but 30 gears is to many 😉 Strange with a bike where the only carbon fibre part is my beloved Tune Komm-Vor saddle 😉

Stats and map from today: Movescount

The Lite German Answer

This is the result of me trying to build a cheaper and not so weightweenie bike. I end up with a Liteville m301 from a friend. Taking my Sram XX1 group from my Cannondale Scalpel, buying a new crankset and an extra chainring. Formula R1 Racing from my Scalpel but with ”heavier” rotors from a friend at Kvalitetstid from Ashima. A Tune Komm-Vor that I had of course as I really love those seats. Matching Tune Schraubwürger from work. Tune QR as I had on my Scalpel that gets Aerozine instead. A Tune 650b Race 2.0 wheelset stansed with Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2,25″. Thought of a fork, e-mailed a contact and got the coolest fork on the market from Innolite, German:A Xcite (will get creds tomorrow). Great Aerozine finishing kit with 700mm handlebar, 80mm stem and seatpost. Seatpost with a Extralite shim. Small parts that I had and Extralite Hypercap from R2-bike.

Looks like this with my poor camera:



Straight gorgeous fork, german:A Xcite Boost 650b 120mm, Tune King, Formula R1 Racing, Ashima AiRotor




Extralite Hypercap, Reset Racing blue spacer, got to shorten the fork 10mm so I get rid of the top spacer. Aerozine stem and bar




The Tune Komm-Vor seat, Aerozine seatpost, Tune Schraubwürger seatclamp




Jagwire blue housing and hosing for gears and brakes, Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2,25 650b, Formula R1 Racing, Sram XX1






Sram XX1, GXP Q168 with a 34t chainring, Sram XX1 chain and Crank Brothers Candy 2Ti that I had on my BMX 😉




Black, Blue and White. And look at that fork, 36mm stanchions and the straight design makes it so cool. And even got a blue rebound knob. Clean handlebar with as little things as possible. Cannondale bartape as grips, a bit thicker than usual so 19g including Deda end caps.




Ending with the last part arriving, the german:A Xcite Boost fork, 650b 120mm with lock-out:



Handmade in Germany, thanks to Innolite for that 😀 And a bit fun is that the frame, fork, hubs, seatclamp and seat is made in Germany.  Tires from a german company. should be reliable or isn’t that what people say.

Weightwise then, failed with the non weightweenie build so the 120/130mm suspension 650b trailbike ended at around 9,96kg (not all sure on the brakes as there is too little fluid in them now). Looking forward to ride it, hopefully already tomorrow after work 😀

Big thanks to: John for frame and advice, Markus for Aerozine and Ashima parts, Leif Arne for brakes, bolts and advice, Ulf for fork, Sykkelsenteret for all Tune and Sram XX1 parts. 

Faster SuperSIX Evo

20mm wheels is light but not so fast, at least not for my mind. And as you’ve seen before I got a set of beautiful Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate as a nice upgrader, will do a lot for the speed. At least with the placebo effect. Weight including glue and 22mm Continental Competition tyres:

IMAG0770 IMAG0771

If the tires are 260g/each as Continental says and the glue 30g the wheelset is 1149g 😀 Without the stickers that was 23g.

Nice blue upgrade with a Tune Schruabwürger


Saving 7g. The best weightsaving was my new handlebar, a Deda Superleggera with Dedas RHMbend, saved 76g(!)


And it was as announced, strange for Deda. The wheels are heavier than my FFWD F2R, tires are heavier so altogether a little heavier but much nicer I think, or what do you say for this 6075g bike:



Thinking of a setback seatpost from Engage or AX-Lightness and a new stem but have to try it with the new bar before knowing what I need. What do you think of it?

Synapse 2014 weight and Liteville 301 building

The Synapse I tested yesterday and to work today (works well on pavé too) had to be weighted.

IMAG0637 IMAG0638

7,08kg including my Time Xpresso 8 pedals. A bit over 1kg more than my Evo. And I checked headtube difference. Between the Synapse and the Evo I have there is a little over 5cm difference from where the stem is sitting, huge difference. And then my levers sits probably a centimeter lower as I have a classic bar so total 6cm difference. 😉 Good thing is when buying one in my size (51 instead of 56) it will be 4cm lower 🙂 So maybe a 110mm -17° stem on that and it will be perfect racingbike 😀

And coming home I did continue with my Liteville building. Got blue Jagwire brake hosing and wirehousing yesterday. So more blue 🙂

IMAG0640 IMAG0639

Will borrow a nice Avidtool from work tomorrow to mount the brake hosing like it should be. Then just missing fork and rear tire before I will use it (start using in august after my vacation). Looking forward to it 😀

bike of the week: SuperSIX Evo

Is there some colour I don’t like it’s black, black and stealth bikes. Like colours like a Mondrian Look, a Lampre Wilier La Roi, Time VXRS World Star Ulteam or why not a Cannondale SuperSIX Evo in replica colours:



So when I got the possibility to get a cheap used SuperSIX Evo frame I wasn’t so slow of changing. Hoped to save some weight too but it’s not a hi-mod so pretty heavy (to be an Evo). But can be good anyway and it’s a frame with nice features that same some weight. Integrated brake wire to rearbrake without housing ends, pretty short housings needed to so saved some weight. PF30 usually saves weight compared to a normal BSA frame but as I want to ride my Campagnolo Super Record crank with Rotor Q-rings it wasn’t that light.

Anyway, got a set of awesome looking and lightweight brakes:

IMAG0584 IMAG0581


Light b-t-p brake shoes. But as you maybe can see I have a heavy weight handlebar. 40cm and 256g, but like it. Super Record rear derailleur with Chorus 12-25 cassette and Record chain (lighter than KMC X11SL)



It’s a bit heavier than my old Sram Red but like Campagnolo so much more. Also got a 11-23 Record cassette if I want to save some weight and ride fast but with the climbs here it’s nice with a 25. Campagnolo Super Record compact crankset with 36/50 Rotor Q-Rings and a Super Record front derailleur. Time Xpresso8 pedals:



And one more on the complete bike, now against the wall:



Thinking of changing the stem for a more suitable after I tried it. And maybe POP-Products spacers in some other colour 😉

Total weight should be 6030g but not all sure as I haven’t hanged it on a scale complete.