Sunshine rider


When it looks like this after you cancelled the first plan and slept 20min longer than the 2nd plan you don’t regret getting out. Around 0° C today but so beautiful and just perfect for riding a bike along the water. Rode out to Älgö and around before work and just enjoyed, not so fast and just me and my Diverge, and the sun 😀

I can really recommend getting out when the sun is out, and absorb all the d-vitamins when it’s mostly just dark.

Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #159 and Djursholms GP


Started yesterday, Tuesday with riding fast out to an island and back.

Then after work me and Patrik rode out with our fast colleague Oliwer to Djursholm to cheer on him and watch the Crit racing. Awesome racing on a nice course (yes I tried it)



SCS in the sun, by Jonas Rodny 🙂

The Men racing (women just on my Insta story):


No victory for SCS CK or Sumo but well done and fun to see. It’s getting better and better for Oliwer too which is great to see. And the power of Emil a.k.a. The Speed Lunatic is awesome 😀

Home and got too little sleep before this mornings Le Peloton:


Tried to dope with the Sumo jersey:


It worked a little in the beginning than my left leg got stiff again. Turned around in Fisksätra and rode easy spinning back. Caught by the first group again, took a turn up Hellas and then just tried to hang on. A successful fail I would say about that ride, want to go with them all the way and take more turns. Want to push harder and get the heart work faster like I know it can…

Map and stats: Strava

Then we had a nice breakfast in perfect weather at Le Mond 🙂


Instead of put the bikes outside and sit inside we did the opposite. Some with better parkings than others:


the black boredom

November is here for real and people seems to disappear inside. The darkness is here and weather is something between snow and rain.

I feel slow and a bit bored and starting to think about things I didn’t do in the sunlight. Why didn’t I ride more long rides, why didn’t I ride gravel outside Borås, why did I take the short loop last day on Dalsland runt, why didn’t I go to Bergen, why didn’t I have an ice-cream date?

It’s easy to look back and regret. But it’s worth look back at what I did, or what you did. I’ve been riding my bike with great people in Sweden, Norway, France and Italy. I may not found the love of my life but I tried (maybe in the wrong way). I have spent time with my best friends, and regular friends. I have made new friends of different types. I have seen new beautiful places that I never will forget. I have seen that love is bigger then terrorists. I have got together with some good friends and had a social life outside cycling. I tried to keep friendships alive. I’ve got out of my comfort zone sometimes and pushed the limits.


VIRB Picture


Learning is a part of life and I learnt that wasted energy and time on people without time isn’t worth it no matter how much you want to spend time with them.

Let’s discover new places with the best people.


And I will not buy a black helmet again…

Älgö to Färingsö

Asked Anders if we could go a bit slower to Älgö than usual this morning, didn’t got any answer nor did he show up. Instead came 5 riders that usually does Morningspins on Djurgården and my SUMOfriend The Joker. The morningspinriders are very nice guys but regret a little that I invited them, they are really fast. Almost got dropped in the first climb, but took a good bite in my bartape and as vice guide I had to show or shout out the route at least 😉

Short turns with goal to survive made it good, ended with a PR and 2nd best overall on the route. Map and stats: Strava

Ended it all with a great breakfast at Vivels, sat there for 2h and met 4 other friends there too. Lovely place in Hammarby Sjöstad 🙂

älgö morningspin

Bad thing is that I think I drank a bit too much coffee and my stomach wasn’t good on all day, was thinking of cancelling my evening ride but thought I could make it short instead. So after working I went to Le Mond and met up 5 others riding towards Färingsö. Missed Carmen and Elvira who I looked forward to ride with and missed the easy pace. Did my best to ride easy and did okey with that pace 😉

cafecykling Färingsö

Map and stats from that ride: Strava hmm, was a lot of PR there, strong guys taking turns today it seems 😉 Was more focused on keeping the heart rate down instead of looking at speed 😉

Älgö Deluxe Monday edition

Sometimes you do other things than riding a bike in the weekend. I’m happy to have friends to hang out with even without bikes 🙂

So without riding yesterday it was perfect when Anders announced an Älgö Deluxe ride a monday 🙂

Some new guys and some old today and it all started that we where 3 who got in front of a bus and had to wait for the others. Lost the Strava segment…

Then we rode hard, I hung on the hole loop and felt good. 🙂 Had a great time in the sun with my SUMObrothers, friends and others. Me, Emil and Anders attacked in a climb on the way back, SUMOstyle ftw. The SUMOjersey makes you want to go hard, Café du Cycliste bibs made it comfortable, Gelatosocks made it fun and my S-Works is just a dream. Great combo that we all topped with fika:


Anders took some GoPro pictures too 🙂

Map and stats from the PR ride: Strava

Le Peloton #96

It’s been a hard but short cycling week this week. Cafériding monday like you maybe already read about. And yesterday it was time for Älgö Deluxe with a KOM to me on the complete route 😉


Sumostyle for me and Emil and it was a great group of riders 🙂

36,2km/h average for an hour in the sun 🙂

So this morning it was strange when the speed was high and the heart rate low going to Urban Deli. I was thinking my legs feel like crap and thought of group 3. But it felt too good so changed my plan to ride with group 1 for as long as possible and take a shortcut if I got dropped.


Not as many as usual today as the weather forecast showed rain. A couple of really fast guys and many who didn’t take turns made the speed go up and down. It felt ok going to Fisksätra with my bike acting like I want it 🙂

Going down back I had to chase Emil first with ”wrong” riders around me, way too strong so I didn’t have anything to do there. Kept up good with the group but without possibility to do any work up to Nacka Forum, did a short turn down to Sickla before almost getting dropped at Hästhagen. Worst place on the route for me, always suffer a lot there. But I hanged on over Hellas and sat in the rubberband tail to Älta getting a PR. Passed some before Storkällan and managed to hang on okey over the climb there. Dropped but managed to get up again in the tailwind on the flat and the road passed Flaten felt pretty good. Rode smart and thought that if I should get dropped it would be on the last straight.

Got a good wheel on the last straight and sat in 2nd position passed the place where I crashed some weeks ago. Dropped a couple of more place in the sprint but it didn’t matter so much to me. Did what I could and really happy to be able to sit with the 1st group all the way. Or Grupetto maybe as Jonas and Adam dropped us and rode the last part alone, really strong riders.

Map and stats: Strava

No rain on the ride but while we ate breakfast it started. Was really cold and wet going to work afterwards:


Now I won’t ride anything more this week but hopefully some nice updates here. As I’m going to Albstadt with the Swedish Women Junior Road National Team to Albstadt, Germany for a stage race. Really looking forward to it and hope it will bring good results and develop Women cycling more 😀

First Tuesdayride 2016

It’s a bit strange but true. Haven’t ridden a bike a Tuesday this year. Starting easy but now it’s spring 😀

Rode out to Älgö with Emil this morning, a magic morning and a perfect Divergeride:


A bit cold but the last part out on Älgö is so nice and we had a good pace today. Not to high, not to low. And time to take a picture or two with four green colours 🙂


When Emil rode to work I ended up with a coffee at Vivels:


A great morning and start of my cyclingweek. Map and stats: Strava