XC racing

Road racing is like Shimano Di2. I love to work with it but don’t want to race/have it myself. One of my best friends thought I should get a racelicens for next year and start compete as I was in better shape than ever before. He’s a wise man so got me thinking.

Then a lot of my friends got mountainbikes, friends that just ridden on road before. Got me thinking about getting a easy hardtail to ride with them as I think I got enough skills for that.

Chatting with another friend about bikes just getting more and more travel, getting bigger and heavier.

Adding 1+1+1 and remembering times like this:


I do understand that 29er are better than 26″. I understand that damping needs to be good performing and parts be stiff enough to not loose power. My Merida was 7,6kg raceready and I raced a lot with it. Kattegattstouren in the beginning of June went like a dream, PR on Grenserittet and so on.

XC Racing is the thing for 2017 I think, or Gravelgrinding. I don’t think the hardtail is dead and I will prove it. I think narrow bars, 47mm tires and low socks are dead 😉 Want to push the sport forward like Christoph Sauser.

Stockholm CX

Was looking through old pictures and found the memory of riding cx in sand in the middle of Stockholm with high profile carbon wheels and A. Dugast tubulars:


Cyclocross is hard and demands skills that I didn’t have that day, disliked that course a lot but the venue was cool and it was people (non cyclists) watching. It was good for the sport.

Tomorrow I will ”race” again, or a trainingrace and I believe there isn’t going to be a single on watching the race that’s not a cyclist. But it’s the same city and I will use red bar tape once again.

Will you race cross this season?

Gravel in the morning, CX-video in the evening

Started this tuesday with some gravelriding. In the middle of nowhere watching the sun rise:

DSC_0044 DSC_0045

Some mornings it’s just good to come out, riding without pressure and crowded city


Map and stats from a great start: Strava

For those of you that wants more action you should take a look at this video. From GGEW City Cross in Lorsch in Germany last sunday:

Throwback thursday

That bike will never be forgotten. I bought it 2006 as a frameset, sold it and bought it again in 2009, sold it and bought it again in 2012. and sold it 😦

That was my first mtb which I started my racing ”career”, it was my first Cannondale.

And it’s so well made in so many good ways. Really liked that Fatty fork. Really liked to be able to ride a 2×9 and 10 drivetrain with a Shimano Dura-Ace front derailleur. Really liked the light and clean wiring. Really liked to be able to use a road crankset on a mtb for it as a winterbike. Really liked to get it work with 28″ Mavic Reflex rims and Challenge Grifo 32mm tubulars.

Thanks to that bike I learnt a lot about biking but also as a mechanic because it had many different parts. Weight weenie style like on the picture with Tune King hub, New Ultimate handlear, Extralite barends, Aerozine QR, KCNC seatpost, Dura-Ace 7800 front derailleur, Tuned Sram Rival rear derailleur.

I miss that bike…

Searching: A place to stay over in Stockholm sunday to monday

Any nice person reading my blog that got a bed or sofa with a place for me sunday to monday in Stockholm? A short visit and would be nice to meet a nice people instead of staying alone on some hotel or something.


Write a comment or send an e-mail to me at jonas@cerro.dk if you want. Would be great 🙂

Pink and soft, almost like ice cream

And to start my story that made a photographer take this picture of my racing Hallbyrundan in 2009:

Ordered 2 pair of Defeet pink oversocks when in may 2009 when Fredrik Kessiakoff rode well in the Giro. Only one pair came and they came late and where short.

So what has this to do with Gelato?

Last year I saw the coolest cycling socks, Nathalie Schneitter had Gelatosocks, socks with ice cream on the side, high and supercool. But couldn’t get them then, sold out. So when I first saw her posting pictures of the new ones this year I should just have a pair or two. Ordered and today they came, coolest socks of 2014



2h48min riding, then car back home

A little more than 1h52min yesterday and today I came 54min from home aiming for Esso forrest and another one at Barkåker. South swedish type of trails here but closer 😉 Some nice singletracks and really liked my bike. Was riding along the sea on a rocky singletrack when I heard something break. It felt strange and I looked down. My spindle in the crankset broke and the crankarms changed position when I tried to pedal. Result:



Like to optimize things and save weight but sometimes I wish I was just mainstream and used parts that works all the time. Trusted this spindle from EP but it failed anyway 😦

My ride today that was supposed to last more than double the time and end riding back home: Movescount

back to heavy Sram XX1 crankset tomorrow

Emma Johansson and Calle Friberg for the win

20131116-DSC_9644 cf ej



Swedens National CX Championships in Stockholm today. Over her you can see a couple of pictures of the winners Emma Johansson and Calle Friberg.1426688_696351957041904_629867751_o

Women Elite:

1. Emma Johansson

2. Angelica Edvardsson

3. Åsa Erlandsson



Men elite:

1. Calle Friberg

2. Emil Lindgren

3. Matthias Wengelin


858867_673896015963059_730058190_o 906118_673896522629675_19924294_o



A couple of pictures from the race in Svelvik last saturday. And you can see on the first picture how much I liked the course there 😉

A much nicer thing is this:

A friend is selling a set of really light and most beautiful roadbike brakes ever produced (except the ones tuned by A2J). THM Fibula.

You can buy them for yourself or you could sponsor me a bit so I can buy them. Up to you, Add is here: Weightweenies

Same guy is also selling a matching crankset, THM Clavicula