Sunday Adventure Ride

Was tired after yesterday but better weather and new roads is always great 🙂 And first ride with Emile after a lot of talking. The hashtag for this ride should be #seekanddiverge but we didn’t have any Diverge 😦

Started with riding to Gladö Kvarn to meet up with Alexander and the ride that was supposed to take 30min took 50min, with some singletracks with so much roots you wouldn’t even ride there with a hardtail mtb, epic. And riding singletrack with a cx is pretty cool 😉

As we were late Alexander already left so we continued and planned to meet him at Lida. A 20min ride that took 40min and ended with muddy rooty singletrack again.

But we got there and then my goal was to hang on. Felt like an anchor on the climbs when Alexander and Emile just flew up. My body was just weak.

DSC_0062 DSC_0063

But the riding was pretty good and really fun with new roads with 3 different type of riders 🙂 Great to get together and have fun.

Until things like punctures happens:


Just one today 🙂 and some very difficult roads so understandable.

Map and stats from the ride that I thought should be 3-4h with a coffeebreak: Strava I was weak today but with a Snickers at 3h30min it felt the same all way, didn’t suffer more towards the end.

Today’s outfit:


My shoecovers from yesterday wasn’t dry so first ride this season with my Specialized Defroster shoes, comfy and dry all day 🙂 Café du Cycliste Jeanne rainbibs and rain legwarmers is like a dream too, very dirty but I’m dry and warm 🙂 What doesn’t is on the picture is my Oakley park gloves, really like them, perfect for this kind of weather with 5° C and wet 🙂

Are you ready for CX Nationals tomorrow?

Last training this morning and trying my new tires. Feels like it was a long time riding CX tubulars but the difference is huge. Took a couple of pictures looking at Järla Sjö:

DSC_1140 DSC_1141

Flower Power today, Floral Kit from Warsaw Cycling and Sako7 flowersocks 😉

Met up with this fast dude. A DHer who both got the skills and speed for CX, will be interesting to see what Alexander Kangas can manage tomorrow:


Rode for an hour and discussed riders and how great it was to ride in the sun with all colours. Will be awesome tomorrow.

Map and stats: Strava

Me and the others in Men 30 starts at 10.30 tomorrow. Women elite 11.30. Men elite 13.15 and Men 40/50 at 14.30

All sent live on Sportway

Welcome to cheer on the slower CK Valhall guy in Men 30 😉 I need it